Stressed over a Blood Test

Finally, I had my prolactin test done today. I was supposed to have it done last Saturday, and I even requested my father to come over because I’m still not confident leaving my little boy alone with his new yaya (nanny). It was all for naught, however, as I wasn’t able to sleep the whole night of Friday.

You see, there is a certain preparation you need to do for this particular blood test. You need to have this test done 3 to 4 hours after waking up. That sounds pretty easy, you might say, but not for me.

Take the case of last Saturday. I didn’t sleep at all the entire previous night, so how was I supposed to count the number of hours needed for this test?

You also need to consider the small naps you take after your previous night’s sleep as the number of hours you need to count will start after the latest nap you took. Good if you’ll always remember, but busy moms like me have tons of things to think about.

I also have to consider my work. I need to be back home by a certain hour because I have a fixed shift that I need to follow. Otherwise, I’ll be making up for lost work on a weekend, which I hate doing.

All things considered, having to undergo prolactin testing is quite stressful for me. Good thing, I only need to have this test done every three months unlike before when I had to do it every month. I just hope the test bears good results.

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2 Responses to Stressed over a Blood Test

  1. Laane says:


    I hope the outcome is OK.

    In the past I had to deal with a pituitary adenoma too.

    You made me realise that maybe it’s good to have a follow up.
    I’ve never had one after a year.

  2. Heart of Rachel says:

    I hope that you’ll get favorable results. Take care.

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