Get Huge Discounts at Lazada’s Big App Sale Happening from May 23 to 28!

Lazada, the Philippines’ largest online shopping mall, will hold its Big App Sale from May 23 to 28, 2017. The Big App Sale will have app-exclusive deals, with up to 80% discounts if you will browse on your mobile.

 photo Lazada Big App Sale_zpszhy7qyws.png

Some of the jaw-dropping offers at Lazada’s Big App Sale include:
• Xiaomi Redmi 16GB Smartphone at Php 4,499
• Waterproof Audio Beatbox Bluetooth Speaker at Php 499
• Bath and Body Works Fragrances at Php 299
• Imarflex Microwave Oven at Php 3,859
• New Balance and CLN shoes up to 72% off

Lazada, in partnership with telcos, is also offering a special discount of 10% off for every purchase of prepaid load or mobile data. Just enter your mobile number, choose from the top-up options, and pay. This offer is available for Globe, Smart, Talk N Text and Sun Cellular subscribers.

In partnership with Tribe, lucky shoppers will likewise get a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to Britney Spears’ concert for every purchase of Php1,000. There’s no limit on raffle entries, so keep those purchases coming!

Avail of these special shopping offers by using the Lazada mobile app. Download the app on Google Play or the App Store and enjoy nationwide delivery, free and easy returns, and shopping anytime, anywhere!

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Summer Staycation at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila

It’s that time of the year again for hubby’s summer company outing. My son and I tagged along as always. We were billeted in a Luxury Room of Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila the day before Mother’s Day. We were lucky to get a free hotel room upgrade when we checked in.

 photo DSCN9568_zpscqwenaxu.jpg

Our Luxury Room Features

Our Luxury Room’s private balcony on the 8th floor gives a resplendent view of Manila Bay and Sofitel’s swimming pool.

 photo DSCN9564_zpsomxhagzb.jpg

We have a king-sized bed, a work desk and a 32-inch cable TV.

 photo DSCN9563_zpsqikqyihd.jpg

We also have a mini-bar and coffee/tea-making facilities.

 photo DSCN9581_zpsu3janwnr.jpg  photo DSCN9572_zps28swqip0.jpg

There’s also a closet where an in-room safe, robes + hangers + slippers, and iron + ironing board are neatly placed.

 photo DSCN9587_zps4oqvme1h.jpg  photo DSCN9588_zps475zl4zb.jpg

There’s also a bathroom with rain shower and toilet but without a bathtub and bidet.

 photo DSCN9579_zpsrvttjisv.jpg  photo DSCN9580_zps64og83co.jpg

Of course, there were toiletries, too, plus two complimentary bottled water.

 photo DSCN9592_zpsfsayzfd9.jpg  photo DSCN9577_zpsipmom1g3.jpg

Swim Time

Our staycation won’t be complete without a dip in the hotel pool, which we did after having lunch outside.

 photo P_20170513_185212_zpsxj0gve2c.jpg photo DSCN9604_zpsrymkjohk.jpg

A Mishap

After almost 2 hours of swimming, we decided to go up our room again to have dinner. On our way up, I spotted a place near the pool to have our pictures taken, and that’s where my son had a minor accident.

 photo P_20170513_201706_zpsmyw3amom.jpg

Justin sustained a gash on his right leg which came from the vacant lifeguard’s stool where Justin was supposed to sit down to have our picture taken.

 photo P_20170513_212624_zpsgfyzsmni.jpg

The stool had protruding rusty nails and screws. We didn’t see those because it was quite dark in that spot where the stool was placed.

 photo DSCN9611_zpslo6yusby.jpg

We reported the matter to the duty manager that time, and she promptly attended to the matter, going to the scene of the accident herself to investigate and to have that stool removed. The clinic nurse likewise went to our room to clean the wound after my son was done taking a shower. Good thing Justin already had a booster tetanus shot, so he’s okay. Still, this shouldn’t be happening in a 5-star hotel.

Our Room-Service Dinner

Because it was already late, we decided to order dinner from room service.

 photo P_20170513_220530_zpsaw4yghqo.jpg  photo P_20170513_220708_zpsapvlofts.jpg
 photo P_20170513_220730_zpszubengok.jpg  photo P_20170513_230628_zpssmeufmz3.jpg

Our room-service dinner consisted of Crispy Pata, Fish and Chips, and Tiramisu.

Breakfast at Spiral

And because we slept late, we went down late to Spiral the next day for our buffet breakfast.

 photo P_20170514_094018_zps7rddcbj4.jpg photo P_20170514_100640_zpszrw5mtmo.jpg

Hubby and I had rice for breakfast and lots of fruits, while our son was content with a plateful of small ensaimadas.

Except for my son’s minor accident at Sofitel, everything else was okay.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila
CCP Complex
Roxas Blvd. Brgy. 76
Pasay City
Telephone No.: (02) 551-5555

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Merck Spearheads International Thyroid Awareness Week 2017

I’m no stranger to thyroid problems because a family member was diagnosed with one back in 2000. We didn’t know what it was back then but we clearly remember the symptoms. My husband was losing so much weight which was odd because he wasn’t dieting and he had a fairly good appetite. He also needed to go to the bathroom immediately after eating. He was also always tired and he felt weak in the joints to the point that he found it difficult to stand up by himself when he’s in a sitting position.

After several laboratory tests were done, diabetes and cancer were ruled out, and the culprit for his significant weight loss was finally discovered; it was hyperthyroidism. Thankfully, he didn’t have to undergo surgery. All he needed was proper medication. This unfortunate incident cemented my belief that ignorance can kill.

I guess we were one of the many who are clueless about thyroid problems and the harm they can do to our bodies. I’m just glad that Merck, a leading science and healthcare innovation company, is taking an active role in educating people about thyroid diseases.

International Thyroid Awareness Week (ITAW) 2017

In time for the International Thyroid Awareness Week (ITAW) 2017, Merck joined forces with the Department of Health (DOH), Philippine Thyroid Association (PTA), Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism (PSEDM), and the Iodine Global Network (IGN) to raise awareness against thyroid disorders.

 photo FB POST 800X1080 2_zpseirdmamu.jpg

Come to Robinsons Novaliches Trade Hall on May 27 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to celebrate ITAW 2017. There will be free thyroid screening and doctors’ consultation, plus free nail art, eyebrow threading, hair and make-up styling, massage, and many more! Admission is free!

ITAW 2017 Quiz

Do you always feel tired, have trouble sleeping or struggle with your weight? Perhaps it’s not you. Maybe the culprit is a thyroid disorder. Because the symptoms can be hard to spot, people sometimes blame what they feel on their hectic lives. Can you uncover the misconceptions about thyroid disorders? Find out how much you know about thyroid disorders by taking this short quiz.

Recognizing the symptoms of thyroid disorders

You and Your Thyroid

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped endocrine gland that sits in at the lower front of the neck. It plays a key role in one’s overall health and well-being by producing thyroid hormones that help keep the body use energy, stay warm, and keep the brain, heart, muscles, and other organs in tip-top condition. [1]

Thyroid disorders are some of the most common diseases worldwide. In the Philippines, one in every 11 adults suffers from goiter or other thyroid disorders. [2]

 photo General information flyer 20170405 front_zpsfvuo9kjm.jpg
Thyroid problems are more common in women. Figures show that women are four to seven times more likely to have thyroid disorders than men. [3] They are also at risk of hypothyroidism by 10 times. Moreover, women who recently gave birth and those who are in the menopausal stage are more vulnerable. [2]

But why are thyroid diseases usually left undetected and misdiagnosed? Blame the symptoms. Tiredness, anxiety, weight fluctuations, difficulty in sleeping – these are some of the telling signs of a thyroid problem. Unfortunately, more often than not, people usually attribute these to merely having poor lifestyle choices. This is why the theme of this year’s ITAW is: “It’s Not You, It’s Your Thyroid”.

It’s Not You, It’s Your Thyroid

Since its primary role is to control the metabolism, disorders may occur when there’s little (hypothyroidism) or overproduction (hyperthyroidism) of thyroid hormones.

Patients with hypothyroidism, or too little thyroid hormone, tend to have slower metabolism: they gain weight despite not eating much, move and speak slowly, feel tired and have depressed thoughts, cannot tolerate cold, and have irregular menstrual periods. [4] On the other hand, patients with hyperthyroidism, or too much thyroid hormone, will have hyperactive metabolism: they lose weight despite having good appetite, have heart palpitations, irritable thoughts and insomnia, have sweating and heat intolerance, and can have tremors in their hands. [5]

The diagnosis of thyroid disorders can easily be made by checking the levels of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) in the blood. Treatment brings the level of thyroid hormones back in balance, restoring normal metabolism to the body.

For more information, visit or follow “Unmasking Your Thyroid” on Facebook (

[1] American Thyroid Association. Thyroid Information. Accessed May 2017.
[2] Carlos-Raboca, J et al. The Philippine Thyroid Diseases Study 1 (PhilTiDeS 1): Prevalence of Thyroid Disorders Among Adults in the Philippines. JAFES. 2012.
[3] Thyroid Foundation of Canada. Thyroid Disease: know the facts. Available online last accessed May 2017.
[4] American Thyroid Association. Hypothyroidism. Accessed from: on August 2016.
[5] American Thyroid Association. Hyperthyroidism. Accessed from on August 2016.

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Mother’s Day Treat to Lazada Super Moms

I received a short notice event invite via text last Wednesday from a dear PR friend, and I simply couldn’t say no. Besides, she said it’s a Mother’s Day treat for most of the guests. I said “most” because it so happened that there were also male attendees.

 photo DSCN9471_zpshjpzp9mt.jpg

The venue was The Cookery Place at BGC. The Cookery, according to my online research, is a place where cooking parties, classes or events are held.

 photo DSCN9476_zpsyhlrdql6.jpg  photo DSCN9472_zpsysptki3z.jpg

I initially thought they will treat the guests to a fancy lunch, but seeing this arrangement made me realize what an exciting afternoon the event would be. We were going to have a cooking lesson with a chef. We were divided into four groups with three members for each group.

 photo DSCN9488_zpsvhypsodm.jpg  photo DSCN9485_zpsq3hbwpsi.jpg
 photo DSCN9487_zpss8lf0t4y.jpg  photo DSCN9484_zpsbgmhzhpu.jpg

Our mission: To whip up the following scrumptious Thai dishes — Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Nuoc Cham, Chicken Pandan with Sesame Tamarind Sauce, Pineapple Fried Rice and Coconut Tapioca Pudding – using the ingredients provided.

 photo DSCN9508_zpslorbrbhd.jpg

Go Veet Team!

 photo DSCN9522_zps5xo9kazt.jpg

Busy bees!

 photo DSCN9550_zpsufa2iorr.jpg

And these are the products of our labor of love! We got to try them, too, before we left. My favorite was the Chicken Pandan with Sesame Tamarind Sauce paired with Pineapple Fried Rice, of course.

 photo DSCN9555_zpsbl5gnan8.jpg

True enough, the event was really a treat for the Lazada Super Moms! We all went home with a heavy bag of goodies plus a bouquet with a hidden Lazada GC. Thank you so much, Lazada! You made us feel really special! #LazadaSuperMom

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Lazada Philippines Empowers 21st Century Moms

Motherhood is a tough but wonderful journey, challenging yet rewarding and fulfilling. For all the love and care they extend to people closest to their hearts, every mom deserves to be honored all the days of the year, but more so on Mother’s Day. From working moms to dedicated housewives, all types of moms should feel the warmth of appreciation on their special day, and that includes the new generation moms. They are now proving that it is possible to juggle motherhood while running their own business.

Always wanting what’s best for their family, the 21st century matriarchs are taking motherhood to the next level. This new life role, however, is not as simple as it may seem because it is tiring and stressful.

21st Century Matriarch Nariza Puno

Forty-four-year-old Nariza Puno is the perfect epitome of the 21st century mom. Nariza runs her household and manages her own business at the same time.

 photo Nariza Puno_zpsbhj8zoue.jpg

Nariza left her Human Resources career to start her own business. She started selling imported goods and Filipino products online, joined bazaars and eventually put up her own events agency.

With her drive to succeed, this mom of four stepped up and joined the online selling platform of Lazada Philippines, the country’s leading one-stop online shopping and selling destination, in 2014. Little did she know that this decision would be her gateway to success.

How Lazada Empowers Nariza

It wasn’t a smooth ride for Nariza in the beginning, but with patience and hard work, her online business at Lazada took off without necessarily sacrificing her household needs and duties.

“I am happy with what I do. The time flexibility that Lazada Philippines gives me really fits my lifestyle, it fits my personality, it fits my goals in life,” shares Nariza.

Nariza currently maintains three seller accounts at Lazada, namely: Big Bash, One Tree Shop and Big Bash Shop. Under these accounts, shoppers can enjoy browsing Lazada with great finds ranging from home appliance, bags, fragrances and bath supplies.

Being a woman is not at all easy, let alone being a mom and a wife. Lazada Philippines believes that women empowerment helps moms become successful and uplifts them the best way they can.

Be Your Own Boss with Lazada

Like Nariza, you can be your own boss and grow your business with Lazada! The Lazada seller platform offers a straightforward start-up process for retailers who want to start their own online selling business. It is an effective program where several brands get signed up, allowing their items to be sold online.

The platform is available through mobile application which allows sellers, most especially moms, to join, sell and connect with just three simple steps.

Aspiring to be a mompreneur? Visit to find out more.

For updates on Lazada’s latest innovations, as well as activities, contests and promotions, visit their website or connect with them via Facebook.

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