I Got Penalized by Entrecard

Last night, while I was doing my usual Entrecard (EC) rounds, I noticed the message that appeared on the EC box is “Penalty.” I initially thought this has something to do with my slow Internet connection, so I tried dropping ECs again, but the same message appeared. When I returned to my Dashboard, there was a considerable reduction in my latest EC credits. Today, I attempted to drop ECs again, and the message is the same.
I went to Help section and here’s what Entrecard has to say on why I got a penalty when dropping cards.

According to this article, some ways to avoid getting penalties are as follows:
• Don’t drop too quickly. Take the time to read the sites you drop on.
• Wait for the drop to go through before dropping on another site.
• Click the “Drop” text, not a blank area of the yellow bar.
• If you see “No such user”, the site has been deleted – don’t try to drop on them again.
• If you see “Invalid”, try logging out and logging back in again. Don’t refresh the page after logging in or it may re-send the drop. Bookmark the site first then go back to it using the bookmark.

Additionally, they said, “If you get a penalty, please contact us by logging a support ticket and explain how you were dropping cards. Don’t just keep on dropping.”

What I don’t understand is why I get penalized when there is nothing different or unusual in the way I dropped my ECs. I’ve been doing the same thing since the day I joined Entrecard. I e-mailed Entrecard already because as of today, I only have 10 EC credits out of almost 500 points last night.

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5 Responses to I Got Penalized by Entrecard

  1. Heart of Rachel says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I hope it’s just a matter of misunderstanding and you could still get back those lost points.

  2. Enchie says:

    Im sorry to hear this too Mommy…but thanks also for the information. Most of the time, mabilisan ako mag-drop. Now, I know…

  3. Laane says:

    This happened to me a while back too.
    I protested and got back my points.

  4. Evan's Mom says:

    When Entrecard forbade me from dropping for a day last month I didn’t understand the reason either. The message was “24hr cool-off”, but they didn’t cut my credits.

    Btw thanks for the award, will follow up about it. Sorry for late respond I was offline during weekend.

  5. Ness says:

    I didn’t know about this one sis..Thanks sa Info..Happy Patrick Day pla..Did u wear green today? hehehehe!

    Ness Diversion

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