Mommy Moments: First Steps

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Of all the things that we failed to capture in photos, it had to be my son’s first steps. Sigh! If my memory serves me right, Justin started walking on his own a day or two after his first birthday. We (him and me) were alone in the house when that monumental event happened. I was taking care of him and was trying to see if he could walk by himself, slowly taking my hands off him, and he did it, his first baby steps!!! How could I take a picture of him when it all happened so fast?

Prior to taking his first steps, Justin was already traversing the tiny space in his baby crib while holding on to its side rails. If he’s braver, then he’d attempt to move from one side to the other side, which means he had to be on his own two feet for a couple of seconds without any rail support. Of course, mommy and daddy were there to cheer him on. He used to walk head first (perhaps because his head was big; it still is), which makes him susceptible to falling, so I was always by his side or behind him to catch him when he stumbles.

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8 Responses to Mommy Moments: First Steps

  1. Genejosh says:

    the way you describe it makes me "see" his first step…he..he..

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  2. onlinemommy says:

    Wow Mommy! You are so early!

    Pareho tayo mommy, I was not able to capture my daughter's first steps.

  3. nel's bebi says:

    hi tetcha! … at least even if you weren't able to capture it on cam you still exactly remember when it happened! at oo kahirap nilang kunan ng picture kapag ang likot likot na no? dapat talaga may kakambal na camera ang mga batang to e 🙂

    -ela joel's first steps

  4. shydub says:

    Ang hirap i capture ang first step ng mga baby, i think i took a video when jake started walking. Hindi kasi nagpapturo si jake, he just stood up one morning and start his first step. Di bali tetcha still fresh and it always be in your mind your babys first.

    Thanks pala sa comments, nabiktima ka rin pala sa kwanggol na adsense mga walang hiya ano, nasakanila na ang pera that they supposed to pay to the publisher. mga kurakot rin.

  5. Mys says:

    oo nga, it's still amazing how you remember and described it. your vivid description makes your readers see how it happened, even without a photo, your words make it a vivid picture.

  6. Seiko says:

    I agree w/ Mommy Shydub Mommy Tetcha t'will always vivid in your memory…mine's here nga pala…

  7. Chris says:

    its okay if you were not able to capture it in photo.. at least you were there to witness it yourself! 😀

    thanks for sharing!

  8. Jona says:

    actually the video and pic i posted are not really the actual "first" steps when they could really walk on their own. those were when they were still trying to walk. Like you, the moment passed by on me, hehehe. it's just good that the memory of the moments were in our hearts and minds.

    thanks for leaving a comment in my blog.

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