Mommy Moments: Happy Mommy Moments

mommy moments

Every day I spend with my son is a happy moment for me. Nothing compares with the joy of loving someone unconditionally and getting loved back in return. Now, more than ever, I can honestly say that being a mommy is my biggest accomplishment and motherhood is the happiest phase of my life.

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10 Responses to Mommy Moments: Happy Mommy Moments

  1. shydub says:

    I totally agree with you tetcha, even though sometimes its tiringbut the smile from our baby paid it off. I love allyour pics,it ahows all the happy moments with you and justine

  2. Twinkie says:

    Aw!!! Sooo true! Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

  3. Jes says:

    agree!!! being a mommy is my greatest achieven=ment too!!! =) happy mothers day!!!

  4. earthlingorgeous says:

    I agree with you 🙂 every moment with them is a happy moment despite the tantrums and all difficulty we encounter raising them. thanks for sharing.

    sure would love to exchange links with you add you to my blogroll now 🙂 Earthlingorgeous

  5. Chris says:

    wonderfully said 🙂

    happy mother’s day 🙂

  6. Enchie says:

    awww…its good you mentioned unconditional love…I like how you presented your pictures Mommy. It is a wonderful set.

    Happy Mother’s Day in Advance!!!

  7. says:

    Hi Tetch, thanks for dropping by, wow! how I wish, me and my son could go out often like you do. unfortunately, every going out is a buck. Have a great day ahead.

  8. Samantha Ysabelle says:

    spending each day with our little ones is indeed reason enough to be happy! have a happy and fab mother’s day mommy tetcha!

    Mommy Kikamz
    Just About Anything

  9. Lulu says:

    thanks for sharing happy mothers day

  10. Evan's Mom says:

    I feel the same too, every moment with our kid is a happy moment. Happy mother’s day 🙂

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