She-bloggers’ Day Out at Dad’s (SM Megamall)

I was terribly late for the she-bloggers’ meet-up at Dad’s Megamall last Thursday, August 13. I was hesitant to go because my son was sick, but when he was okay by 3pm, I decided to head on to the agreed venue since it was just near our place. Besides, his lolo (grandfather) and older cousin Ate Ayie were there to look after him, so he’s in good hands.

Clockwise from left to right: Josie (Josie’s Window), Pehpot (Make or Break), Leira ((Mushings), Mara (Mara’s Personal Bubble), Tetcha (Pensive Thoughts), Niko (Niko’s Blog), Earth (, Jade (Life of a Filipina Blogger)

Fedhz (Home Buddies) and Mye (Blog Appetite)

Too bad I missed the chitchat, but I was glad to meet my fellow bloggers in person whom I only see in pictures courtesy of their blogs. I hope I’ll be available (and early!) for the next bloggers’ rendezvous. See you again, guys!

P.S. Yami of Mom Writes for a Cause was also present, but I wasn’t able to take a picture of her.)

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  1. This is quite interesting to see as I haven’t had the chance to meet anyone yet from this group. I hope I will have that chance in the future.

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