Free Business Cards: Too Good to Be True

I’ve always been wary of companies that offer products or services for free. It is tempting, yes, but of course, there’s always a catch. Take free business cards, for example.

Did you know that free business cards come with increased shipping charges? You will also have to pay extra for any improvements you want done in your free business cards. In the end, you actually pay more for your business cards (when they’re supposed to be free) than when you order them somewhere else. It doesn’t help, too, that you only have a few designs to choose from. And worst, the companies that offer free business cards will place their company name and logo on the back of your business cards.

Your business cards should make you stand out from the crowd. Free business cards won’t accomplish that purpose. You might want to give 123Print a try. 123Print offers thousands of business card designs that you can customize. You can also upload photos and logos to your business cards for free. You get a set of 100 business cards for as low as $3.95.

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