We Came, We Saw, We Enjoyed Dreamworks’ DreamPlay!

DreamPlay is the world’s first family entertainment center from DreamWorks Animation that combines live and digital play. Educational and interactive, DreamPlay allows kids and adults alike to play, create and learn with their favorite DreamWorks’ characters like Shrek (Shrek), Po (Kung Fu Panda), Skipper (Madagascar), and Hiccup and Toothless (How to Train Your Dragon), among many others.

 photo DSCN7328_zps7zut29zv.jpg

Hubby bought our 2-hour tickets to DreamPlay days before our May 16 check-in at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila for his company department’s summer outing. After lounging around in our hotel room for an hour, we headed straight to DreamPlay. The place was so alive and bursting with fun activities. Our son’s overexcitment to try everything at DreamPlay kept me on my toes.

 photo DSCN7337_zpsko76dirq.jpg photo DSCN7335_zpscziympgx.jpg

Wall of Destiny

 photo DSCN7343_zpsbtwhfpsm.jpg photo DSCN7344_zpszujat0y6.jpg

Our son is still too young to climb the Wall of Destiny, so we just took pictures of this.


 photo DSCN7355_zpsjzi58aik.jpg

Then, we went to DinoTrux where you can build and pilot your own Reptools.

Shrek’s Swamp Stomp

 photo DSCN7357_zpsdoivus08.jpg photo DSCN7359_zpswnd5mhmc.jpg
 photo DSCN7360_zpspwt9h5eh.jpg photo DSCN7361_zpsicj1t33r.jpg

Shrek’s Swamp Stomp is Shrek’s swamp house. The last picture of my son and me were taken inside Shrek’s house. We’re actually sitting on Shrek’s humongous chair.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

 photo DSCN7350_zpss0utvyzv.jpg photo DSCN7368_zpsendprudv.jpg
 photo DSCN7367_zpsrgbbpn3w.jpg photo DSCN7373_zps2dqszqku.jpg

At Whatever Floats Your Boat, kids will assemble their own boats and sail them down the river.

Afro Circus

 photo DSCN7372_zpspfjeavh4.jpg

The Afro Circus is a multilevel play area where kids can join Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria from the movie Madagascar.

Gingy’s Kitchen

 photo DSCN7375_zpsrzqgluj0.jpg photo DSCN7374_zpsd7oinvtg.jpg

Here, Gingy will teach kids how to make a gingerbread man. Our son lined up for this, but he didn’t have the patience to wait because there were a lot of kids who wanted to go inside Gingy’s Kitchen.

DreamTales Library

< photo DSCN7376_zpsmauj7kjd.jpg
At DreamTales Library, DreamWorks’ characters stage their own puppet show.

DreamWorks Cafe

 photo DSCN7351_zpsoubjmjuk.jpg

If you or your kids ever feel thirsty or hungry, there’s DreamWorks Café inside DreamPlay that offers food and drinks. We skipped this, though, as the prices of the food items were quite stiff.


 photo DSCN7377_zpslano9e98.jpg

Experience a unique 4-D experience with DreamWorks’ characters at DreamTheatre.

How to Fly Your Dragon

 photo DSCN7388_zpsflrh2rpo.jpg photo DSCN7380_zpst1otlg78.jpg

Create and fly your own dragon at How to Fly Your Dragon.


 photo DSCN7347_zpsj742pshq.jpg

Sit on the director’s chair and create your own animated film at DreamStudio.

Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting

 photo DSCN7393_zpsbeeyfvbc.jpg photo DSCN7399_zpsxvoh1vc3.jpg

Train to become a Kung Fu Master with Po and the Furious Five at Fast as Lightning Kung Fu Fighting.


 photo DSCN7400_zpsun2srqsn.jpg

And before leaving DreamPlay, you can drop by DreamShop to buy some souvenir items.

 photo DSCN7404_zps9it3rznr.jpg

Our visit to DreamPlay was really fun and exciting. Our son had a blast, but this mom was so tired from all the walking and picture taking. And to think that our tickets were only good for 2 hours (Php480 for kids; Php270 for adults). What more if we stayed there for 4 hours? Lol!

Bring your kids to DreamPlay. I’m sure they’ll enjoy the experience as much as we did.

Level 2, City of Dreams Manila
Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City
Parañaque, Manila, Philippines 1701

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Get a Chance to Watch the 28th SEA Games with a Pack of Milo

The 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games is happening on June 15-16, 2015. In line with this, Milo, the official energy drink, is giving consumers a chance to win a trip to this year’s games through a unique online experience called “Champion Secrets.”

 photo Mom and Kid 1_zpshd4p67ax.png

Champion Secrets is an augmented reality (AR) experience exclusively available in every MILO pack. An AR app called BlippAR allows moms and kids to gain access to Champion Secrets and unlock helpful tips about sports and nutrition from Filipino athletes and recognized MILO Champions such as Kiefer Ravena and Coach Rio dela Cruz.

 photo BlippAR 3_zpszn3g7yip.jpg

To learn the secrets of champions, moms and kids must follow these three simple steps. First, download the BlippAR app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Second, scan any MILO pack using the BlippAR app. Third, experience and learn the secrets to what it takes to be a Champion through an interactive video.

 photo Champion Secrets_zpsfsjpsle5.png

The interactive video will feature an athlete sharing his/her own secrets to being a champion. At the end of the video, the viewer will be awarded with a Champion Medal. A total of 7 Champion Medals can be unlocked. Once all seven medals are collected, consumers will get a chance to win a trip to the 28th SEA Games.

“With Champion Secrets, we are showing a new and innovative way how we at MILO continue to build champions. By giving our consumers a chance to watch the 28th SEA Games, we also hope to inspire them to continue showing the Winning Energy to become champions in sports and in life.This is all possible with MILO and is as easy as 1-2-3,” said Nikki Librada, MILO Consumer Marketing Manager.

The Champion Secrets Promo runs until May 23, 2015. Download, Scan and Experience for your chance to witness the 28TH SEA Ganes.

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Summer Outing at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

We went to Hyatt City of Dreams Manila last Saturday for my husband’s department’s summer outing. We stayed in a Deluxe King Room on the 3rd floor of the hotel.

 photo DSCN7295_zpsg9btw90b.jpg

We couldn’t wait to lie down on Hyatt’s soft mattress.

 photo DSCN7318_zpssm3lkmhk.jpg

Hyatt’s modern vibe made us feel instantly cozy and comfortable.

 photo DSCN7319_zpsvgkm6a2k.jpg

Isn’t this a gorgeous bathroom?

 photo DSCN7304_zpsda8g0oxz.jpg photo DSCN7305_zpsxz8yalmv.jpg
 photo DSCN7324_zpsbzzmuxkx.jpg photo DSCN7306_zpsxjsymcw4.jpg

Look, the minibar is loaded!

 photo DSCN7316_zpsqdofuvh1.jpg

And we have these, too, in our room.

 photo DSCN7300_zpsmjzaqdfc.jpg photo DSCN7302_zpsijpvzgsu.jpg

Our Deluxe King room has the following amenities:
• King-sized bed
• Robes and slippers
• Marble bath with spa tub and walk-in shower
• Hairdryer
• Iron/ironing board
• Minibar
• Coffee maker
• Large TV with cable/satellite channels
• iPod docking station that also functions as alarm clock
• Three telephones
• High-speed Internet access
• Air conditioning unit
• Safety deposit box
• Mineral water
• Morning newspaper

The items below are complements of the hotel. The peanuts were for me, while the Toblerone bar was for our son. Happy tummies!

 photo DSCN7315_zpsc2l9us7k.jpg

Our first agenda was to see DreamPlay, the world’s first family entertainment center from DreamWorks Animation. Here, you’ll see DreamWorks’ beloved characters, like Shrek, Po (from Kung Fu Panda), and many others.

 photo DSCN7328_zps7zut29zv.jpg

Our DreamPlay experience deserves another post, so for now, these pictures will do.

 photo DSCN7335_zpscziympgx.jpg photo DSCN7337_zpsko76dirq.jpg

After DreamPlay, we had a scrumptious dinner at Apu Restaurantlocated at the Upper Ground Floor of Hyatt.

 photo IMG_20150516_201031_zpsfmgkgryx.jpg photo IMG_20150516_201053_zpsoxqw4gh3.jpg

We had buffet breakfast the next morning at The Cafe, and here were some of the food we had.

 photo DSCN7411_zpservzytje.jpg photo DSCN7415_zpsllpn31ck.jpg
 photo DSCN7413_zpsentda2th.jpg photo DSCN7412_zps6sam388f.jpg

One thing we regretted not having done at Hyatt was to try their outdoor pool. That’s because our son had runny nose. His ENT doctor discourages him from swimming when he feels this way to prevent ear infection.

 photo DSCN7416_zpsdsyrh7ih.jpg

View of Hyatt’s outdoor pool from the 3rd floor

To appease our young man, we allowed him to use the bath tub for as long as he wanted.

 photo DSCN7419_zpswehc4lrj.jpg

And then it was time to leave.

 photo DSCN7423_zpsqvz1oxhi.jpg

We really enjoyed our stay at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, and we hope to be back soon.

Hyatt City of Dreams Manila
Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City
Parañaque, Manila, Philippines, 1701
Tel: +63 2 691 1234
Fax: +63 2 691 1235
Email: cityofdreamsmanila@hyatt.com

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Different Times, Same Love: A Mother’s Day Video by NIDO FORTIGROW®

A mom’s work never ends, and her love is unfailing. That’s why she deserves to be honored not just on Mother’s Day but every day. To pay tribute to the world’s greatest woman, NIDO FORTIGROW® Fortified Powdered Milk Drink prepared this special video entitled “Different Times, Same Love.”

To the world’s #1moms, thank you for your timeless and nurturing love.

Like NIDO FORTIFIED® Philippines on Facebook, and share this video to all the amazing moms you know.

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Feeling Blessed on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day came early this year. A week before Mother’s Day, my son already created his Mother’s Day card for me. I was only allowed to see it, though, on Mother’s Day. It was actually a project the kids did in church on that particular Sunday.

 photo DSCN7196_zpsuvkluggl.jpg photo DSCN7198_zpswpjblf5y.jpg
 photo DSCN7199_zpscss7a19p.jpg

Two days before Mother’s Day, I received a beautiful Mother’s Day treat from Max’s Restaurant and Max’s Corner Bakery. Sweet!

 photo DSCN7157_zpsch9a5pjl.jpg photo DSCN7164_zpstuegtlfr.jpg
 photo DSCN7165_zpsqhcbshts.jpg

And then on Mother’s Day itself, we went out for dinner at TGI Fridays.

 photo IMG_20150510_212456_zpslkrmex3l.jpg  photo IMG_20150510_212533_zpsuxa1wdwa.jpg
 photo IMG_20150510_211539_zpseksrua3r.jpg  photo IMG_20150510_215437_zps7ksfpvdr.jpg

It was a blessed Mother’s Day 2015 for me, and I hope all the moms out there had a good one, too.

 photo DSCN7189_zpsc9j8b44n.jpg

Cheers to all the hardworking, selfless and gorgeous moms!

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