Just the Three of Us

Yesterday was the first time since my son Justin was born that my family (me, my husband, and my son) was alone in the house. That’s because our all-around helper, Manang, left for the province for a much-needed break.

We had company the day she left, my niece Tin-Tin, but only until last Friday, December 19, because she got sick. I’m thinking that has to do with her taking care of my son while I worked. Hehe. So technically, we’re home alone, just the three of us starting yesterday, which felt kind of odd, really. What did we do all day?

We were at Makati Medical Center by 11am for my husband’s appointment with his doctor. Then, we went to the mall. Father and son headed to Tom’s World, my son’s favorite hangout these days, while I did my grocery shopping, which took almost an hour. We were home at around 4pm.

Father and son watched DVDs while snacking on whatever they were able to rummage at home. I decided to make chicken macaroni salad to my husband’s delight. We had a good helping of that salad for dinner, which went well with Purefoods Fiesta Ham. Yummy!

Everything’s looking great. The only downside was that I had lesser time to spend with my son. That’s because household chores were never-ending! The flip side of this was that father and son get to spend more time together. Hubby took care of my son while I saw to household work that needed to be done. I think that more than made up for what I thought I lost.

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