Facial Treatment Is for the Brave of Hearts

Yesterday, I had my first facial treatment since I conceived and gave birth. Yikes! Has it been that long since my face had some dose of TLC? That’s been more than three years already. No wonder my skin is crying out for help. It was only by chance that I managed to get my face done. Ed and I were supposed to watch a movie but decided against it since the film we wanted to watch was not being shown at Robinsons. Ed decided to go home, and I took that opportunity to head to the nearest facial clinic for some skin pampering.

So off I went to the facial salon. I filled out a form, inquired about the appropriate treatment for my skin, and was led inside the “treatment area.” Have you ever wondered what goes inside the salon? Here’s a quick review of the whole process of facial cleaning/treatment based on my own experience.

First, your skin needs to be prepped for the whole procedure. First stop is the wash area. You need to wash your face three times using either the clear soap or the whitening soap. Then, cleansing lotion is applied on your face, and the beauty attendant gently massages your skin in preparation for the actual cleaning. The residue is then wiped off your face, and the beauty attendant vacuums your face then steams it, your face, I mean, not the vacuum.

The painful part is next. The beauty attendant presses an instrument hard on your face to let blackheads and whiteheads out. She may use tweezers, too, to pluck some hair-like blackheads from around the mouth area. Pressing around the nose area may send you to tears, but you have to bear it. Beauty has its price, you know! Be prepared also for some minor pricking of zits if you have some. When the while process of cleaning is done, the beauty attendant then shows you how much dirt she extracted from your face, but you might still be reeling from the pain by this time to actually care. Hurray! The worst part is over!

Now, for the finishing touch. The beauty attendant wipes your face clean, and a cold towel is placed over your face to bring you back to reality. A gauze is placed on your face, and laser treatment is given. Wait! I forgot the facial mask, but I’m not too sure if it comes before or after the cold towel. Whatever! Finally, antibiotic is applied on your skin followed by sun block. You are now ready to face the world.

Before going out of the salon, make sure you check yourself first in the mirror. Lying down for the treatment for almost an hour does something funny to your hair. To understand what I mean, try having a facial treatment. There’s nothing like experiencing it for yourself. You might not like it initially, but you’ll get used to it. Good luck!

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2 Responses to Facial Treatment Is for the Brave of Hearts

  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha. It hurts right? Hey, you didn’t tell us how much you paid, how grossly overprized it was, etc. -RestyO

  2. Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres says:

    Hi, Anonymous!

    Thanks for commenting on this post. FYI, it costs me a little over 500 bucks. I think the price was worth it.

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