Can’t Resist

We simply couldn’t resist my parents’ offer to tend our son Justin while we (hubby and I) are both working. That’s because I still haven’t found someone to do that. Yesterday afternoon, Nanay and Tatay arrived with their things (because they’ll be staying with us for an indefinite period of time) and a lot of pasalubongs (goodies), like ginataang langka (jackfruit in coconut milk), burong ampalaya (pickled bitter gourd) and chocolate cake and chocolates courtesy of Justin’s Tito Dennis who got home from Dubai four days ago.

Justin was so glad to see his lolo and lola. He went riding the elevator with his lolo and they played throw-and-catch-the ball game. Because he was too excited to play, he lost his footing, causing him to fall on his face and chipping his left front tooth. Hay!

Before Justin went to bed, he hugged his grandparents, kissed them on the lips and told them “Good night” and “I love you.” He was actually finding it hard to drift off and he even went to where his grandparents were sleeping to check if they’re really asleep. That’s the only time he decided to go to sleep himself.

I hope this temporary arrangement turns out okay. I hope my parents won’t be worn out from running after our hyperactive son not until I find a worthy babysitter/all-around helper. And I hope that happens soon.

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