2007–The Year That Was

Last year went by so fast I could hardly catch my breath and take in everything that happened. First, I switched job around the second quarter of 2007, which meant more responsibilities, more pressure, and more headaches. Second, we had two hospitalizations in the family: my mother suffered a mild stroke in May just a month after my father-in-law was confined for enlargement of the heart and water in his lungs; he finally succumbed to heart attack in December. In short, it didn’t really feel like Christmas at all, with the year marked by a series of unfortunate events.

However, it didn’t really seem all that bleak for us in 2007. We celebrated our son’s first birthday in July, a joyous occasion to celebrate the life of a miracle baby. That, in itself, compensated for all the mischances of the past year. That’s one wonderful thought good enough to lift everyone’s spirits, mine at least. So, belated Merry Christmas, everyone, and here’s looking forward to a more abundant and a really prosperous New Year!

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