In Search of the Perfect Nanny

This is the second week that my Tatay (Filipino term for father) has been taking good care of my son Justin while my husband and I work. That’s because we still haven’t found someone responsible to do so. Well, we thought we had one last week. But on her third day of watching over our son, Justin ended up having a bloody cut on his nose.

She said Justin was running towards her and she was holding our house keys that accidentally scraped Justin’s nose. Good thing my son has tetanus shot! Fearful perhaps of what happened, she asked me to allow her to go home to Cavite after that bloody incident. She said she had to do important errands at home but she would return to us very early the next day.

That’s when my husband and I decided we should not let her come back. We did not decide in haste, however, as we weighed the pros and cons of our action. But the deciding factor was the fact that this new yaya (nanny) wasn’t very fond of children, judging from the way she interacted with our son.

She even told this to somebody who works in the same building where we live who happens to know us. And worst, she was actually scouting up a new employer while Justin was under her care. She thought she found one, but the deal between them did not materialize for whatever reason.

I have not regretted that decision of letting the new yaya go. I would never entrust my son to someone who doesn’t really care for his well-being. My criteria now for choosing a yaya are as follows: she has protective maternal instincts, she loves being around kids and she tolerates kids’ mischief.

Do you look for the same qualities in a yaya as I do?

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  1. Renz says:

    I have a longer list! hahaha…

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