Bad Cholesterol: Follow-Up

April last year, my blood tests showed a very high level of bad cholesterol. Tsk…tsk…So I was given medication for one month and a cholesterol-lowering diet guide, which I followed to the hilt. And I vowed I’d lower that amount with strict discipline and determination, which I did. And yes, I aced my second round of blood tests. But since I was late again for this particular appointment with my doctor–a good one month (or is it two?) has passed since my scheduled visit with him–he said he needed to see how my cholesterol level is faring with the absence of medication. And so he gave me another request for another series of blood tests, which I was supposed to have completed in January of this year, but I still have not done until now. It’s the holidays, for God’s sake! I still might have remnants of all the fat-laden foods I ate last Christmas and New Year had I went for those tests in January. Is that cheating or what? I was actually kind of complacent, too, after having received a very good 2D-echo result on that same visit with my good doctor. Not to worry, doc, I’m maintaining my fish-centered diet, with very few binging on the side. I’ve actually become more careful now with the food I eat, and that has a lot to do with being a mom. I have to be healthy for my son, even if that means sacrificing some of my gastronomic cravings.

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