Mommy Moments: Preggy Days

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Did you ever feel ugly while you were pregnant? I did. I actually despised my reflection in the mirror because my nose was big, my neck got dark, and I had zits. Truth be told, my pregnancy pictures were one of my ugliest photos, so I deliberately deleted them from my files.

There were some pictures I was able to save, however, during the early stages of my pregnancy. This one was taken when I was 1 ½ months pregnant. There were no obvious signs yet, except for the nose. See it’s started to get bigger already!

For more of my pregnancy story, please read my post “The Story of My Pregnancy.”

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7 Responses to Mommy Moments: Preggy Days

  1. niko says:

    oh no! you are funny when u say u have big nose na.. di naman!!! u even deleted ur pics tlga?? hahaha katuwa ka..

    i was teased by hub that i was pretty when pregnant daw kaya lagi daw dapat ako pregnant! 😀

    gusto ko pa sana makita iba mo pang pictures eh.. share it!! i wont laugh naman.. i find ur picture shy but pretty pretty pa nga!! 😀

  2. Jes says:

    hi na add n kita sa blogroll =) visit ka ulit pag na add mo n ko tnx!! follow me dn ha ehhhe follower mo n ko =)

  3. Evan's Mom says:

    Everything got bigger in me too, but thankfully people more focused on my tummy rather than my nose 🙂
    I read your preggy post, quite experiences you went thru.

  4. Enchie says:

    You look great, I did’t notice the nose and you look pretty and healthy Mommy.
    I had tomatoes nose when I got pregnant. And my husband would make fun of me, hanggang ngayon daw LOL

  5. Gin E says:

    it’s ok. those things are just normal pregnancy signs. 🙂

  6. pehpot says:

    oh I missed this one..everything is big talaga when your preggy.. boobs, nose, hips, tummy, the hard part is the post partum figure ..arghh.. for me that is my ugliest haha

    I am following your blog now.. hope you follow mine too..

  7. Heart of Rachel says:

    I didn’t notice your “big nose” in the photo at all. I think you look great.

    I only have a handful of preggy shots. I had a sensitive pregnancy so I didn’t have a lot of opportunities for photo sessions. I treasure the few ones I have.

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