On His Own

Today, Justin’s teachers for his nursery summer class, Teacher G. and Teacher M., prevented all parents from going inside the classroom. The teachers will now be solely responsible for these kids.

Justin wouldn’t let go of my hand initially as I was preparing to leave the room, but he soon forgot about mommy when Teacher M. pointed to the toys and invited him to play.

I was standing outside Justin’s classroom the whole time, peeping through the “semi-tinted” (for lack of a better term) windows to see what Justin was doing. As a mother, I was hesitant to leave my son behind for the following reasons: (1) he might grab other kids’ toys; (2) he might bruise/hurt himself or other kids might hurt him; (3) he might fall; and (4) he might get into a fight with other kids.

To my surprise, none of the things I feared happened, although there was this classmate who was deliberately bumping Justin. Good thing, my son wasn’t retaliating. Justin didn’t cry for two hours while inside the classroom, he actively participated in all the activities, and for the first time in more than one week that he’s attending school, he lay down on the mat when it was time for them to rest.

I couldn’t help noticing, though, that it takes longer for Justin to finish his food. When all of his classmates were already roaming around the room or horsing around or lying on the mat, he was still eating. Maybe it’s because at home, he usually eats in front of the TV where his attention is divided between eating and watching.

I hope Justin continues behaving well inside the classroom until he finishes his five-week summer class. By then we will know if he’s ready to go to a regular nursery class this June.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I had a hard time when my little one started preschool last September. She was scared and cried a little, but soon began to enjoy her class three days a week. She has learned so much. It’s always hard as a mom to let your kids go to school for the first time.
    glad to hear your little one had a good time.

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