My Battle with Pituitary Tumor: Part 4 (The Aftermath)

My blood sugar level shot up because of postoperative stress. Aside from my finger getting pricked every day, I was also being given insulin shots before breakfast and before supper for the first few months postdischarge. I also had to go on a strict diet, and this means cutting down my rice intake, which I found most difficult to do given that I’m a huge rice eater.

I have already resigned from my job prior to my surgery to give myself more time to recuperate. My vision gradually improved since the time I left the hospital. Unfortunately, my eyes would not be the way they used to be before the surgery. My left peripheral vision is affected, and my right eye has central residual vision. On top of that, my right eyeball now has a peculiar habit. The closer I look at an object, the farther to the right my right eyeball goes. This is because thepituitary tumor impinged upon my optic nerves.

A few months after the surgery, I was made to undergo MRI of the head again. As expected, there was still a small part of the tumor in my pituitary gland that was left after the operation. It was impossible for my neurosurgeon to remove everything as my internal carotid nerve, a delicate part of the brain, might get affected. So I took my medication again to shrink the remaining tumor, preventing it from releasing an excessive amount of prolactin.

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3 Responses to My Battle with Pituitary Tumor: Part 4 (The Aftermath)

  1. Heart of Rachel says:

    I’m sorry that your eyesight have been affected after the surgery. I hope that you will continue to have a successful fight against the tumor.

  2. Cecile says:

    I am sad to hear that dear :-(; hope you feel better as you heal and that your eyes will get better,too! take care..know that my prayers are with you, dear!

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