That’s a Lot of Tom’s World Tokens!

Two Sundays ago during church service, Justin received a lot of Tom’s World tokens from his friend, Brother Eddie, who said he got all of them from the arcade gaming machines he owns. Those tokens were his belated birthday present to Justin.

 photo DSCN4768_zps855205fa.jpg  photo DSCN4772_zps867ecb5b.jpg

Oh, boy, they were heavy inside my bag! But I wasn’t complaining. I counted all of them out of curiosity, and there were 132 tokens all in all. That’s Php650 worth of Tom’s World tokens, more than enough to make my son really happy. Where do you think we were last Saturday?

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Birthday Boy

Justin turned 8 years old last July 7. Because his birthday fell on a school day, we didn’t go out to have birthday dinner somewhere special. Instead, we had a simple birthday celebration at home. I just cooked spaghetti, while his Dad bought ice cream and cake. We didn’t really need a lot of food because there’s just the three of us at home.

 photo DSCN4749_zpsc969188b.jpg

We finally got to celebrate with other members of the family (Justin’s lolo and Tita Meme) last Sunday at Banana Leaf at The Podium.

 photo DSCN4750_zpsb58f116a.jpg
 photo DSCN4753_zpsdc8c2e8e.jpg

And before going home, Justin went with his Dad to Toys R’ Us to get his birthday present.

 photo DSCN4754_zps43d69be6.jpg

He got Micro Chargers, electronic Micro racing cars with a stunt rack and a charger. Every day after he arrives home from school, he plays with his Micro Chargers before he studies his lessons. Obviously, it’s his favorite toy at the moment.

And that’s how Justin’s 8th birthday celebration went.

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Review of Suave Kids Naturals Head- to-Toe Wash (Soothing Lavender)

Early this year, I purchased a new head-to-toe wash from Robinsons Supermarket to try at home. What really enticed me to buy Suave Kids Naturals Head-to-Toe Wash (Soothing Lavender) is the price. A 665-ml bottle costs only Php212.50. Another lure of the product is the cute graphics on its plastic bottle; an adorable, smiling, little bee hovers around a bunch of lavender flowers.

 photo DSCN3467_zps44babfad.jpg

Suave Kids Naturals Head-to-Toe Wash (Soothing Lavender), Php212.50

How to Use:
Hair: Apply a small amount to wet hair. Body: Squeeze a gumball-sized amount onto your hands or a washcloth and rub all over your body.

What I Like about This Product:
• It is hypoallergenic.
• It has no dyes formula.
• It gently cleans hair and skin.
• It has lavender extracts that calm, soothe and relax mind and body.
• It leaves a subtle, fresh (baby powder) fragrance.
• It leaves the skin soft and smooth.
• It is tear-free.
• It has a nice packaging.
• It’s economical.
• At the back of the bottle is a trivia that kids will surely find interesting.

 photo DSCN3466_zpsf7698828.jpg

What You Might Not Like about This Product:
• It has SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).
• It takes longer to rinse, especially if you’ve squeezed a lot onto your washcloth or hands.

Have you tried this product already? Do you like it?

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Dinner at Abe Restaurant in SM Megamall

We had dinner again at Abe Restaurant in SM Megamall last June 8 and ordered two of our favorites (Knockout Knuckles and Sikreto ni Maria) and two new picks (Kulabasa Queng Gata and Bamboo Rice).

 photo DSCN4577_zpsbb9341ac.jpg

Knockout Knuckles, Php595.00

Knockout Knuckles is crispy pata made slightly spicy with chilies, served with soy-vinegar dip and achara (pickled green papaya).It’s delightfully crispy on the outside but soft and flavorful inside. We will never get tired of ordering this!

 photo DSCN4578_zps72375409.jpg

Kulabasa Queng Gata, Php170.00

Kulabasa Queng Gata is pumpkin sautéed with onions, tomatoes, string beans and shrimps. Nothing extraordinary about this dish, except that the pumpkin here looked slightly mashed which made the sauce thicker and creamier.

 photo DSCN4575_zps80d3ba27.jpg

Bamboo Rice, Php250.00

Hubby also suggested we try Abe’s Bamboo Rice. This is mountain rice with shrimps, wood ear mushrooms and bamboo shoots steamed in bamboo shell. It was good, but it wasn’t the perfect complement to the Knockout Knuckles as they are both rich in flavor.

 photo DSCN4579_zps4d8d2c36.jpg photo DSCN4580_zps06b3ac7f.jpg

Sikreto ni Maria, Php165.00

Another one of our favorites at Abe is Sikreto ni Maria, a sweet treat with a secret hidden underneath. Scoops of smooth and creamy macapuno ice cream cover slices of sweet and ripe mangoes and suman (sweetened rice cake). Yummy!

And there goes our family food trip at Abe last June. I have already blogged about this restaurant in Delight My Appetite, so that’s the reason why you’re reading this new food post here.

Abe Restaurant
3rd Level, Mega Fashion Hall
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

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The Good Barber at Robinsons Galleria

My husband and son started going to The Good Barber at Robinsons Galleria for their haircut last year.

 photo IMG_20140508_185439_zpsd390cbe8.jpg

The Good Barber is a retro-themed barber shop located at the basement level of Robinsons Galleria.

 photo IMG_20140613_192348_zps420e3ac7.jpg photo IMG_20140613_192753_zpsdc44b875.jpg

Father and son were actually regular patrons of another barber shop in the same mall, but when that barber shop underwent renovations last year, my two boys ended up going to The Barber Shop instead.

 photo IMG_20140508_184536_zpsaf4314ff.jpg

Now, father and son keep coming back to The Good Barber for the following reasons:
• Haircut is cheaper here than their former favorite barber shop by Php30.00. It only costs Php120.00
• They acknowledge Robinsons Malls Privilege Card which entitles a customer to a 10% discount on all services.
• They give one free bottled drinking water per customer.
• They give each customer a frequency card which gets stamped after every visit. On your 9th visit, you get a free haircut.
• Soothing music is played while you’re having your haircut or availing of their other services.
• You get a relaxing back massage after your haircut.
• The place is clean.
• The staff is courteous and friendly.

Aside from haircut and massage, the Good Barber also offers the following services: face/head shave, manicure, pedicure and foot spa.

The Good Barber Barber Shop
Park Avenue, Robinsons Galleria
Quezon City
Telephone No.: 624-2741

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