Justin’s Second Birthday

Justin turned two last July 7. Ed and I decided to hold two separate parties for him since our small condo unit would not be able to accommodate his godparents and our whole family. We invited his ninongs and ninangs on July 7 and then the entire family the Saturday thereafter (July 12). They were nothing grand, really. We had on the usual birthday fare for kids (spaghetti, fried chicken, cake) and we had menudo, grilled bangus, sugpo (thanks to Dennis and Meg), cassava (courtesy of Orlan and Meann) for the not-so-young ones. Justin wore a Chinese-inspired costume that his Dad bought in Singapore on a recent business trip. He was so cute!!! I guess all mommies feel that way about their babies. I’m so looking forward to celebrating more of his birthdays with family and friends. Happy birthday, son!
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