My New Pair of Eyeglasses

New pair at the back; old pair in front

I was finally able to replace my four-year-old eyeglasses with a funkier pair. This is actually the fastest it took me to select a style that I like. In the past, I would check every optical shop in the mall to make sure I get to see all the styles that all these shops have to offer. I wouldn’t really want to be in a position where I would later regret what I bought as I am wont to do. So it actually takes forever for me to decide on what to buy, be it a pair of eyeglasses, shoes, bags, or whatnot. So, am I happy with my purchase? Yes, I am.

The frame of my previous eyeglasses is silver in color. Now, it’s brown, which complements the color of my hair. My previous eyeglasses were fully rimmed. For my new pair, the lower parts of the lens are rimless. It’s modish, so to speak. And most importantly, my new eyeglasses make me look a lot younger. Now, that’s one great reason to smile about.

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