Family Reunion 2006

It must be the weather. Feeling nostalgic and all. Or perhaps it comes with age. Or motherhood perhaps. Viewing things in a different perspective, seeing things more clearly, and making sense of things we normally take for granted — our family, our roots. Christmas is just about the perfect time to rekindle our love for our parents and siblings, our nieces, and nephews, and to touch base on each other’s lives and whatnots.

We had our happiest, so far, family gathering last December 26 at my sister Meann’s house in Laguna, Bel-Air. And for the first time in a long while, the family is complete — Ate Cristy (the perennial absentee in almost all family gatherings – hurray — made it!), Buboy, Tetcha (that’s me, lest I forget), Meann, Dennis, with our respective partners (Ed, Orlan, Cecille) and kids (Tin-Tin, Ayie, Hazel, Tyrone, and the latest addition to the growing family, Justin!) in tow. Not to be outdone were the patriarch and the matriarch of the Gregorio family – Tatay Greg (with his usual funny gags and antics never fail to light up the house) and Nanay Gloria (who swore for the nth time she hasn’t smoked a single stick since God knows when); the party ain’t complete without them. And it’s not just us, Auntie Mameng’s family also joined in the festivity – Ate Beng, Adrian, Almyra, Bea, and Brent. The more, the merrier!

We said our prayers before savoring all the gastronomic delights served on the table. We had our Kris Kringle afterwards, which is more for fun than for anything else. We can only fathom where all those gifts came from. Everyone waited with bated breath to have his/her number called, wishing to get the most beautifully wrapped gift at stake and hoping against hope not to get the recycled ones. Orlan took pictures and a video of all the goings-on and we all watched them with much gusto. We laughed at all the funny shots, made up funny stories to go along with these pictures, and gaped at how our dear Auntie Mameng’s drama anthology dialogue was captured in full. That’s truly one for the books!

Everyone went home lighthearted, gifts in tow, and carrying a bagful of good memories of what it felt like to be a family. Home is truly where the heart is! That much being said, we vowed to have a more exciting party next year, this time with a Christmas theme to boot – Disney characters! So see ya’ll next year! Merry Christmas everyone!

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