Bad Vibes

Our new helper has been with us for almost a week now, but Justin doesn’t seem to be warming up to her. That’s why my work has been disrupted since Monday. When my son is taking his afternoon nap, he doesn’t want Ate A. to tap his thigh to put him to sleep or even go near him.

Last Monday, instead of resting on the sofa bed in our living room where he usually naps, Justin went straight to our bedroom, lay on the bed, and slept on his own. Ate A. offered to lull him to sleep, but he refused and he wanted Ate A. to stay as far away from him as possible.

Yesterday, I closed our bedroom so I can work in peace, and I left the two of them alone in the living room. It took Justin forever to fall sleep, and when he finally did, it was very shallow, and he woke up crying and asking for mommy. Ergo, my work was cut short again.

Sometimes, Justin would say, “Takot ako ke Ate A.” (I’m afraid of Ate A.) or “Hiya ako ke Ate A.” (I’m shy around Ate A.).

Ate A. is also convinced that Justin will never like her, and she has actually recommended someone else to take her place. There just doesn’t seem to be good vibes between the two of them. I agreed to let her go this Saturday because I already found a replacement, not the one she referred, but someone recommended by someone I know and trust.

Why doesn’t Justin like her? I think it’s because of her strong facial features, which make her look like she’s always angry when she’s not. I suggest she smile often. Then, she also doesn’t speak much. My son is a talker and always wants a playmate. If only Ate A. were friendlier and more playful, then my son could have loved her like his family.

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  1. awwttss…grabe no? In our case, we just couldn’t find a helper. Period. Last time I had a temp, but that was about it. Right now that Dindin is bigger, I am happy with the occasional cleaner already. 😀

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