Penmanship Tag and Interesting Blog Award

I’ve been tagged by imom and given the Interesting Blog Award by Enchie of Sweet Nothings.


The rules are simple.
1. Write down who tagged you.
2. Answer these:
-your name / username / pseudo
-right-handed or left-handed?
-your favorite letters to write?
-your least favorite letters to write?
– Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
3. Tag five persons.

I’ve written exactly this way since college because I find it neat to write down my notes in print.

Juliana, Kaye, Hailey, Melanie, Jacky– care to show the world your handwriting?


I have discovered interesting sites to visit in the recent months, and I’m giving this award to: Dorothy and Niko.

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2 Responses to Penmanship Tag and Interesting Blog Award

  1. Dorothy L says:

    Hello…I thought I had left a comment yesterday..Oh well, no harm done.
    Thank you so much for choosing my blog for your pick as an Interesting blog.
    It is so nice to know that my time and effort is appreciated.
    Although I have no idea how to grab the award or if I am even suppose to.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. kAyE says:

    oh wow. thanks for this. a great “welcome back” present. will post it tomorrow. can’t find my pen in the dark. tee hee.

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