Review of Theodore’s Kitchen Spray

I received Theodore’s Kitchen Spray from a mompreneur friend last month, but I only got to use it at home last week. The product is packaged in a sturdy spray bottle with lock mechanism to prevent accidental spills.

 photo DSCN4836_zps6b692b75.jpg

Theodore’s Kitchen Spray (Php500ml), Php295.00

The first ever kitchen spray in the market, Theodore’s Kitchen Spray is an all-natural kitchen cleaner and disinfectant. Its main ingredients include distilled white vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, organic lemon and tea tree essential oils.

 photo DSCN4855_zps4955fdd7.jpg

How to Use
1. Shake well before using.
2. Spray on surface.
3. Wipe with a clean damp cloth or air-dry.
4. For a more thorough disinfecting, let the cleaner stay on the surface for a few minutes before wiping.

What I Like about It
• It’s chemical-free.
• It’s animal testing-free.
• It’s biodegradable.
• It cleans and disinfects.
• It helps eliminate odor.
• It’s economical. It takes only a few squirts to do the job.

What You May Not Like about It
• You can smell the lemon scent each time you spray, but as you begin wiping, the lemony scent is replaced by a faint vinegar smell. This is not really a problem because the vinegar smell fades away eventually.

My Experience
After I’m done preparing my son’s breakfast and school lunch, I used Theodore’s Kitchen Spray to clean my greasy stovetop. I sprayed on the surface of the stove and waited for several minutes before I started wiping. It didn’t take me long to remove the grease and food splatters from my stove. The kitchen spray also did a good job of removing remaining cooking odors from my stove.

 photo DSCN4852_zps9b418ba8.jpg

Before using Theodore’s Kitchen Spray

 photo DSCN4857_zps0f8188ac.jpg

After using Theodore’s Kitchen Spray

Germs and bacteria thrive in our kitchen, so this kitchen spray may also be used to disinfect our kitchen area before we prepare food for our families. This kitchen spray may be used virtually on any surface such as counter tops, stove top, kitchen sink, chopping board, dining table, refrigerator and microwave.

Theodore’s Kitchen Spray is available at all EchoStore and Sesou branches in Metro Manila.

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Boosting the Boudoir

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, which means if you’re doing it right, you spend as much time in bed as you do in the office on a typical weekday. This makes it essential for your bedroom to be a space that allows you to escape the world’s distractions and immerse yourself in the tranquil, relaxing environment so crucial for a good night’s kip. Optimizing your slumber space need not keep you up all night. Make some of the following changes. They require minimum effort and pay dividends in sweet dreams.

Store everything
There’s nothing worse than a chaotic gathering of makeup on a bedside table, piles of dirty clothes or shoes stacked along a skirting board; and it’s rarely a good look to have your clothes on show. Instead, stash away your clutter in some coordinated bedroom furniture sets. Then you can drift off in the knowledge you won’t trip over something and shatter an anklebone if you need to trek for a glass of water in the night.

Eliminate electronics
It might be tempting to check your email, texts and Facebook several thousand times before you fall asleep, but it most certainly isn’t worthwhile and can be detrimental to a good night’s rest. The same goes for televisions; keeping one in your bedroom blurs the fine line between going to bed and going to sleep.

Slip into something more seasonal
As seasons change, so should your bedding. Choosing warm, earthy hues in autumn, pastels in spring and flowers in summer is a quirky and cheap way of creating different, themed looks. You can coordinate cushion covers and accessories with your choices to make it feel like you have a new bedroom for every season.

Freshen up
Sleeping involves all the senses, so give yourself every chance of sweet dreams by sewing the night air with relaxing scents. Aromatherapy candles perfumed with heady night blooming flowers like jasmine can make you drowsy, as can lavender. Even better, decorate your boudoir with bunches of fresh blooms for an instant morning mood boost.

Keep blankets and a fan on hand to control the temperature, blackout blinds on the windows and earplugs if you need to block out noisy neighbors. Remember, you don’t lose your senses just because you’ve lost consciousness, so focus on pleasing all five with your sleeping environment to maximize your rest potential.

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Hand Sanitizer by Spatzle Euro Market Café

We visited Spatzle Euro Market Café at Shangri-La Plaza Mall for the first time last June. Spatzle is a small rustic restaurant located at Shangri-La East Wing that offers European cuisine. The first thing we noticed when we got seated was the small plastic bottle of hand sanitizer, sitting nicely on a wooden utensil holder on our table, which the guests can use before eating. That simple gesture shows how this restaurant is concerned about hygiene and cleanliness. Before leaving Spatzle, we learned that their hand sanitizer is also for sale, so I asked hubby to buy one.

 photo DSCN4842_zps2c374cc7.jpg

Spatzle Euro Market Café Hand Sanitizer (50ml), Php180.00

Ingredients: Potato Distillate, Aloe Vera Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Olive Fragrance

What I Like about It
• It’s 99% natural.
• I love its fresh scent which is quite similar to calamansi.
• It dries up quickly.

What Might Prevent You from Buying It
• The price is quite stiff. I know how expensive it is to produce natural products, but there’s a locally produced hand sanitizer made of natural ingredients, too, that costs only about Php60.00.
• It’s not commercially available. You can only buy it from any of Spatzle’s branches.

Will I Buy Another Bottle Again?
From time to time, I will. I might even consider giving it away as gifts.

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Grendha Collection for the Rainy Season Is Here!

Rainy days are here and will be around for several more months. While I enjoy the pitter-patter of rain when I’m home, I don’t really like going out during rainy days because my feet will get wet and my shoes will be soaked and ruined, leaving me looking drab and plain. That’s exactly what happened to me last year when I had to brave the flood after a heavy downpour just to get home. I ended up with the ugliest looking shoes. Now, I’m constantly worrying about what to wear during rainy days.

 photo 16708-90061_zpsaf6a7d2e.jpg

Grendha Conquista (Php1,695)

 photo 16738-90065_zps0aba1844.jpg

Grendha Acai Print (Php1,495)

It’s a good thing that Grendha launched its collection for the rainy season. Despite the bad weather, you can still feel pretty with Grendha’s chic and stylish footwear made with quality materials that are perfect for the rainy days.

 photo 16654-90111_zps209d1fe5.jpg

Zaxy Sunday Sandalia (Php1,795)

 photo 16809-90122_zpsee0f6200.jpg

Zaxy Garden (Php1,795)

Made of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) material, the Grendha rainy day collection is 100% waterproof, durable, and stronger than rubber! The choice of colors and sophisticated styles make each product unique and fit for everyday wear, even during the rainy days!

 photo 16734-90064_zpsddd117d3.jpg

Zaxy Picnic (Php1,795)

 photo 16729-90063_zps28cde22f.jpg

Zaxy Very Happy (Php1, 495)

If you want to stay in style without sacrificing fashion and if you’re searching for a product with quality and good value for money, then you should try Grendha.

 photo 16807-90099_zpsc34883d4.jpg

Zaxy Pop Star Punk (Php2,595)

 photo 16733-90059_zps489a38c4.jpg

Zaxy Pop Star Queen (Php2,595)

Grendha is available in Bambu Stores and all leading Boutiques and department stores nationwide.

 photo 16794-90121_zps4bd37fdd.jpg

Zaxy London (Php2,595)

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Review of Urban Concepts Shoe Cabinet

I have been bugging my husband to find a sturdy shoe cabinet for us since the previous one that I ordered online finally gave way earlier this year. It took a while to find the shoe organizer that would suit our needs, and hubby wanted me to look at it first before he’d buy it. So I went with him to Urban Concepts Furniture Gallery at Robinsons Galleria last month, and upon checking the item, I gave him my approval. Four days later, the shoe cabinet was delivered and assembled in our home.

 photo DSCN4729_zps35d01131.jpg photo DSCN4732_zpsc04433d7.jpg

Outside and inside views of our newly assembled Urban Concepts shoe cabinet

It’s a 5-tier shoe cabinet. The tiers are made of metal, while the rest of this shoe cabinet is made of wood. It costs Php Php3,562.50.

What I Like about It
• The size is perfect for the place vacated by our old shoe rack inside our bedroom.
• I love the color (dark oak) and its glossy finish.
• It’s roomy. Twenty or more pairs of shoes can fit inside.
• It’s low-maintenance. You only need to wipe it with dry cloth to keep it clean.
• Because you can close it, our shoes aren’t exposed to dust.
• It looks elegant.
• It is durable.

What I Don’t Like about It
• At the moment, none yet.

 photo DSCN4741_zpsebe4e2b1.jpg

As you can see, all our shoes and slippers can fit inside, and there’s still enough space left at the bottom to store more shoes and whatnot. The top of this shoe rack can also be used to hold other stuff like photo frames, vases and other home decors, or even books. With all of its nice features, I am convinced it’s worth its price.

Urban Concepts Furniture Gallery
3rd Level, Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City

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