A Happy Thought

Here’s a song from Barney that brings a happy thought.

Early in the morning when I get dressed
Because I always look my best
The first thing I do so everyone will see
Is put a big, big smile on me.

I put a smile, a smile on my face
I put a smile, I wear it every place
I put a smile and what I see
The whole world smiling back at me.

A smile is pretty, a smile is free
A smile is a gift to you from me
A smile is a present in a special way
‘Cause you still get to keep it when you give it away.

There, I’ve memorized that song after watching this particular Barney CD a number of times with my son. How many times? I lost count already. The moral of the story (err…song) is: Smile and the world will smile back at you. Good morning!

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