Thomas & Friends

Looking for something new for my son Justin to watch, I chanced upon a Thomas & Friends DVD that one of his godparents gave him on his first birthday. I remember he didn’t really pay attention to Thomas the first time he watched it. I played the DVD again last night to see if he would react to it differently now that he’s almost 2 years and 3 months old.

Initially, he was afraid of Thomas and all the other train and vehicle characters featured in the show. Perhaps, he found it odd that trains or any other vehicle, for that matter, would have exactly the same faces as humans have and with rolling eyes at that. He wouldn’t leave my side while watching. He just clung to me like crazy. But he watched the entire DVD five times before drifting off to sleep.

He watched Thomas & Friends again repeatedly this morning. He isn’t afraid anymore. He even knows some of the characters now. At one point, I overheard him addressing Thomas while watching: “Thomas, dede Justin, gutom Justin” (“Thomas, Justin wants milk. Justin is hungry”) while Manang, Justin’s nanny, was preparing his milk.

What does Justin love about Thomas & Friends? He likes the music. When he hears the soundtrack, he says, “Mommy, dance.” And he is particularly fond of trains and cars, too. In fact, he often builds blocks to form a train here and a car and a bus there. He even invites me or Manang to play with him as he creates things from scratch.

Tonight, I expect Justin to request for Thomas & Friends again. That’s exactly how my son is. If he finds something that interests him, he’ll have that thing played over and over again until a more exciting one comes along, of course.

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