Update on Potty Training, Bottle Weaning and Less TV Watching

Last December 2008, I prepared a list of things I intend to accomplish in the coming months as far as my son Justin is concerned. That list included the following activities: potty training, bottle weaning and less TV watching. Here’s a quick update on that post.

Potty training – Justin is not completely potty trained yet, although he has shown considerable improvement in this area. He has gotten accustomed to wearing briefs, and he doesn’t wet or soil his underwear anymore. When he feels the urge to pee, he asks to be taken to the toilet. He wears a diaper only when he’s about to take his nap or at bedtime, when we go out of the house and when he wants to poop. He doesn’t really want to poop in the toilet, and this started when he was constipated a few weeks back. He finds it easier to do it on his diapers.

Bottle weaning – Justin sometimes drinks milk from a cup, but more often, he drinks milk from his bottle. But he consumes less milk now. He can actually last a day without milk. When we’re out of the house, he doesn’t usually ask for milk anymore, but on the rare occasions that he does, we simply offer him juice instead, and he seems quite content with it. He also goes to bed sometimes without asking for milk. I am actually relieved because less milk at bedtime means less baby bottle tooth decay.

Less TV watching – The two hours Justin spent attending his summer class (9am to 11am) meant no TV watching for two hours every weekday for the past five weeks. And because he was tired from school, he usually just slept in the afternoon, plus, we don’t watch TV in our bedroom anymore before he sleeps at night. I hope this trend won’t change now that his summer class is officially over. I just have to find ways to keep him busy and prevent him from watching too much TV.

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  1. Chris says:

    great job mommy!

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