Justin’s Mommy, Officially!

Two days ago (January 7, 2008), I am officially Justin’s mommy. Let me make that clear. Biologically, I am Justin’s mommy, but he doesn’t call me that term, not just yet, anyway.

Last October 2007, after I finished putting all of my son’s pictures in his first photo album, we asked him to name a few people in some of the pictures. When we pointed to my picture, he said “mommy,” to my delight, of course. But when we pointed to me in person and asked him, “Who is this, Justin,” he won’t say the same. So, the “mommy” word is just a spur-of-the-moment” thing. Sigh!

It was a different story, though, in November, as mother and son got to be really close. You see, Manang (Justin’s yaya and our house companion) had to go home to the province. This left me as the sole caretaker of my son. We really had great bonding moments, Justin and I. It was during these 13 days that he finally had an official term for me—“mee-mo.” I thought that was cute and quite unique, so I forgave my son for that slight slip of the tongue.

Finally, on January 7, as my opening statement goes, my son Justin officially called me “mommy.” It felt wonderful hearing him say that. And why not? He’s been saying “Daddy” for several months now. Why not “Mommy”? Talk about being jealous, huh! I’m still relishing this brand-new development in my son’s treasure trove of spoken words. Can’t wait to hear more from him.

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3 Responses to Justin’s Mommy, Officially!

  1. CresceNet says:

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  2. Tetcha Gregorio-Figuerres says:

    So sorry for this late reply, CresceNet. Thanks for the nice comment.

  3. Curious Mind says:

    music to the ears talaga pag tinawag ka na ng Mama, Mommy, Nanay. ung pamangkin ko nga pag nagkakamali sila at natawag akong Mama eh kinikilig ako.

    si Yz din nun, Dada unang word tapos Dady. tawag nya sakin. AAAhh!! sisigaw or titili. pero kaya naman nya sabihing mama. ayaw lang niya sabihin hehehe

    ngayon ayan, mommy na ng mommy. pero maka-daddy pa din sya. hehe


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