First Parent-Teacher Conference

Last Friday, I attended my very first Parent-Teacher Conference at my son’s school. The parents were given 20 minutes to meet and talk with their kid’s teachers for any school concerns, while the teachers discussed the student’s performance in school for the first trimester.

Justin’s school has a different term for a report card. They call it “Developmental Portfolio.” Students are evaluated based on the following areas: Physical Development (Large Muscle Coordination and Small Muscle Coordination), Personal Development (Emotional Development, Work Habits, and Self-help Skills), and Readiness Skills (Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing, and Math).

Justin scored highest in Work Habits, earning all G’s in this area. Letter grades were used to evaluate student’s progress in various areas (M for Mastered, G for Good Progress, W for Working on Skill, and NY for Not Yet). His Speaking and Listening skills are also all G’s, except for his fluency in the English language.

These were his teachers’ comments on his Developmental Portfolio: “Justin is showing more appreciation for our class activities. He also enjoys sharing his thoughts with his teachers and can diligently work on his tasks. He is also becoming more familiar with the English language. Practicing at home will be very helpful.”

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3 Responses to First Parent-Teacher Conference

  1. a49erfangirl says:

    Sounds like your son is doing well in school.

  2. darly says:

    i like that term developmental portfolio and i think its a very effective what they are doing kasi parang mas personal ang touch ng mga teachers.

    I think yung work habit is very important kasi values formation ang nangyayari which will be more useful for him when he grows up.

    Im sure you're very proud of your Justin's accomplishments.

  3. onlinemommy says:

    Congratulations mommy! Justin seems really very ready for schooling.

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