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I’m at a loss here. When hubby opened my blog today, my header and even my right-hand sidebar are filled with Photobucket messages saying that I’ve reached maximum bandwidth already and that I should upgrade. This is the first time this has happened, and I’m so frustrated, disappointed, angry because I don’t really know how to fix the problem. When I opened my blog again later tonight, the messages were nowhere to be found, and my blog was back to its normal self again. But will this thing come back? What brought this on? Earlier, I deleted my latest post “My Very Own Post Signature,” thinking it was the culprit (I’m so sorry, Kaye), but decided to post it again. As an added measure, I also deleted some files from my Photobucket album, hoping that this will solve the problem.

Has something like this ever happened to you? What have you done to reverse the situation? Please, I need help here.

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9 Responses to Blog Layout Problem

  1. Melanie says:

    Actually, I noticed it yesterday while dropping some entrecard to your site. I thought you were currently doing some updates on it. Oh well, hopefully it will not comeback ! Gosh must be some bugs ….cross your fingers hehehe

  2. ~wickedlysexy c",? says:

    I happen to have the same problem yesterday, and it could be because we get our templates from the same site. What I did is to tweak on the design by changing those images where the photobucket messages are being shown…I am actually thinking if I will revert to my past layout or stay with the one that I have right now.

    According to the site where we got our layout we can have our templates saved in our own photobucket account. Instructions are actually posted there right now…Hope this helps!

  3. onlinemommy says:

    I also saw this mommy when I visited your site yesterday but I don't know how to contact you.

    Two possible reasons, first you exceeded the allowable size for free users or the images you uploaded there are usually access and the bandwidth downloading the pix from their server already exceeded.

    The first problem can easily solved. Just make sure you don't exceeded your limit. Delete unused images. For the second one, hmmm… you have to own your own hosting for your images or upgrade your account if your images consumes so much bandwidth when being accessed. You can also look for other free image hosting so you can distribute the location of your images but this is a bit tedious.
    I hope this helps. God Bless!

  4. nurseabie says:

    Haven't experienced it yet. Yun nga kahapon my bandwidth exceeded na message dito. Glad okay na ngayon.

  5. onlinemommy says:

    Hi Mommy,

    I don't know what happened by my comment a while ago was not saved 🙁

    I saw the same error in your site last night but I don't know how to contact you immediately.

    Anyway, there are two possible causes, either you exceeded the allowable storage size for free users or the images you uploaded there are frequently accessed that your allowable bandwidth, either for the day or month, already exceeded.

    For the first possible cause, you can monitor the total size of your uploaded image and make sure it does not exceeded the allowable size. For the second one, you can look for another free image hosting so you can distribute your images or you can have your buy your own hosting.
    I hope this helps. God Bless.

  6. Jennifer Leigh says:

    If it makes you feel any better, everything looks okay on my end!

  7. Samantha Ysabelle says:

    Hi Tetch! Lena, the person who designed this layout, said that there was a problem with her photobucket account. that's why there was the photobucket thingy for a couple of days ata yun. She wrote a post about it in her blog. But now it's okay since she already renewed her subscription with photobucket. so no need to worry. hugs!

    Just About Anything

  8. Storm, The Psychotic Housewife says:

    It means your blog is being viewed a lot! 🙂 Photobucket has a limit of how many times a graphic can be viewed on their free accounts each month before it tells you to upgrade. So, if you have 10 pictures or graphics on your main page being viewed many times a day you may be hitting that limit, and may have to upgrade to the paid account.

  9. klivengood says:

    Yes, Tetch, pag visit ko yesterday, ang daming phtobucket adds..katulad ng kay Yen..kala ko virus. Anyway, at least na solve mo na to.

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