I’m an Xtraordinary Mom!

I am an xtraordinarymom!

Enchie of Sweet Nothings has created a new meme for all mommies!

Here are the rules:

1.Grab the badge.
2.Share your story as an Xtraordinary Mom! It may be through pictures, videos, poems, letters. Anything that your heart desires.
3.Let other moms know where they can grab the badge.

Only in my 9th year of being married did I become pregnant with my son. This is because I had a medical condition known as prolactinoma. After I underwent surgery in 2004, everything became normal, and I conceived in October 2005. So, yes, Justin is our miracle baby.

I used to be competitive and career-driven, but I soon realized I had to make major adjustments in my life because I am now a mother. So, while the rest of my colleagues are climbing up the corporate ladder, I was learning and mastering and enjoying the art of motherhood. I have decided to become a work-at-home mom so I can attend to my son’s needs all the time.

Being a mom has changed me in more ways than one. I have learned to set aside my own personal needs and wants for my son. I also found my life’s purpose and meaning, and that has made me happy and content. I thank God every day because He’s given me a wonderful opportunity to become a mother and to make a difference in a young boy’s life, that of my dearest and precious Justin.

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4 Responses to I’m an Xtraordinary Mom!

  1. ☆Willa☆ says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  2. Enchie says:

    Thank you for embracing this Mother’s day meme Mommy!We both had that same discovery. Finding our life’s purpose. Being an xtraordinarymom!

  3. kikamz says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Tetch! hope this day is memorable for u and the family. btw, got u a greeting tag. enjoy the day! hugs!

    Just About Anything

  4. Genejosh says:

    yuo’re indeed an xtraordinary mom!

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