My Battle with Pituitary Tumor: Part 2 (The Diagnosis)

My doctor was right. My CT scan results showed a tumor in the sella turcica, that part of the brain where the pituitary gland is located. She said she wouldn’t know for sure if that’s what had actually caused the amenorrhea; it might or it might not be. But just the same, I had to consult a neurosurgeon asap. An MRI scan was soon to follow.

The MRI confirmed what we already knew. And they now had a term for it. The doctor who interpreted the results called it pituitary macroadenoma, a glandular tumor more than 10 mm in diameter, which is usually, but not always, benign.

We were getting prepared for the worst when the neurosurgeon told us to stop the medication earlier prescribed to reduce the tumor since I was asymptomatic in the first place. The doctor said the tumor was still too small to get a biopsy and we didn’t really know just yet what the tumor was doing or would do to my body, so there’s really no cause for alarm for now.

But the doctor said if I feel anything (e.g., changes in urine frequency, galactorrhea, etc.), then I’ll see him again. If none, I won’t have another MRI until after a year. The doctor would have to see if the mass gets bigger. We could only hope it doesn’t.

That means no medications for the tumor and no immediate operation (which I dreaded) for the time being!

To be continued…

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2 Responses to My Battle with Pituitary Tumor: Part 2 (The Diagnosis)

  1. vhingF says:

    ai….na touch naman ako d2 sa story mo.

    totoo? nahomsik tuloy ako….

    anyways..I’ll pray for you na lng.I wish you get better soon. pray and pray theres a miracle always.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    can I just have the whole story?! 🙂 i want to read it na…sayang, nabitin sa mommy moments 🙂 hehehe, wait ko ung part3 ha? ingat lagi and pray always! 🙂

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