What I Want for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and like a giddy teenager who makes her Christmas wish list ready only to change it a few days before the big day, I, too, have started noting down what I want for Christmas. These three top my list, for now.

Financial blessings – I think we’ve been quite blessed this year, having moved to our new condo unit last May. We still have to pay amortizations for it, though. So, yes, we’re hoping for more financial blessings this year. The same goes for my siblings. I wish Meann’s business will prosper this year. I also wish my brother Dennis finds a high-paying job and one that he likes, so he’ll stay with that company for years. And more financial blessings for Ate Cristy and her family for the future of their growing brood.

Friendship – I appreciate the small group of friends I have, those who tell me straight to my face what I’ve done wrong and still accept me despite my shortcomings, those who comforted me during the most difficult times of my life, those who help me become a better person, and those who consistently inspire me. I’d like to have more of these people in my life. I’d like to reconnect, too, with those I’ve lost contact with for one reason or another. I hope I’d bump into these wonderful people again sometime soon.

Good health – This is the most important gift I’d like to receive this Christmas, not only for me, my husband, and my son, but for the entire Gregorio clan: Tatay, Nanay, my siblings, and their spouses and their children. Medical expenses are quite costly these days, so I hope nobody gets sick in the family. I wish everyone good health and long life.

Despite the global economic crunch, I hope we all have a really blessed Christmas this year.

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