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Now the Little Boy Knows

It’s been over a year now that I’ve been working from home. We (because it’s a collaboration among all of us in the house) used to tell Justin that I go to the office every day when the truth is … Continue reading

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Book Tag

I was tagged by Willa of Smart Mommy and Online Mommy of Online Mommy’s Corner. I love to read pocket books, but when I became a mommy, I barely had time to read the morning paper, let alone a book. … Continue reading

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Mommy Moments: Look at That Mess!

This photo was taken on a Friday night. Friday is the end of work week for me, but I have lots of things to do after work. I still have to prepare dinner, wash the dishes, throw the garbage, fold … Continue reading

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Back-to-School Night

Last Friday afternoon, Justin, his dad, I, and his cousin Ate Ayie trooped to Justin’s school for their Back-to-School Night. It’s a chance for parents to meet their kids’ teachers, know their kids’ schedule, and see their kids’ classrooms and … Continue reading

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Get the Best Deals on Satellite TV

Satellite TV is gaining popularity these days because of the many benefits it provides, such as better picture and sound quality and a wide range of channels and services. It’s called Satellite TV because TV broadcasts are delivered via a … Continue reading

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