Are Timeouts Effective for Your Kids?

When Justin reached the Terrible Twos stage, I found myself always raising my voice and hyperventilating because he was quite a handful then. My son is now 3 years, 3 months and 3 weeks old; he has officially entered the Troublesome Threes stage. He now knows what he wants and always wants to get what he wants. The more that we tell him to stop doing something, the more that he does it, perhaps to show us that he’s a big boy now and that he can do whatever he pleases. In short, he almost always gets on our nerves.

We used to spank him as a form of discipline, but when we learned about timeouts, we started using that tool instead. Parents can use timeouts to help their children regain control when they are angry or frustrated or when their children exhibit an extremely disruptive behavior. Parents can assign a place or a corner in the house where their children can stay for timeouts. In our case, we make Justin stand by our main door for 3 minutes. The 3 minutes here corresponds to his age.

When we put Justin into timeouts, however, we realize that he’s crying all the more, and he won’t stop unless we rescue him and take him away from his timeout place. To make his wailing stop, we put an abrupt end to his timeout. The next thing we knew he doesn’t take timeouts seriously anymore. Nowadays, when he would misbehave and won’t listen to Mommy, I will simply call his Daddy. I think he listens more to his Daddy because he knows his Daddy will never relent, unlike Mommy who easily gives in to his wishes.

How about you? How do you discipline your kids?

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3 Responses to Are Timeouts Effective for Your Kids?

  1. earthlingorgeous says:

    For the kind of kid I have they use this technique very often but then again I don't believe it's effective because it just makes a kid more anxious. I think what will work best is talking to them and why you are upset with what they did. Kids are very intelligent these days they understand you just have to speak their language.

    P.S. a little favor can you please comment on this post: Thanks a lot!

  2. Michelle says:

    We used the time out method too. It seemed to work for us. She's five and still gets timeouts. She knows we mean business when she is ordered into that timeout chair. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment.

  3. Seiko says:

    I have four grown up kids.And my experience on how to discipline them is talking & understanding their innest part specially on kids @ 3's.I learned that we need more patient on how to understand our kids specially when they reached the ages 3,7,12 & 15 these ages are the stage of rebellium in kids.So we must first need to understand these stages before we threw our emotions away.And the best thing is try to talk to him not you alone as what you have said isama mo si daddy when you talk to him.
    As much as possible we don't used on spanking but that doesn't mean I don't spank them at all.I think what everyone has to remember is that children are as much individuals as adults are and what works as discipline for one will not necessarily work for another.In my experienced spanking should always be a last resort discipline after warnings 1,2 and 3 have been ignored but mostly t'was not necessary at all.
    Btw,thanks for the constant visit & for the every good words you left 'though.
    I'll be back here later tonight to read other post in here.I have to go now.Bye for now & see you later then.Mwah!
    Really thank you for the recognition you shared me the last time.:D
    Hugs & kisses to Justin!

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