Paranoid Mom

Yes, I admit, I’m a paranoid mom. When it comes to my son, I worry about the littlest details. Minor cuts or bruises, head bumps, or broken lips always make me frantic. I remember when he was 10 months old, he fell from our bed and sustained a large swelling on his forehead. I was at my wit’s end as my husband and I prepared to take him to the hospital. I called his pediatrician first to let her know what happened and to ask for advice on what we should do next. She told us to observe our son for the remainder of the night and to take him to her clinic first thing in the morning the next day.

When we woke up the following day, the swelling was gone. His pediatrician checked the spot where the lump was supposed to have been and said it didn’t look like the swelling was anything serious, so we could take him home and not worry anymore. But I couldn’t be persuaded. I urged Dr. O. to let my son undergo a CT scan for my own peace of mind. The doctor said there really was no need for it, but realizing a mom’s deep concern for her only child, she relented. And yes, she was right, nothing bad happened. Justin’s CT scan results were normal. Only then did I bring my son home.

If only there’s a way I could prevent my son from getting hurt, then I wouldn’t be a paranoid mom anymore.

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2 Responses to Paranoid Mom

  1. Prettymom says:

    i agree to you, i always get paranoid when something happened to my son and recently to my nephew when he accidentally bumped his head to the wall

  2. Mommy Kennedy says:

    I can understand! I always find myself playing the “what if” game in my own mind. It’s enough to drive me mad!

    Just stopping by to drop my EC.

    Feel free to come back to my blog. I just posted a giveaway for a coupon for a FREE appetizer at TGI Friday’s!

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