Switzerland: An Eco-friendly Travel Destination

Did you know that Switzerland is an eco-friendly country? In fact, it is Number One on the Environmental Performance Index (EPI). Consider the following facts about sustainable Switzerland:
1. Swiss people travel more by train. Trains use less energy than cars. They don’t only relieve the roads of traffic, but they also protect the environment.
2. Switzerland has recycling centers in many villages and towns for recycling of used glass, used paper, and PET (polyethylene terephthalate). For the record, 96% of glass used in Switzerland is recycled.
3. The Batrec plant in Wimmis, Switzerland disassembles used batteries, removing toxic substances and metals from old batteries and making new products from them.
4. Switzerland has high-quality drinking water that is derived from natural resources (springs, ground water, lakes). You can even drink the water directly from the lakes!
If only these things can be done in other countries, the world will be a safer place to live.

I would love to go to Switzerland one day and take leisure walks around its many nature parks. I would love to see the countryside, so I’d probably stay at Appenzell Innerrhoden. Those green hills and mountains rising in the background are simply breathtaking! When I get back home, I would put into practice what I’ve learned from the Swiss: the art of recycling.


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  1. nikogirl says:

    what time mo to nagrab? i got 3 swiss oppps yesterday, grab them at around 8am..

    good thing nakuha mo to 🙂 congrats sau tetch!

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