Discovering Tom’s World

Justin showing his moves

Our favorite family hangout as of the moment is Tom’s World at Robinsons Galleria. Ed and I make it a point to bring Justin there at least twice a month. Our son enjoys playing basketball, although he rarely makes a shot, bowling, dancing, riding the big moving animals, and getting on the bus. He has yet to ride the carousel, though. He enjoys inserting tokens before he starts each game/ride.

Not to be outdone are Justin’s parents who take turns taking care of Justin when he plays and engaging in this one-peso game for lack of a better term. It’s that game where, instead of tokens, you used one-peso coins that drop on a platform, make their way through the throngs of other one-peso coins, and hopefully nudge a few coins along the way that eventually drop into the machine’s coin reservoir. You earn a lot of tickets in this game. In fact, we already had our accumulated points exchanged for some cool stuff: Nemo, Simba, and Dora stuffed toys and a kiddie bowling set for Justin.

We’re so looking forward to our scheduled trips to Tom’s World. It’s our bonding time together as a family. And it’s heartwarming to see my son enjoying his play time here and socializing with other kids.

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