Justin’s First Movie Theater Experience

Yesterday was Justin’s first time to be inside a movie house. It wasn’t planned, though. We were having a leisurely walk in the mall, and we happened to pass by the cinema area. What piqued Justin’s interest were the big numbers near the entrance of each cinema. He wanted badly to get inside the theater, so his dad yielded and bought tickets for Adam Sandler’s film Bedtime Stories.

I still had to do my grocery shopping, so I begged off, leaving Justin in his dad’s care. I did not leave the two of them immediately, however. I asked the lady guard if I could get inside the theater to see my little boy’s reaction.

Father and son occupied two seats initially, but Justin was uncomfortable in his, so his daddy scooped him up and placed him on his lap instead. I left the two of them in that position. I took advantage of this time alone to do some shoe shopping for my mom and for myself before heading to the supermarket.

After two hours, there was still no text or call from Justin’s dad. I texted him while I was lined up at the cashier to pay for my groceries. When I saw the two of them, I excitedly asked how Justin’s first movie theater experience went.

From the look on hubby’s face, it wasn’t very successful. Why? Hubby recounted that Justin couldn’t stay still in one place and wanted to roam around the theater. Perhaps, he thought it was just another play area where he could do what he wanted and play all he wanted.

And what’s worse? My son pooped. He isn’t potty-trained yet! And that was the end of the story. Father and son only lasted 30 minutes inside the theater, that after having paid Php300.00. We learned earlier that children one year old and above should also pay full flick fare.

What was your kid’s first movie theater experience like?

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2 Responses to Justin’s First Movie Theater Experience

  1. kreations says:

    oh that is horrible. We took my daughter to a movie theater for kids when she was just crawling. I needed sometime to relax and wasn’t ready to be away from her.
    It was awesome because there were kids everywhere, instead of seats they had couches and overstuffed chairs in front of tables were whatever you order before the movie (Pizza, fries, hot dogs, beer) is delivered during the movie.
    The food is overpriced, but entry for the movies is only like 3.00(USD)per person over 5 years.

  2. embracingeveryday.net says:

    Hi Tetcha! Sky’s first movie was Madagascar 2. The three of us saw it at SM Sucat on a weekday. Good thing walang tao on the deluxe area. Sky sat for the first 30 minutes in awe… And then after that, he was walking around the cinema. We watched the movie while walking around following Sky. Take turns kami ni D every 15 minutes in seating down 🙂 Maybe again when he’s three 😀

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