Name Game

I overheard this conversation between my son Justin and his yaya (nanny) from inside the bedroom where I work.

Justin: (Doodling on his notebook) “Family.” (He’s trying to draw a family. He now knows that a family consists of daddy, mommy, and baby.)

Manang: “Ano ang name ni Mommy?” (What is mommy’s name?)

Justin: “Teresa.”

Manang: “Wow, galing!” (Wow, great!) “Eh, ano ang name ni Daddy?” (What is daddy’s name?)

Justin: “Eduardo.”

Manang: “Wow! Very good! Ano naman ang name ni Justin?” (What is Justin’s name?)

Justin: “Justin Edward Figuerres.” (His last name he pronounced as “Guerres” only.)

Manang: (Clapping her hands with glee) “Very good!”

Justin, now two years and 5 months old, knew how to say his name when he turned a little older than one, but our names (his dad’s and mine), I have only told him a couple of times. I never thought he’d remember. Should I tell him our telephone number next?

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