Mommy Moments: Doctor, Doctor, Am I Sick?

We’ve been regularly going to Justin’s pedia for two years after he was born to make sure he received all the vaccines he needed and for his regular checkups. However, Justin’s dad and I never really thought of taking pictures of our son during any of these visits.

Justin was hospitalized when he was 10 months old for bronchitis where I took shots of him using my cell phone at that time, but for some reasons I wasn’t able to download those pictures to my computer, and sadly, that cell phone was no longer in my possession.

Luckily, I was able to rummage through one of my son’s old photos stored in my PC showing Justin with his pedia. This was the day I gave birth to my son, and naturally, Justin’s pedia came to check on the baby. The diagnosis: a healthy bouncing baby boy.

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4 Responses to Mommy Moments: Doctor, Doctor, Am I Sick?

  1. Lulu says:

    wow as in every month visit, that is new to me. anyway thanks for sharing

  2. Heart of Rachel says:

    That’s a lovely and memorable photo.

  3. Enchie says:

    nothing beats the thought that you have a healthy little boy…

  4. Samantha Ysabelle says:

    mommy tetch, buti hindi sickly si justin. lucky for you both. and that’s a really nice photo of ur baby and his pedia. bihira lang ako nakakakita ng photos of babies with their pedias.

    Mommy Kikamz
    Just About Anything

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