Lost and Confused

My son Justin hasn’t been his old self lately. It all started when my 21-year-old niece and Justin’s older cousin, Ate Ayie, who took care of Justin for almost three months, had to leave us last August to prepare for the nursing board exam this coming November.

You see, Justin loves his Ate Ayie so much and misses her terribly. Ate Ayie had actually been my son’s second mom when she was with us. When Justin was with his Ate Ayie, I could work in peace because my son is content just having Ate Ayie around to care for him when mommy is working.

It also didn’t help that Justin got sick in August, which made him miss two weeks of school. That coincided with Ate Ayie’s absence, and now, we’re back to square one as far as Justin’s schooling is concerned. He’s been crying since last week when I drop him off at school, and he doesn’t want mommy to leave his side. Poor thing! Before he got sick, he had been enjoying school already.

Then, we had to change Justin’s yaya (nanny) three times after Ate Ayie left, which created even more problems. Why? I just wanted to make sure that Justin will feel comfortable with his new yaya like the way he was with Ate Ayie. Apparently, this hasn’t been the case. He wouldn’t let any of them go near him when he’s taking his afternoon nap. He’d rather stay with mommy. This is why I’ve been having a hard time finishing my work.

I know that my son is undergoing a lot of stress right now (and so do I!). I’m trying my best to assure him that everything’s going to be okay. All I want is for him to be happy. I hope things will go back to normal soon.

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4 Responses to Lost and Confused

  1. Genejosh says:

    so sorry to hear that Tetcha…Hope Justin will adjust soon to a new yaya..You're in my prayers…

  2. nikogirl says:

    ow its sad to know naman. i hope justin meet her best yaya sooner 🙂

    or maybe ate ayie can visit him weekends just so he will be back to his happy old self 😀

    anyways tetcha am inviting u to join my thursday meme, girls talk pls visit my girls rule blog for more info

    see u ha! mwah

  3. Chris says:

    it seems that Justin is really under stress… hope that he gets to adjust soon..

  4. Mys says:

    Hay, I hope Justin gets back to normal. I'm having trouble with Maegan too. She doesn't want to go to school na.

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