My Little Boy’s Toy

Well, it’s not really a toy, but my son Justin considers my cell phone something that he can play with. Every day after my work, he would ask for my cell phone doing all sorts of stuff with it.

These are the things he’s done with my cell phone so far:

1. He takes pictures of just about anyone or anything in the house. He actually took a good shot of mommy last year (See my post “Justin Takes Mommy’s Picture.”)
2. He creates subfolders. More than once, I was surprised to discover new subfolders under my Dictionary folder.
3. He adds new contacts to my phone book. I saw three new entries in my phone book today: E.d, Jd and Tjmd and they all have the same telephone number, 123666.
4. He deleted most of my ringing tones. I’m left with only five ringing tones right now. He also deleted one game, which, unfortunately, is one of his favorites.
5. He plays soccer and Sudoku on my cell phone. He likes to play the soccer game by himself, but the Sudoku game he plays with mommy. I’m the one who tells him what number to key in and where to place it.
6. He has altered my time setting. My cell phone’s clock is now one hour late and I have no idea how to reset it.
7. He calls the numbers in my phone book and when he does, he makes sure he’s standing or sitting as far away from mommy as he can so he can talk to the person on the other line.
8. He texts. Yes, he can. He knows how to put letters and numbers in the message box and he even knows how to send his text message. Sometimes, people listed in my phone book or those I’ve just texted would text me saying they received a garbled message from me. A friend actually thought I sent him a cell phone virus because he couldn’t make out the message. LOL)

Justin is now 2 years, 7 months and 17 days old. I wonder what other gadgets will tickle his fancy when he turns three.

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2 Responses to My Little Boy’s Toy

  1. shydub says:

    He is a cellphone expert, smart kids indeed, he knows all that at his age. other oldies can’t figure out how to tickle this cellphone thing aside from call. Maybe they should ask your justine for a tutor.

  2. yummybite says:

    kids nowadays get very smart and very techie. the slightest sound or lighting they can see will surely interest them. and boy they learn so fast.

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