Drink Water for Good Health

I’m not really an avid water drinker. The most that I can drink in a day is four glasses of water, sometimes even less. I even forget to drink water after my meals at times. Hubby would even remind me to drink water on more than one occasion. When we eat out and, say, I ordered juice or iced tea with my meal, that’s about the only liquid I consume for that meal. I usually never ask for an extra glass of water. If the server brings one, it’s either left untouched or I only take a few sips. I think it’s the taste or the lack of it that has caused this behavior.

As a consequence, I had had numerous bouts of constipation in the past. I also found out from my recent facial treatment that I actually have dry skin, which has not always been the case. So, all those years of scrimping on water is actually taking its toll on me. I decided, for health and beauty’s sake, that I will be drinking more water from this day onwards.

On the average, a person should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. But an overweight person needs to drink more. Water metabolizes stored fat. An overweight person has more stored fat. Therefore, an overweight person needs more water (www.highvibrations.org).

And do you know that it’s better to drink cold water than warm water? Yes, that’s true. That’s because cold water is more quickly absorbed into our system than warm water, and it helps burn calories, too (www.highvibrations.org).

Here’s a rundown of the health benefits of water:
• aids in digestion and absorption of food
• regulates body temperature and blood circulation
• carries nutrients and oxygen to cells
• flushes toxins and wastes out of the body
• facilitates weight loss
• prevents dehydration
• helps maintain proper muscle tone
• relieves constipation (www.highvibrations.org).

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