“Cash for Milk” Charity Project

When I fetched my son from school today, I was surprised to see him holding a milk bottle, which was given to him by one of his teachers. I would later find out that Justin’s school has started their annual Christmas Drive for their adopted pre-schools in Quezon City and Batangas.

Since the year 2000, Justin’s school has adopted three pre-schools and provided for their food and school supplies year-round. With the help of the school’s families and friends, they are able to help over 120 children each year.

The students will fill their milk bottles with as many coins and cash, and all the money collected will be used to buy milk for students enrolled at the three adopted pre-schools. This project gives families an opportunity to share their blessings and teaches kids about kindness and charity.

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4 Responses to “Cash for Milk” Charity Project

  1. Vicki says:

    that is such a great idea!

  2. santhy says:

    Brilliant idea!

  3. onlinemommy says:

    This is a good project mommy. They also teach the kids to share with other what they have.

    I have a tag for you on relationship. Here is the link http://www.mylenerabago.com/2009/09/tag-on-relationships/. I hope you can tag with me.

    I always missed the captcha 🙁 minsan cguro d nasesend ung mga comments ko.

  4. Mommy Pehpot says:

    nice naman his school (or former?) to do that 🙂

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