See You Later, Mom!

I have a good reason to wake up with a smile these days. My son is not crying anymore when I drop him off at school. As I have been telling in my previous posts, he never wanted mommy out of his sight when he’s inside his classroom. He would cry if I leave him.

He actually enjoys school, but he hates mommy’s disappearing acts. So everyday when he wakes up, he goes on repeating “I don’t want to go to school.” It takes a lot of coaxing to make him go to the bathroom for his morning bath and even more so when we (his teachers and I) would tell him that it’s okay for him to stay in the classroom while mommy waits outside.

The only times he would consent to being left in the classroom without mommy is when any one of the three teacher’s aides would stay with him for a few minutes in class or would carry him to class. For more than a week now, he hasn’t been crying anymore, and today, he went to the classroom by himself, parked his bag, and said “See you later, mommy” with nary a teacher’s aide. This means my mornings will now be stress-free.

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8 Responses to See You Later, Mom!

  1. Enchie says:

    that's good news! and what a great way to start the week 😀

  2. Seiko says:

    Finally nakapag adjust na rin si Justin,'m happy for him & for you too Mommy Tetcha.Kudos!:)
    I remember the first time I sent my youngest to nursery,parang madudurog ang puso ko everytime I see her lonely face parang sinasabi please don't go…

  3. Jacris says:

    Good news mommy Tetcha, that he's not crying anymore pag na sa school na.Good job that he really likes school. Wow na kaka proud para kay mommy that he can go to classroom by himself already! aww what a brave kid!!!

  4. Lulu says:

    wow that is good! he adjusted fast!

  5. Chris says:

    that is great! 😀 he is finally adjusting!

  6. kittykat says:

    COngrats Mommt..that's a milestone..hopefully magpatuloy pa yan sa susunod na mga araw..

  7. Grampy says:

    Glad to see the little one is adjusting.It breaks your heart when you see them in such a way.
    Now some rest for Mom.

  8. Mys says:

    congrats. that's great news!

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