Working from Home

I officially started working from home last July and all because we were having problems with Globe in our Mandaluyong office. (We did not have phone and Internet at the office for well over a month despite numerous complaints.) The adjustment wasn’t all that bad as I’m the type of person who easily adapts to situations. After more than two months holding office at home, how do I find the experience? I’d say it’s both good and bad.

I’ve had some benefits working from home. First, I get to know how my son spends his whole day. I can text or call Manang any time I need to give instructions: if they can go to the playground or not, if Justin should have Cream-O or champorado for his snack, to tell Manang to stop Justin from playing with the DVD player or his VCDs, or simply to ask what happened if I hear Justin crying. Second, I don’t really need to wake up that early. I can wake up at 7 or 7:30 am and still start my work hours the usual time. I don’t need to commute anymore, so the time spent on commuting is added to my sleeping time. Finally, I save a few hundreds on transportation costs. I spend Php50.00 everyday to go to and from the office. (I still go to the office occasionally, though.) The savings from this get used up in other household expenses. It’s not really that bad working from home, I guess.

But it has its downsides, too. The thing is Justin doesn’t really know I’m working in the bedroom, although he can very well hear the sound of my typing at times and he will actually know I’m inside if he looks hard enough through our bedroom’s translucent door. He tried doing that one time; he actually saw me, and I hid in the farthest corner of the room to make him believe I wasn’t really there, that it was his imagination playing tricks on him. Since he doesn’t know I’m just inside the bedroom, I had to make as little noise as possible. I’m actually learning the art of sneezing silently, but I haven’t really mastered that yet. I have to bring my lunch, merienda, drinking water, and “arinola” inside the room because going out of the room meant the end of my working day. When my official work hours are over, I text or call Manang again to take Justin to the bathroom while I prepare for my grand entrance, again making my son believe that I came all the way from the office. That’s a lot of pretending to do. Whew!

So, given the pros and cons of my working at home, do I still want to continue with this arrangement? The answer is yes, for the time being, until a better opportunity comes along, and I hope that opportunity is just around the corner.

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