Pensive Thoughts’ New Blog Header and Button

Have you noticed my blog’s new look? I now have a blog button up for grabs, which I was able to upload last Friday (check my sidebar). Last night, my header also had an overhaul. Thanks to my former officemate and friend, Ricardo (Ricky) Lat Jr., a computer analyst/programmer who’s now working in Dubai, UAE.

This is Ricky’s first attempt on blog designing and we processed the whole thing through Yahoo! Messenger Instant Message. It took around four hours of revising to finally get the look that I want. I was such a demanding client, and to think, this was pro bono work.

Pensive Thoughts was Ricky’s first blog project, so I was actually a guinea pig here, but I didn’t mind. He promised to refine it (the header or the button? I hope both) when he has more time on his hands. All the better since I have a lot of ideas in mind and I don’t know where to begin. For the time being, what I have for now will do.

Thanks, Ricky. You’re really heaven-sent!

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