Grade 5 First Quarter Awards

I got Justin’s Report Card for the First Quarter of School Year 2016-2017 last September 16. He was a bit sad because he only made it to the Second Honors list. That’s because he got a grade lower than 94 in one subject, which is his most challenging subject so far this Grade 5.

 photo DSCN6219_zps1eoksiep.jpg

Aside from making it to the Second Honors list, he also received certificates of merit for Outstanding Conduct and Perfect Attendance for the First Quarter.

 photo DSCN6212_zpsivp7wzjk.jpg

Congratulations, Justin! We’re so proud of you! Continue doing your best as you enjoy learning and being with your classmates and teachers every school day. We love you, anak!

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Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid Is Tough on Germs yet Gentle on Skin

If there’s one thing that makes practical moms like me giddy, it’s seeing new products in the market that are effective yet affordable. One such product is Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid from KOHL Industries.

 photo Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid_zpsvraxmlun.jpg
Here are the reasons why you should try Mighty Mom:
• It is a de-greasing and deodorizing dishwashing liquid with antibacterial properties.
• It is gentle on skin because it has glycerin.
• It is proudly Philippine-made.
• It is available in two variants: the traditional lemon scent and the uniquely Filipino kalamansi fragrance.
• It is more affordable compared to other local dishwashing products. A 500mL bottle (with FREE two 250mL pouch) costs Php88.00 only, while a 1-liter bottle with pump (with FREE three 250mL pouch) is priced at Php149.00, and a 250mL bottle (Buy 1 Get 1 promo) is just Php49.75.

Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid is available at SM Supermarket, SM Savemore, SM Hypermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Shopwise, Metro Gaisano, Wellcome, AFPCES, Pioneer Center, Fisher Supermarket and San Roque Supermarket. For faster and hassle-free transactions, you can also buy Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid online at Marketa.

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Unilever Food Solutions Launches Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce

Just about every food concoction these days has salted egg in it, from appetizers to soups to desserts to snacks to flavorful dishes. It seems to me that the salted egg craze is here to stay. That assumption makes this foodie extremely giddy. Teehee!

To keep up with this food trend and to meet the demand for this new flavor that has made Southeast Asians crazy over salted egg chips and salted egg-filled custard buns, Unilever Food Solutions Philippines (UFS)—the maker of Knorr®, Lady’s Choice, Best Foods, and Lipton—brings to the Philippines the key ingredient that’s taking over the commercial kitchens in the country: Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder.

 photo DSCN6162_zpscdkc02hd.jpg

Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce

UFS likewise makes available for us Pinoys the highly versatile and premium Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce that gives dishes a nice sheen and aromatic sweetness. Truly, making Asian sauces has never been easier.

The product launch, hosted by the statuesque and charming Sam Oh, took place at the Unilever Food Solutions Gastro Park in Bonifacio Stopover Corporate Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

 photo DSCN6130_zpsw2uuct12.jpg

Event host Sam Oh

“We at UFS understand the ever-changing palate of diners and the needs of our chefs and cooks across the country. Because of this, we make sure to help them keep up in satisfying their diners’ cravings,” said Pat Mallari, Country Marketing Manager of UFS Philippines. “That is why we are happy to bring these latest innovations—the Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce—to our Filipino chefs to make sure that they stay ahead of the game in light of the growing demand for more creative and gastronomic dishes Filipinos are looking for.”

 photo DSCN6141_zpsbg9b9nwh.jpg

Pat Mallari, Country Marketing Manager of UFS Philippines

”We bring various kinds of kitchen staples from different parts of Asia closer to Filipino chefs because we want to break geographical barriers for them. We also want to enable them to bring to life their international concepts with ease and at most creativity for the delight of local diners,” she added.

 photo DSCN6182_zpso5e7bltn.jpg

Sliced Pork Rind Roulade, a dish prepared with Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder

Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder is a one-step solution for salted egg dishes. Made only with the best quality egg yolks, it enhances the flavor, color and aroma of dishes, plus it saves on labor and time in the kitchen. And because of its consistent availability and quality, chefs and operators no longer have to deal with the problem of fluctuating supply or poor quality of salted eggs.

 photo DSCN6168_zpskumlrg53.jpg

Pork & Beans (Rock Sugar Honey Ribs), a dish prepared with Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce

Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce, on the other hand, is a premium one-step honey sauce that can be used on its own or as a base sauce. It is made from premium yellow rock sugar and real honey, it saves time and labor, and it’s perfect for dishes like marmite chicken, glazed spareribs, or any new dish creations.

Chefs’ Creations Using Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce

To showcase the versatility of Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce, well-loved chefs created their own recipes using these two ingredients.

 photo DSCN6185_zpszxc3brbk.jpg

Chef Alan Wong (Chef de Cuisine for Chinese Cuisine of UFS Malaysia and Lead Chef for Asian Sauces for UFS Southeast Asia) and Ms. Sam Oh

For Hors D’oeuvre, Chef Alan Wong of UFS Malaysia used the salted egg powder with his Curry-Salted Egg Veloute, a spanner crab salad with spiced chicharron. Meanwhile, the rock sugar honey sauce was used in his Seventh Heaven Pork Belly Cooked Twice dish, which was described as Gochujang Caramel Sauce, Pickled Daikon, and Korean XO Sauce.

 photo DSCN6100_zpss46zzrth.jpg

Curry-Salted Egg Veloute

 photo DSCN6089_zps6awvwizh.jpg

Seventh Heaven Pork Belly

Chef Alan also prepared a Chinese Platter consisting of Roulade of Pork Rind (Chicken Oyster and Shrimp Stuffing, Asian Vinaigrette, Aromatic Salted Egg Gravy) and Fragrant Glutinous Rice Pot Sticker (Pork Liver Pate, White Fish Paste, Bean Curd Skin, Fermented Kung-Po Sauce, Lardons).

 photo DSCN6091_zpsyffb9efc.jpg

Pork Rind Roulade

 photo DSCN6101_zpsahsslka0.jpg

Fragrant Glutinous Rice Pot Sticker

Philippines Sous Chef Carlos “Pipo” Aluning also shared his own dishes for all the guests to savor. He prepared Fried squid balls with ginger miso glaze and spicy honey glaze, Salted egg shrimp poppers, Salted egg ice cream topped with crumble and soured candy bits.

 photo DSCN6116_zps0oamvxob.jpg

Salted Egg Shrimp Poppers

 photo DSCN6117_zpslhlmrs3v.jpg

Fried Squid Balls with Ginger Miso Glaze and Spicy Honey Glaze

“It is important for chefs like me that the key ingredients in our kitchen enable us to flex our creative hats in innovating new and exciting dishes for our diners, help us be efficient in managing our time and resources, and most of all, guarantee consistent satisfaction of our diners’ evolving tastes,” said Chef Aluning. “This is why these new Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce are perfect additions to the kitchen staples today.”

 photo Salted Egg and Ube Ice Cream with Crumble and Soured Candy Bits by  UFS Chef Carlos Aluning_zpsanauw4a7.jpg

Salted Egg Ice Cream Topped with Crumble and Soured Candy Bits

The following chefs also prepared exciting and mouthwatering dishes showing off the viability of the star ingredients in different cuisines: (1) Fernando Aracama, Executive Chef of Aracama; (2) Pauline Benedicto, Executive Chef of Rekado Filipino Comfort Food; (3) Joshua Boutwood, Executive Chef of The Bistro Group; (4) Kenneth Cacho, Director for Culinary Arts at ISCAHM; (5) Kimberly Solejon, Cucina Idol Grand Winner and PCC 2016 Best Chef; and (6) Michael Miko Aspiras, Pastry Chef at Le Petit Souffle, Scout’s Honor Cookies PH.

Below are the chefs’ dish creations:

Chef Fernando Aracama (Filipino Cuisine)

 photo DSCN6176_zpspovyfb5h.jpg

Pork Humba Binalot – Sous vide pork belly humba, mushroom rice with braised peanuts, pickled red onions

 photo DSCN6178_zpsx04bbrgw.jpg

Pancit Luglug– Rice noodles with salted egg yolk sauce, sautéed shrimps and grilled octopus

Chef Pauline Benedicto (Filipino Cuisine)

 photo DSCN6113_zpsjez9574x.jpg

Pulled Pork Adobo with Pomelo Relish and Kesong Puti and Crabcake with Salted Egg Hollandaise, Quail Egg, and Kamias Dressing

Chef Joshua Boutwood (Western Cuisine)

 photo Braise Veal Cheeks Paired with Black Coffee Glaze and Pickled  Vegetables by Chef Joshua Boutwood_zps6g8uhwj2.jpg

Braised Veal Cheeks Paired with Black Coffee Glaze and Pickled Vegetables

 photo Beetroot Cured Salmon Served with an Emulsion of Salted Egg Powder  and Dill Oit and Powder by Chef Joshua Boutwood_zpsbe4ido4p.jpg

Beetroot Cured Salmon Served with an Emulsion of Salted Egg Powder and Dill Oil and Powder

Chef Kenneth Cacho (Fusion Cuisine)

 photo DSCN6115_zpsjbmuzudv.jpg

Pork & Beans – Rock Sugar Honey Ribs (Cannellini Bean Puree and Bacon-Chive Cracker) and Golden Nugget – Pressed Chicken in Guinness Batter (Salted Egg Butter, Curry Leaf Aioli and Spiced Tomato Espuma)

Chef Kimberly Solejon (Fusion Cuisine)

 photo DSCN6085_zpslsdzw5gj.jpg

Knorr® Salted Egg Poboy on Charcoal Buns, Sriracha Hoisin Aioli

 photo DSCN6086_zpsas0g4mdm.jpg

Five Spice Pork Belly in Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Glaze, Orange and Fennel Scented Barley

Chef Michael Miko Aspiras (Desserts)

 photo DSCN6110_zpsbk46m3xu.jpg

Salted Egg Entremet- cultured butter almond cake salted egg yolks mousse, homemade caramel popcorn

 photo DSCN6109_zpsxdjnk6eh.jpg

Malu Gula Batu Verrinne – puff pastry pillow, golden saltwater meringue with golden sugar syrup

 photo DSCN6191_zpslnqczkat.jpg

The chefs together with UFS executives

Are your palate and menu on trend? Visit to know more about Knorr® Golden Salted Egg Powder and Knorr® Rock Sugar Honey Sauce and create exciting and gastronomic dishes.

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Alviera Hero Camp: A Camping Event for a Cause

This October, a camping event like no other will take place at Alviera, the premier adventure destination of the north, to benefit the loved ones of the country’s military personnel. Alviera Hero Camp will be a camping weekend in the great outdoors of Alviera in Porac, Pampanga to be held on October 15-16, 2016 (Saturday to Sunday).

 photo Children run across the SandBox camp grounds_zpstix7tqts.jpg

A portion of sales to the event will go to HERO Foundation, an organization that secures the future of children and dependent siblings of soldiers who have fallen or have been permanently incapacitated in the line of duty. The donation will help fund the foundation’s educational assistance programs.

 photo Coleman tents at the SandBox camp grounds_zps1mvbx3jm.jpg

As part of Alviera’s outreach program, beneficiaries of HERO Foundation will be special guests and enjoy all of the hero camp’s features and activities.

What makes the Alviera Hero Camp different from the rest?
The Alviera Hero Camp is unique for being a training camp to mold heroes. This camp is for heroes-to be, those in search of a weekend of purposeful adventure and learning. Throughout their time at camp, participants here will experience the thrills of hero role-playing and learn a thing or two about what makes a hero.

 photo SandBox camp grounds_2_zpsrs5okq60.jpg

Who can join the Alviera Hero Camp?
Children as young as four to five years old can join this zero-to-hero adventure experience.

What activities are lined up for the participants of the Alviera Hero Camp?
With capes, costumes and secret heroic identities all welcome at the Alviera Hero Camp, participants will log their role-playing adventures in a comic booklet to complete the whole hero course.

Training starts with Hero Basics 101, where expert adventurers and outdoor guides give visitors a rundown on some nature survival skills. In a fun physical session titled KAPOW! Hero Combat Training, martial arts masters will teach and demonstrate basic self-defense moves that heroes can practice on the spot. Over at the Costume Crafting Corner, heroes can get creative with their costumes and design masks, capes or hero logos.

 photo Costume Crafting Corner_zps1paiwky5.jpg

Costume Crafting Corner

In the Aqtiv Archery Challenge Maze, participants will face the Monster Obstacle Course. Archers must target monsters while running through a maze and finish the course under time pressure.

Weekend Campers will also get to enjoy the evening’s Parade of Heroes, where they dress up in full costume and go trick or treating in participating booths and camp tents.

Superzoom Stargazing in partnership with the Mind Museum will provide a fun encounter with heavenly bodies as campers learn to identify constellations, try naked-eye stargazing with laser pointers and telescopic viewing of celestial bodies, learn night orienteering and how to use instruments like planispheres and astrolabes.

Capping off the perfect hero training day will be a superhero movie screening under the night sky. With SandBox soon to begin evening operations on weekends, campers can also take their four free rides on the selected attractions at night.

What other SandBox attractions will be available for the campers?

 photo Mountain views of the SandBox_zpslooun3yy.jpg

To rev up their hero training, the following SandBox attractions will be open for visitors: Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Adventure Tower free fall, rappel, wall climbing, plus Avatar One rollercoaster zipline.

 photo Trying out the rollercoaster zipline_zpsbiwhcjzs.jpg photo Rollercoaster zipline at SandBox_zpsepmgrkpf.jpg

Avatar One rollercoaster zipline

There’s also outdoor archery, the children’s playground and mini-golf course to try.

 photo Wall climbing on the Adventure Tower_zps350pzfhh.jpg

Adventure Tower

What packages can Alviera Hero Camp visitors avail of?
Alviera Hero Camp visitors can avail of two types of packages to best enjoy the fresh air and views of rolling hills.

Day Adventurer and Weekend Camper packages both provide four rides to SandBox attractions during their stay. These include the Rollercoaster Zipline, the 10-meter high Giant Swing, Aerial Walk and Adventure Tower for free fall, wall climbing and rappelling.

Alviera Hero Camp packages are available on Travel Factor’s website for P2,100 for Day Adventurers and P2,950 for Weekend Campers. For more information, visit

Take Photos of Your Camping Experience and Win a Prize
Participants to the Alviera Hero Camp are encouraged to take their hero shots in camp and post them on social media tagged with #ALVIERAHEROCAMP. The fun continues after camp when Alviera picks the best photos to win cool prizes.

“Aside from providing an ideal venue for outdoor activities with Alviera’s scenic views and terrain, we wanted people to gain something positive in dressing up and changing into costume,” said Jomi De Guzman, Alviera Project Development Manager. “This Halloween, we’d like to inspire families, especially the kids to live purposely the way heroes do. So the Alviera Hero Camp concept grew from there, a camping weekend that is fun and thrilling where kids and kids-at-heart can discover the heroes in themselves.”

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Grade 5 Activity Day

Last Wednesday, August 31, the Grade 5 pupils of LSGH had their Activity Day at the Brother Rafael Donato Center for Performing Arts. It was a whole day activity where select representatives from each Grade 5 section competed in Impromptu Speech, Reader’s Theater and Sabayang Pagbigkas.

 photo P_20160831_101159_zpsnynhqvpk.jpg

Grade 5-A Sabayang Pagbigkas team

There was also an Interclass Contest, an intermission number and last but not least, the awarding ceremonies.

 photo DSCN6005_zpsfmn5z71y.jpg

My son was part of the Advanced Class’s Sabayang Pagbigkas group. The boys really wanted to win, so their their team of 15 members practised their piece a lot of times inside and outside school.

 photo P_20160829_144441_zpsdn97bald.jpg

Practising their piece outside school on a holiday

The boys’ efforts paid off, as they were proclaimed the gold medalists for the said competition.

 photo DSCN6026_zpsftbhs8ws.jpg

Gold medalists for Sabayang Pagbigkas

Earlier, their section also received gold medals for Impromptu Speech and Reader’s Theater, and later in the day, their class also won the Interclass Contest (Quiz and Spelling Quiz Master), plus they also got the Best in Conduct award. What a momentous day for the Advanced Class!

Congratulations, 5-A boys! You were awesome!

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