Nestle Philippines Opens MILO Stadium at KidZania Manila

Nestlé Philippines has officially opened the MILO Stadium inside KidZania Manila. The MILO Stadium, a state-of-the-art, kid-sized sports arena designed for 7-14 year olds, aims to get the youth started on the path to an active and healthy lifestyle through physical activity and proper nutrition.

 photo XMCA3522_zps7owfsdev.jpg

The event was hosted by Ms. Patricia Bermudez-Hizon and graced by champion athletes Kiefer Ravena and Gretchen Ho.

 photo DSCN9689_zpsdlxy8h5g.jpg

Before the event started, a lot of kids including my 9-year-old son were able to experience firsthand the action and excitement inside the MILO Stadium as they took turns holding, dribbling, passing and shooting the basketball into the hoop.

 photo DSCN9611_zpsfaclinvz.jpg

So what will kids do inside the MILO Stadium? They will assume the role of athletes choosing any of the following sport choices: Basketball, Football, Volleyball or Cheerleading. They will be given series of drills and a live game simulation to highlight the importance of teamwork, among others.

 photo 5MCA1961_zpsfdtfagq3.jpg

Aside from the physical health benefits of sports, the KidZania instructors, called Zupervisors, will also teach kids about proper nutrition, a key element for living an active and healthy lifestyle that every athlete needs to know.

 photo DSCN9573_zpsex43hj2a.jpg

The kids will also learn the MILO Champ Moves dance, a three-minute exercise imitating sports movements geared towards energizing the body and mind.

 photo XMCA3638_zps3zq8zij1.jpg

“For over 50 years, MILO has continued to build champions in sports and in life. The opening of our MILO Stadium marks another important chapter in our story as we continue to nourish kids with the winning energy to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and discover the Champion in them,” said Jacques Reber, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé Philippines, Inc.

 photo 5MCA1400_zpsp9tdsc2n.jpg

(from L-R): Ellen Isturis (Team Lead, MILO Philippines), CecilleMariño (Minister of Industry, KidZania Manila) and Jacques Reber (Chairman and CEO, Nestlé Philippines Inc.) toast to a fruitful partnership between Nestlé and KidZania.

Maricel Pangilinan Arenas, State Governor of KidZania Manila, shared: “We are very proud of our partnership with Nestlé in creating the MILO Stadium. By combining education with entertainment, we hope to inspire kids to learn values and lessons that will lead them to be outstanding KidZania citizens. Teamwork, discipline and hard work are just some of the values they will walk away with when they leave the MILO Stadium.”

 photo 5MCA1447_zpsfjlyt92b.jpg

During the event, MILO also recognized the important role moms play in the lifestyle choices of their kids. A consistent figure in every kid’s life, moms inspire their children to be the best that they can be.

 photo XMCA3902_zpsl3igojt7.jpg

“Now, especially during their formative years, Moms have an important role to play in helping their kids live an active and healthy lifestyle. By bringing them to the MILO Stadium, you have already taken that first step and whether by example or by just being the support they need, we encourage Moms to continue being active in guiding, teaching and inspiring their kids to be a Champion every day,” added Reber.

 photo DSCN9804_zps7ft6lxl4.jpg

To help moms raise champions, MILO has introduced its new formula with Activ-Go to help energize both the body and mind and help kids reach their full potential. Visit to learn how to raise a champion in sports and in life.

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Christmas with Cousins

Just like most kids his age, our 9-year-old son looks forward to the happiest day of the year, Christmas. And more than the gifts he’s sure to receive, he is really eager and excited to see everyone in the family, most especially his cousins. Well, you couldn’t really blame him. Being an only child, he spends the entire year at home without any playmates. So to grant his wish of spending some time with his dear cousins, we went to Tagaytay on December 24 to celebrate Christmas with my older sister’s family. Determined to make the most of our overnight stay in Tagaytay, Justin never left the side of his two younger cousins. The three of them played table tennis, games on their cell phones and whatever else they fancied.

 photo DSCN9537_zpspzo45ksv.jpg

They also ate together and slept together.

 photo P_20151225_160537_zps1n2umdis.jpg

Our son enjoyed every minute of his play time and chat time with his cousins, and as expected, he didn’t want to go when it was time for us to leave. He was actually crying, trying to convince us to stay for one more day, but we didn’t. The only thing that pacified him was a promise from his Dad and I that we would go back there on New Year’s Day. That didn’t happen either as both he and his Dad got sick the day before New Year.

 photo DSCN9538_zpsxjlg4dj8.jpg

Of course, his Christmas won’t be complete without a decent picture with his cousins.

 photo DSCN9548_zpsy0691a6d.jpg

And yes, we should have our Christmas family picture, too. Hope you all had a blessed Christmas!

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LSGH Lantern Parade and Christmas Fair 2015

LSGH had their annual Lantern Parade and Christmas Fair last December 12, 2015. The Grade 4 boys were scheduled to perform at the St. Benilde Gym in the afternoon.

Grade 4 Lantern Parade

For the Lantern Parade, the students were asked to wear their Family Day shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. They also had their lanterns made from recycled plastic bottles as props.

 photo DSCN9386_zpsl9z2x2ex.jpg

Our son finally got to be in front. Yay!

 photo DSCN9390_zpsgljgctgr.jpg photo DSCN9391_zpsm1pxxwmt.jpg

Here, the LSGH Grade 4 boys were getting ready for their dance number which is the most awaited part of the Lantern Parade. They practiced hard for this in school, and the boys were all excited to perform for their parents.

Our son made his Dad promise to take a video of his performance, so here it is.

Christmas Fair

After the Lantern Parade which didn’t take very long, the boys were free to roam the fairgrounds to try the rides and the games.

 photo DSCN9395_zpsrlmki8ok.jpg

Our son’s first stop was the go-kart area. His Dad purchased 5 go-kart tickets for him. Each ride cost Php50 and lasted for 5 minutes. He wasn’t allowed, though, to use all 5 tickets in one go, so he had to line up several times to use up all his tickets.

 photo DSCN9437_zpsthqenqdc.jpg

I was adamant to let him enter the horror house, but he insisted. Good thing, he was out of it in no time.

 photo DSCN9441_zpsg18meeqk.jpg

He then tried some of the games and later went to the Christmas bazaar where he went to buy a cheap plastic flying toy.

 photo DSCN9444_zpsxhzp4hr8.jpg

The Christmas Grand Raffle for the “Twinkle, Twinkle Greenest Star” was also held at night, and actress-singer Karel Marquez graced this event.

 photo DSCN9423_zpsmtcnqcqe.jpg

The Wish 107.5 bus was also there to accommodate the students’ greetings and shout-outs to their teachers and peers.

 photo DSCN9445_zps9i9j4uqi.jpg

We didn’t win any raffle prizes, but our son had a grand time during the Lantern Parade and Christmas Fair, and that made this day worth it.

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Our First Visit to KidZania Manila

Because we have so many pictures of our KidZania Manila visit last November, I actually don’t know how to begin writing this article. After almost two months, I finally found the courage to write this blog post. Lol! I’m narrowing it down to include only those establishments inside KidZania Manila where our son spent and earned kidZos (the currency used in KidZania). Hubby purchased our tickets online. Because it was a holiday when we went to KidZania Manila, our tickets cost Php1,100 for our 9-year-old son and Php770.00 each for hubby and me. We were on the 3pm to 8pm shift.

 photo DSCN8911_zps4msu6vbx.jpg

Upon entry, kids will receive a check for 50 kidZos that they can encash at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and spend on products and services available at KidZania. Because it was a holiday when we visited, our son received a bonus. He got a check for 100 kidZos, instead of the usual 50. We were also given a map which we didn’t use as we allowed our son to go where he wanted. We also didn’t get a passport for our son because we thought that he would be able to try everything at KidZania in just one visit, but we were wrong.

Where He Spent His KidZos

 photo DSCN8951_zpso6sjtn17.jpg photo DSCN8957_zpso9dspisb.jpg

His first stop was at Cebu Pacific. He trained to become a pilot which cost him 15 kidZos.

 photo DSCN8966_zpsr3t5wiik.jpg photo DSCN8985_zpsjai1fk7n.jpg

Next, he went to Purefoods R&D Center to work as a food technician for which he spent another 15 kidZos. Here, he was taught how to make chicken nuggets.

 photo DSCN9011_zpsdcw5nzz6.jpg photo DSCN9019_zpsgugil9or.jpg

Then, he went to A-1 Driving School where he needed to pass the driving test to get his driver’s license. He paid 10 kidZos here.

 photo DSCN9020_zpsgd5kfaaw.jpg

He was ecstatic when he got his driver’s license!

 photo DSCN9038_zpszufsx95w.jpg

He then lined up to ride a car and have his car washed and fueled at Shell Gasoline Station. By this time, I already lost track of how much each activity costs.

 photo DSCN9047_zpsd8p78glc.jpg photo DSCN9054_zpsitazobul.jpg

Next, he underwent Pit Crew Training at Honda.

 photo DSCN9089_zpsufhdru0f.jpg photo DSCN9096_zpsiqo36qk7.jpg

Then, he tried his hand at being a field reporter at the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) where he got to interview a firefighter, write his own news article and see his work published in the PDI newspaper.

Where He Earned KidZos

Justin was already running out of kidZos, so he worked for some establishments at KidZania Manila to earn.

 photo DSCN9101_zpsy9yaueld.jpg photo DSCN9104_zpsfnkmrf2l.jpg

First, he worked as an LBC Delivery Man where he loaded his cart with boxes and delivered those boxes to his assigned establishments.

 photo DSCN9112_zpsem8hpjo8.jpg

Then, he became a patrol police officer at the KidZania Police Department. They were briefed inside the CSI office and later went out to ask people if everything was okay.

 photo DSCN9126_zpsu2dn3ebx.jpg photo DSCN9132_zpsws7ltqog.jpg

Finally, he went to the Construction Company of KidZania and worked as a glass cleaner. And that was all that our son was able to do for 5 hours inside KidZania Manila. Lining up and waiting for his turn to train at or work for each KidZania establishment took up a lot of time. He still had a few kidZos left, but it was already closing time. He went to BPI to deposit his remaining kidZos, but the bank was already closed when he got there. Ergo, he took home what’s left of his kidZos to be used for another visit to KidZania.

What He Failed to Do

 photo P_20151101_193751_zpsdlcidh3l.jpg

Our son would have wanted to experience being a firefighter, too, like the boys in this picture, but the Fire Department was not accepting trainees anymore by the time he went there.

About KidZania

KidZania is a play city that offers interactive activities for children aged 4-14 years old. Inside the 8,000 square meters of play space, children will learn various life skills through 70+ role-play activities, complete with realistic uniforms and work tools.

Ticket Prices at KidZania Manila

The prices of tickets to KidZania Manila vary depending on the age of the visitor and the day of visit It’s more expensive to go to KidZania on weekends (Fridays to Sundays) and during national holidays.

Babies below 1 year old – free on all days
Kids 1 to 3 years old – Php500 (Mondays to Thursdays); Php600 (weekends and national holidays)
Kids 4 to 14 years old – Php900 (Mondays to Thursdays); Php1,100 (weekends and national holidays)
Guardians (15 years old and above – Php630 (Mondays to Thursdays); Php770 (weekends and national holidays)

KidZania Manila
Park Triangle, North 11th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Telephone No.: +632 711-5439

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LSGH Grade 4 Family Day 2015

Grade 4 students of LSGH joined the Grade 4 Family Day last November 14, 2015 at the St. Benilde Gym. The theme for this year’s Grade 4 Family Day is 4Ward March. All Grade 4 boys strutted their stuff proudly wearing their assigned uniforms (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Firemen, SWAT, etc.), complete with props and accessories. The advanced class, to which my son belongs, represented the Green Army.

 photo DSCN9191_zpsnrqvmj97.jpg

After the Parade of Colors, the LC2 Assistant Principal Mr. Eugene Paul P. Young led the Invocation. The singing of the Philippne National Anthem came next before the Grade School Principal Mr. Jose Ramelle E. Javier gave the Welcome Remarks.

 photo DSCN9195_zpseyokuxk5.jpg photo DSCN9194_zpsd9raekj0.jpg

The AFP Marching Band then performed before an appreciative crowd. Their music and choreography were awesome! The audience loved them!

 photo DSCN9204_zpszirh3n9o.jpg photo DSCN9210_zpsuhhlmnem.jpg

There were also games and raffles in between.

 photo DSCN9219_zps7dzaldnq.jpg

The Grade 4 boys also performed a batch dance number to the delight of the crowd.

 photo 12241456_10153267979960886_769178723960127725_n_zpse66jbpg2.jpg

What’s particularly notable about this year’s Grade 4 Family Day is the Batch Sponsorship for the Hero Foundation. The Grade 4 community donated Php10,000 to send to school two children of soldiers who were killed on duty.

 photo 12234916_10153268387445886_3122620536122827173_n_zpsz7sepalc.jpg

Another special number was performed by the sons of level reps, followed by the Grand Raffle winner announcement, closing remarks/prayers, singing of the Alma Mater song, and the distribution of loot bags.

 photo P_20151114_145953_zpsvqmruatq.jpg

Before the Grade 4 Family Day commenced, there were activities in the morning for both Grade 4 students and their parents. The boys went to the National Shrine of the Divine Child for Team Building, while the parents attended the Parents’ Recollection (Parents’ Encounter) at the Brother Donato Center for Performing Arts. After both activities for the boys and their parents, all proceeded to the St. Benilde Cafeteria for a Salu-Salo before finally heading to the St. Benilde Gym for the Grade 4 Family Day.

 photo DSCN9225_zpspuocclkd.jpg

We had a fun and fruitful Grade 4 Family Day. Kudos to all the Grade 4 parent representatives for making this event a success!

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