Ready for Preschool

I will be enrolling my son in preschool (nursery) tomorrow. He’s only turning three this July, but I think he’s quite ready for school because of the following reasons:

He can follow simple instructions from switching the electric fan on and off, getting his glass of water from the refrigerator, getting his dad’s/mom’s slippers, packing away his toys, etc.

He can already recite the alphabet and identify all 26 letters, count 1 to 30, and identify shapes and colors.

He knows a number of nursery rhymes already and loves to sing and dance.

He knows how to use a pencil and write some recognizable letters on paper and draw recognizable shapes and objects.

He enjoys working with his hands, whether it’s coloring, finger-painting, or gluing as evidenced by his summer class artworks.

He is showing interest in books. Sometimes, he assumes the role of a storyteller and tells a story based on the pictures.

He knows how to use the computer, playing online games, watching videos, and typing letters on the keyboard.

He knows how to spell his two-part first name, Justin Edward, and can even type it on the cell phone.

He loves being around people and is usually very friendly.

He is very curious about his surroundings, noticing things, big and small, and experimenting with them if he ever gets the chance. The tiniest insect cannot escape my son’s prying eyes.

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2 Responses to Ready for Preschool

  1. Chris says:

    compared to your Justin.. my Toby Justin has a long way to go! :)congrats!

  2. Beth says:

    Advanced si Justin mo! Ang galing galing! My kids cannot spell their name at that age, ang galing talaga! :))

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