What’s in a Name?

You might be wondering why I named my blog “Pensive Thoughts.” One of the definitions of “pensive,” according to dictionary.reference.com, is “expressing or revealing thoughtfulness, usually marked by some sadness.” Does this mean that I’ll only be posting cheerless, despairing, melancholic articles here? Certainly not.

Please don’t be misled by my blog name. I will be writing and posting in this blog whatever I feel like sharing, ranging from the mundane to the most profound, which may be happy, sad, funny, whatever.

The thing is I like how “pensive thoughts” sounded the first time I ever laid eyes on this phrase, which was eons ago. So I decided to name my blog after it.

I’d like to focus more on what the word “pensive” is synonymous with as they more realistically capture the essence of my blog. “Pensive” here means “contemplative,” “reflective,” “meditative” and “thoughtful.”

So there, welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy reading my Pensive Thoughts.

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