Mommy Moments: Outdoor Fun

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Mommy Moments’ theme for this week is “Outdoor Fun.”

When Justin was smaller, our family loved going to parks simply to relax and enjoy the view. Now that he’s bigger, the only outdoor activity that he gets to do is going to the playground at our condo penthouse.

Taken at Manila Baywalk when Justin was only 6 months old

Eight-month-old Justin with Mommy at the old Greenbelt Park

Justin at the playground when he was 2 years and 3 months old

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16 Responses to Mommy Moments: Outdoor Fun

  1. Dhemz says:

    cute naman ng mag ina….aga ata ang entry mo Mami…hehehe…sa bagay friday na din dyan…thanks for sharing…:)

  2. Lulu says:

    thanks for sharing… when we visit pinas again I wanna bring andrea to the baywalk too

  3. Mauie Flores says:

    Same sentiments here, mommy. As my son grew older, the less interest he had in spending his day outdoors. I think he's become tired of the daily trip to school that he just wants to rest on the couch at home.

    Here's my entry for this week:

  4. Hazel says:

    lovely photos. i like the baywalk shot. happy MM.

  5. ☆Willa☆ says:

    what a cute photo! 🙂

  6. Chris says:

    love the pics! happy friday to you!

  7. Meikah says:

    Such cuteness! 😉

  8. Jacris says:

    Lovely photos mommy and Justin is so adorable…Have a great weekend

  9. chubskulit says:

    Oiiist ang taba ni Justin when he was ababy ano hehehe.. lovely pics!

  10. momgen says:

    Yes it is pretty indeed. Happy MM! Mine is up too.

    Life's Journey entry

  11. shydub says:

    Ang laki na ng baby justin mo tetcha, mukhang ang daming outdoor moment niya with mommy. Happy TGIF to you guys.

  12. Seiko says:

    Speaking of Manila Baywalk,so much memories my familly had had on that place.We always visit that said place everytime we visits P.I & it's still vivid in my memory.Thanks for sharing your Mommy Moments-Outdoor Fun Mommy Tetch,seeing these pics brings so much memoreis in me hehe nostalgic.Lovely photos you have here & I like it!Hugs!

  13. kikamz says:

    Justin is so cute Tetch! i've never been to baywalk too! i guess kids are like that… as they grow older, they are more content to be in the playground than anywhere else!

    Just About Anything

  14. Gin E says:

    Been a long while since I visited your blog….

    We live close to Baywalk but I never had the chance to take the babies their…

  15. pehpot says:

    As much as possible I want to bring and expose the kid to parks..kaya lang nagyon, puro inhouse play rooms na lang no..

    Make or Break

  16. Twinkie says:

    Naku ang ganda-ganda sa baywalk pag gabi. Lagi ko tinitignan yung mga poste na may iba't-ibang kulay na malalaking bilog sa dulo. 🙂

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