A Not-so-fine Day in School

Justin requested his lolo (grandfather), who paid us a visit this morning, to bring him to school. Mommy was there, too. Everything was going great so far, but when it was time for parents to leave the room, Justin looked at both mommy and lolo through their classroom window, and he started crying and asking for mommy. Perhaps, he thought his lolo and I are going somewhere without him. One of the school owners, Teacher L., said it would be wise if we peep through the windows discreetly and not let Justin see us because it would be harder for him to stop crying. And that’s exactly what we did. He was sobbing most of the time, but he still participated in the classroom activities. What a tiring day this must have been for my son. I hope tomorrow’s a better day for him.

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3 Responses to A Not-so-fine Day in School

  1. K 3 says:

    Hi, first time here. I am sure your son will soon get used to his new school and adjust, though I cannot say the same for us moms! 😉

    BTW, I have tagged you.

  2. Cecile says:

    i remember my son’s first day of school, too and twas last year, hay he cries everytime i leave him, heartbreaking talaga.

    but after two weeks, okay na siya.

    justin will get use to it , too, just wait :-), i know how you feel dear…

  3. Heart of Rachel says:

    My son also went through a similar adjustment period when he started going to school but it was a short phase.

    I hope Justin will get used to going to school. May he enjoy school activities and play time with classmates.

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