Not All Milk Types Are the Same

Do you often get overwhelmed by the different types of milk displayed in the supermarket shelves when you do your grocery shopping? I don’t blame you if you do because there’s a lot to choose from, from cow’s milk to goat’s milk, full cream milk to skimmed milk, liquid or powdered milk. But do our choices matter? The answer to that question, my dear readers, is an astounding YES.

As the mom of an active and energetic 9-year-old boy, I always make it a point to check the kind and amount of nutrients my child gets from the milk I buy for him. That’s because not all milk types are the same in terms of nutritional value. While all kinds of milk are rich in macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and protein) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), not all contain those that answer the needs of children at specific ages.

Do you notice that kids get sick during their early childhood years? Well, that’s because they have little exposure to diseases and therefore have not yet developed the immunologic defenses needed to keep them at bay. To address this problem, moms should give their kids highly nutritious foods, along with an age-specific milk that contains both probiotics and prebiotics.

So what are probiotics and prebiotics? Probiotics are live good bacteria that promote stomach balance and help strengthen the immune system, while prebiotics are natural, non-digestible food ingredients that promote the growth of good bacteria in the tummy.

From 0 to 5 years old, children learn and absorb new knowledge like a sponge. That’s because the human brain grows about 3.5 times in mass during this period. During this time, moms can give their children age-specific milk with high levels of DHA, ALA and LA; these are fatty acids that work together to promote proper brain structure development and normal cognitive functions.

 photo DSCN4605_zpsk7ewhmrt.jpg

All these (probiotics, prebiotics and fatty acids) and more can be found in NIDO® 3+ and NIDO® 5+. From the best of Nestlé Research™: NIDO® 3+ and NIDO® 5+ are the only age-specific milk brands with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, millions of live good bacteria that help build your child’s bodily defenses.

NIDO® 3+ also contains a unique blend of natural fibers and nutrients called Prebio® 3, while NIDO® 5+ is enriched with CALCI-N® to help build healthy bones by providing better calcium absorption.

Milk plays a significant role in the overall growth and development of our children, and as their moms, we need to make a wise decision. If we know what our children need at different ages and stages of their growth, then we can make the right milk choice for them. For more information, visit

*** NIDO® 3+ and NIDO® 5+ are not suitable for infant feeding and are not breast milk substitutes.

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We Joined Scholastic Summer Reading Fun and Summer Book Warehouse Sale 2016

Last Saturday, my 9-year-old son joined the first Scholastic Summer Reading Fun and bought books on sale at the Scholastic Summer Book Warehouse Sale at 70 C. Raymundo St., Pasig City beside Sorrento Oasis. I learned about these two events from Mommy Pehpot.

 photo DSCN4359_zps435qt57c.jpg

Scholastic Summer Reading Fun
To instill in kids the love of reading, Scholastic Philippines (Scholastic) held its first ever summer workshop called Scholastic Summer Reading Fun. The workshop, intended for kids aged 4 to 10 years old, includes storytelling, after-reading activities and creating your own book. The workshop costs Php300, and participants can join either the morning session (9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) or afternoon session (1:30pm to 3:30pm). We joined the afternoon session.

 photo DSCN4318_zpsvsh4tmzj.jpg

We were actually 30 minutes late for the workshop and I wasn’t really sure if they could still accommodate us, but they did. We missed the storytelling and the after-reading activities; we arrived just in time for the kids to create a book about themselves.

 photo DSCN4342_zpsk1skva32.jpg

Come to think of it, the Php300 workshop fee is really worth it because the kids were given the following: (1) a book kit (2) bottled water and snacks (3) a book, (4) Kinder Joy toy, (5) Certificate of Participation, (6) free photos of the kids and moms during the workshop and souvenir photos with Kinderino, Kinder Joy’s cute mascot.

 photo DSCN4354_zpsawslx54b.jpg

Scholastic Summer Book Warehouse Sale
More than the workshop, my son was really excited to see the Scholastic books on sale. This was also our first time to go to the Scholastic Book Warehouse Sale.

 photo DSCN4358_zpsjqbqeyev.jpg
 photo DSCN4355_zpsnfw89tpy.jpg  photo DSCN4356_zpsfbs47vpq.jpg

He got three (3) Geronimo Stilton books and one (1) Diary of a Wimpy Kid at 30% off, one (1) Roald Dahl classic at Php50, and 1 book on bullying for only Php75.

 photo DSCN4374_zpseezfhcrr.jpg

We spent Php1,100 for all 6 books

If you want your kids to participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Fun, there are still sessions available on the following dates: April 23, 29, 30 and May 6, 7, 20, 21, 27, 28. You can call 909-7218 or 0917-318-5261 or email to reserve a slot for your kid. Walk-in participants are also allowed provided the 12-children-per-session limit has not been reached yet. The Scholastic Summer Book Warehouse Sale, on the other hand, is open every day until May 31, 2016.

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Grade 4 Academic Performance for 3rd and 4th Quarters

Because Grade 4 is over and done with and because my blogging backlogs keep filing up, I will just sum up in this blog post my son’s academic performance during the 3rd and 4th quarters, not to brag (let me be clear about that) but to have something nice to remember his grade school by. He was First Honors in both quarters because he did not receive a grade lower than 94. He also received a Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Conduct in both quarters.

 photo DSCN9817_zpsbe1vywb6.jpg photo DSCN9816_zps2dgqxh9l.jpg

3rd Quarter Awards

He received a Certificate of Merit for Perfect Attendance for the 3rd Quarter but none for the 4th Quarter because he was absent for one day due to fever. His 3rd quarter was also his best quarter, not only because he got the highest average here but because he was finally able to score a 100 in his report card. Yay!

 photo DSCN4311_zpsujnj3wym.jpg photo DSCN4314_zpsonudhjrq.jpg

4th Quarter Awards

During card distribution last Wednesday, he also received a Testimonial of Merit for Excellence in Computer. That was another unexpected but welcome surprise!

We still don’t know yet his overall standing in Grade 4. That will be revealed only during their Recognition Day in June. Good luck, son, and good job for all that you’ve accomplished in Grade 4. Know that with or without honors/medals, we are and always will be proud of you!

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Juicing Made Fun and Easy with Breville

During our Mommy Bloggers Tour of Dewi Sri Farm last Friday, Breville representatives were present to discuss to moms and kids what juicing is, its health benefits and the differences between juicing and blending. They also demonstrated fun and easy ways to juice using Breville’s fast green juicers.

 photo DSCN4236_zps8glhpjqx.jpg

Juicing vs. Blending
What’s the difference between juicing and blending? Juicing separates juice from the pulp, while blending includes everything (juice and pulp). You use a juicer to juice and a blender to blend.

The Colors of Healthy Juicing
Do the colors of fruits and vegetables matter when we juice? Yes, they do. We can use these colors to help us choose which fruits or vegetables we should juice for optimum health.

 photo DSCN4209_zpsfcyvvdqq.jpg

Here’s a guide to BREVILLE-lize your health:
• Red for healthy heart
• Yellow and orange for healthy vision and joints
• Green for healthy liver
• White for improved blood pressure
• Blue and purple for good memory and longer life.
Choosing the right equipment is equally important. Breville’s smart, unique and elegantly designed kitchen products make our lives in the kitchen easy and hassle-free. Take a look at their fast green juicers, for instance.

 photo DSCN4227_zpsqi3cxivf.jpg

This Juice Fountain Max™ requires minimum effort.

 photo DSCN4230_zpsoyxysfs5.jpg

With Juice Fountain Max™, all it takes is just a minute to create healthy juice. This is the brand and model of juicer used by Joe Cross in his movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

 photo DSCN4246_zpsewzgjooi.jpg

This second juicer is called Froojie Fountain™. With this juicer, you can make healthy juice and froojie in a jiffy.

 photo DSCN4237_zpsnljyn7dj.jpg

Froojie Fountain Pro™, on the other hand allows you to create healthy juice and froojie for an army.

 photo DSCN4262_zpsgu1kpgyu.jpg photo DSCN4269_zpsvvewah4m.jpg

As an added treat, our kids were also able to try juicing using these three (3) Breville juicers.

 photo DSCN4272_zpspq3ajkvl.jpg photo DSCN4271_zpsf23pegnk.jpg

Would you believe that my 9-year-old son, who isn’t fond of fruits and vegetables, had several small cups of juiced fruits and vegetables that day? I therefore conclude that these Breville juicers are both mom-approved and kid-approved. Check out Breville’s website for their complete list of products.

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Dewi Sri Farm: A Relaxation Haven in Victoria, Laguna

For someone who was born and raised in the city and who is raising her son the same way, living the farm life even for just a day is inconceivable. Well, yes, we know how farm living looks like from the movies we watch or the books we read, but experiencing it firsthand is definitely one for the books and an opportunity we will not pass up. The chance to see a real farm finally came last Friday, April 28, when I was invited, along with other mommy bloggers and their kids, to visit Dewi Sri Farm (Dewi Sri) in Victoria, Laguna.

 photo DSCN4156_zpsxjto9ozl.jpg

The lovely mommies who visited Dewi Sri Farm with their kids

Dewi Sri Farm is a Bali-inspired haven for those seeking rest, relaxation and peace of mind away from the busy city life. It is a true working farm nestled in Victoria, Laguna that offers weary minds and bodies the serenity and tranquility of the rustic life.

 photo P_20160408_114125_zpshca8fgvv.jpg

See the glorious sunlight through the trees, marvel at the ambient sounds of the outdoors, listen to the song of the breeze, and lull yourself to sleep in a cozy hammock. You’ll then wake up feeling refreshed and ready to indulge in Dewi Sri’s healthy and delicious meals.

 photo DSCN4180_zps5oqxrqcc.jpg

Travel time from Ortigas to Victoria, Laguna took around three (3) hours. We were welcomed by Ms. Elaine Dominguez, Dewi Sri’s lovely and gracious Marketing & Special Events Manager.

 photo DSCN4076_zpsujpyxqyk.jpg

Our view from the Poolside Pavilion


 photo DSCN4106_zpsjm6g9sr8.jpg  photo DSCN4182_zpsd3m6nj0p.jpg
 photo DSCN4159_zpsepuujidw.jpg  photo DSCN4289_zps6dljgbsv.jpg

Dewi Sri’s fauna is very lush. The place is filled with fruit-bearing trees, flowers and ornamental plants.


Dewi Sri offers both day tour with swimming and lunch for Php450 per head and overnight accommodations in the Bali Villa, Java Hut and Sunda Dormitory.

Bali Villa

 photo DSCN4181_zpsophakhaz.jpg photo DSCN4184_zpsgltz1cwi.jpg

Bali Villa (4 rooms): Php3,900, 2 persons per room (maximum of 12 persons, with additional charge per head)
Bali Villa Loft: Php6000 for 4 persons (maximum of 6 persons, with additional charge per head)

Java Hut

 photo DSCN4133_zpsfnmeri8n.jpg

Java Hut is good for 10 people (maximum 15 persons, with additional charge per head).

 photo DSCN4125_zpsariudg9d.jpg  photo DSCN4124_zpsj8zduoaw.jpg
 photo DSCN4115_zpsgo4djuam.jpg  photo DSCN4121_zpsbotujitx.jpg

Rate per person for Java Hut is Php1,350.

Sunda Dormitory

 photo DSCN4161_zpseohkxn6p.jpg

The Sunda Dormitory is good for 20 people.

 photo DSCN4140_zpsalbliv7a.jpg

Rate of Sunda Dormitory is Php950 per head.


Dewi Sri offers many activities for young and old alike. Guests can feed the animals, ride the rakit, swim in the pool and learn about hydrophonics farming.

Animal Feeding

 photo DSCN4069_zpsgnhu1rhx.jpg  photo DSCN4086_zpsl00dylta.jpg
 photo DSCN4092_zpsnpfy65hh.jpg  photo DSCN4287_zpsyipiyi7e.jpg

Our kids had fun feeding the rabbits, goats, and fowls at Dewi Sri.

 photo DSCN4082_zpsqrdh6y4u.jpg photo DSCN4103_zpstigdhrci.jpg

It’s actually Justin’s first time to hold a rabbit and touch a chicken.

 photo DSCN4101_zpscehq6kzl.jpg

Isn’t that lovely?

Rakit Ride

 photo DSCN4155_zpsykb1gg9g.jpg

Another first for my son is riding the rakit. “Rakit” is the Indonesian word for “raft.”


 photo DSCN4195_zps82dhbj4t.jpg

The blazing sun didn’t stop our kids (and fellow moms) from having a dip in the pool.

Hydrophonics Farming

 photo DSCN4297_zps2ep39aae.jpg photo P_20160408_171551_zpsjrd2jmyg.jpg

Here, the kids were taught how to harvest and plant hydrophonics spinach.

 photo DSCN4300_zpsxzarycym.jpg

That’s my son proudly showing his spinach harvest!


Oh, the food at Dewi Sri is delicious! They serve authentic Indonesian and Thai cuisines.

 photo DSCN4078_zpscksy2r2v.jpg  photo DSCN4079_zpsrepr8gsv.jpg
 photo DSCN4080_zpstyuor0v6.jpg  photo DSCN4077_zpsa1o2hrif.jpg

For breakfast, we had Vegetable Spring Rolls, Ikan Bilis, Krupuk, Pineapple Fried Rice and Fresh Fruit Juice (mix of papaya, watermelon and pineapple).

 photo DSCN4164_zpsxixumxsf.jpg

Our lunch consisted of Crispy Indonesian Gourami Fillet with Sambal Manga, Yellow Chicken, Spinach & Egg Drop Soup and Coffee Jelly for dessert.

 photo DSCN4277_zpshme8ofdu.jpg

Finally, we had Mie Ayam Kuah with Pangsit for our afternoon snacks.

 photo P_20160408_155112_zpshasc4fio.jpg

Breville Philippines likewise held juicing demonstrations during our tour of Dewi Sri Farm, but that deserves another post, so watch out for that!

 photo DSCN4308_zpsnyke3gdr.jpg

And before we went home, we were all given these lovely tokens: Dee’s Gourmet Popcorn (yummy!), Brazil Spa Face Mist and Lip Balm (I like!) and Breville mug and apron (for my son).

 photo DSCN4291_zpsnzic2esl.jpg

Ms. Elaine with the kids

Our kids had so much fun! Thank you so much, Dewi Sri Farm and Ms. Elaine, for having us!

Dewi Sri Farm
Victoria, Laguna
4011 Philippines
For reservations, call: +632 211-0932; +6349 576-2651; +63917 524-5155

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