My Christmas Shopping List

One more week before December — there’s really no escaping Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. It’s actually my favorite time of the year. In the past, when I was still part of the corporate world, I looked forward to receiving my 13th month pay because that’s where I would get my budget for the Christmas holiday.

A big portion of my Christmas bonus would be spent buying Christmas gifts for family (real and extended) and friends. I love giving gifts more than receiving them, but gifts are always welcome, thank you! Christmas simply brings out my generous spirit. I sometimes forget to buy things for myself. Lol!

This Christmas, though, will be a lot different than the previous years as I took a hiatus from work earlier this year. That means the money I’ll spend for gifts this Christmas will solely come from our magnanimous Santa Claus in the house, my husband. Don’t worry, hubby, it’s only for this year. Lol!

I haven’t completed my Christmas shopping list yet, but I’m already checking out items at various shops and stores. I want the recipients of my Christmas gifts to smile when they open their presents and really enjoy the things I give them. Seeing their faces light up as their presents are revealed makes all the money and energy spent on obtaining those gifts all worth it.

So what will I give my loved ones this Christmas? I know my parents will appreciate cash so that’s what we’re giving them. I will buy practical stuff for my siblings, something they can use at home or in the office, like a really beautiful coffee mug to perk up their mornings or cool planners/organizers to help them track their daily activities.

 photo unilab-yan-handy-health-kit_zpsvjveaxtb.png

One of my nieces loves kikay stuff, so I’m getting her a glittery purse. Her younger sister, a nurse, will definitely appreciate a Unilab Handy Health Kit (with the following medicines: Alaxan FR, Diatabs, Biogesic, Tuseran Forte, Decolgen and Kremil-S) to keep her from getting sick during hospital duty. I’m thinking of buying my two teenage nieces personalized bracelets and/or necklaces and for my nephew, a cool, sturdy backpack.

So what are you giving your family and friends this Christmas?

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An Educational Trip to The Mind Museum

We finally gave in to our son’s insistent demand to visit The Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City last September.

 photo DSCN8686_zpsiak4qgys.jpg

Justin loves science and enjoys learning and discovering new things.

 photo DSCN8640_zpsf4amiejo.jpg photo DSCN8641_zpsyle9w6sl.jpg

The Mind Museum is a world-class, internationally recognized science museum run by the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc.

 photo DSCN8655_zpsqvpw7nrx.jpg

Here, kids (and kids at heart) are encouraged to think, explore, discover and find answers to scientific questions.

 photo DSCN8567_zpse8rqeeid.jpg  photo DSCN8572_zpshcx2mfjm.jpg
 photo DSCN8577_zps40edqhtq.jpg  photo DSCN8583_zpsxmxxkyck.jpg

The Mind Museum has more than 250 interactive exhibits found in five galleries (Atom, Earth, Life, Universe and Technology).

 photo DSCN8584_zpsb1vvklsz.jpg  photo DSCN8585_zpsck41j1he.jpg
 photo DSCN8598_zpsfl9ln9m8.jpg  photo DSCN8599_zpsoccymmth.jpg

The exhibits in the Mind Museum are mostly designed by Filipino artists and fabricators who worked closely with local and international scientists to execute beautiful and accurate science principles and facts.

 photo DSCN8661_zpsbdoycdcw.jpg  photo DSCN8653_zpsfxedepjh.jpg
 photo DSCN8671_zpskhd0gixt.jpg  photo DSCN8666_zpsyvmsmztc.jpg

As you can see, our son was busy tinkering with anything and everything inside the Mind Museum. He didn’t want to pose for pictures anymore because he still had lots of things to do. I actually had to beg for this photo with my son and a t-rex dino. Lol!

 photo DSCN8600_zpscsjxhsml.jpg

We stayed a little longer at the Technology Gallery because there were a lot of things there that piqued our son’s curiosity.

 photo DSCN8617_zpsuw76etlz.jpg  photo DSCN8620_zpsyotjv7n0.jpg
 photo DSCN8630_zpslxkusxcj.jpg  photo DSCN8625_zpsngzqkks3.jpg
 photo DSCN8631_zps4pksplue.jpg  photo DSCN8632_zps0hj564it.jpg

He also enjoyed walking up and down these Piano Stairs. Designed like a piano, it also plays like a piano. A note is played for every step on these stairs.

 photo DSCN8643_zpsel46lawe.jpg

Our last stop was the Space Shell, a teaching planetarium where guests lounge on space couches and watch and learn facts about the universe.

 photo DSCN8675_zpsaupjzsaq.jpg

We failed to see Nature’s Hour Glass, though. This is a mini-theater that shows Filipino-made films. We stayed for a little over two hours inside The Mind Museum.

 photo DSCN8627_zpsab0pcnrc.jpg photo DSCN8684_zpsy12ulfrz.jpg

Our son enjoyed this Mind Museum trip so much, and when I asked him why, he said, “Science is my favorite subject. I learned a lot about science here.”

The Mind Museum Operations Schedule
• Closed on Mondays.
• Open from Tuesday to Sunday (9am to 12noon, 12noon to 3pm, 3m to 6pm)

 photo DSCN8667_zpsiqewngvu.jpg

Ticket Prices
Php625 – adults
Php475 – private school students
Php190 – public school students
Php190 – teachers
Php750 – all-day pass (no 3-hour limit)
Ph2,500 – unlimited science pass (year-round, all-day admission)

The Mind Museum
J.Y. Campos Park
3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City
Telephone No.: 909-MIND (6463)

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EQ Baby Club Rewards Members with Awesome Perks and Privileges

It’s not easy being a mom, especially of infants and toddlers. It’s a rollercoaster ride of sleepless nights, crying bouts, dirty bottles and soiled diapers. I should know! Been there, done that, almost gave up but survived.

EQ Diapers understands the struggles mothers go through every day and rewards these hardworking moms with special treats.

 photo TentcardA_zpsk4zfjhuu.jpg

Beginning June 2015, all EQ Baby Club members are entitled to get exclusive perks and privileges from EQ Diapers’ partner merchants! Isn’t that great?

Committed to making motherhood a joyful and memorable experience, EQ Baby Club has partnered with selected merchants so that moms can enjoy themselves and their time with their loved ones even more.

As an EQ Baby Club member, you will get discounts and freebies from various fashion, lifestyle, food and leisure brands. Just show your EQ Baby Club ID in partner establishments to enjoy these perks.

How do you become a member of the EQ Baby Club? Simply buy any of the three EQ diaper variants (EQ Dry, EQ Colors and EQ Plus) and register online and on-site via selected EQ baby Care registration booths. Activate your membership online and get your EQ Baby Care card. Easy-peasy!

Combining economy and quality, you will surely get your money’s worth with EQ Diapers, plus all of these wonderful perks and privileges!

Check out posters and flyers for more details and visit EQ Baby Facebook page for updates.

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Raise a Generation of Champions. Be a MILO Mom.

Every child is a champion in his own right. A student who excels academically, athletes who win sporting competitions, individuals who pursue their passion, and people who make a difference in the lives of others are all champions. And behind these champions is a consistent figure who helped nurture and develop them– their moms. MILO recognizes the role of mothers in raising a generation of champions.

“Often found in the background, moms have been among the consistent figures behind our MILO champions and now we are taking the initiative to recognize them for the continuous love and support they give us. For over 150 years, we’ve recognized MILO champions around the country and now it is time to recognize our MILO moms,” shared Ellen Isturis, MILO Brand Leader.

MILO Moms understand that every child can be a champion, and these moms work tirelessly to give their kids every opportunity to realize it. Whether it is in the classroom, on the field, or elsewhere, MILO Moms make sure that her kids are physically and mentally prepared for the challenges they will face as students and athletes or whatever they endeavor. Likewise, these moms will always cheer for their children on the sidelines no matter what.

MILO moms also inspire their children to be the best that they can be. They encourage their children to believe in themselves and to have faith in their abilities. To them, true victory is not just about winning. Rather, it is all about the discipline they put into their endeavors that will help them become better individuals.

 photo _P7A1340_zpshbfgyiad.jpg

Popular sportscaster and mother of two active boys, Patricia Bermudez-Hizon, is a perfect example of a MILO Mom. She said, “My kids are getting into all sorts of sports and academic activities. We play and do school work together. It’s a good way to spend time with them to let them know we want to be there for the tough grind.”

Raising a generation of champions is not easy. Good thing there is MILO with Activ-Go! MILO with Activ-Go is designed to energize both body and mind so that children can reach their full potential both physically and mentally. With the help of moms, MILO will continue raising a breed of champions in school, in sports and in life.

 photo _P7A0785_zpszg5wis8q.jpg

“To have the energy to perform well in school and in sports is important not just for my kids’ development, but also for me as a Mom. I want to make sure they are equipped with the nourishing energy they need to perform in both aspects of their life,” added Bermudez-Hizon.

“MILO recognizes the important role moms have for their kids. The world is getting more competitive, which can daunt a child if he doesn’t have someone supporting him in the sidelines. From the very beginning, MILO Moms have been there for them,” added Isturis.

You, too, can become a MILO Mom. Visit now to and learn how to give your kids the winning energy they need to be a champion.

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KAB Scout Investiture 2015

My son and his classmates and friends in Grade 4 were all waiting for this, the day they will officially be called KAB scouts. They have practiced for weeks to make this ceremony truly meaningful and special not just for them but for their parents as well. Prior to the KAB Scout Investiture, the boys were asked to know the KAB scout oath, pledge, law, motto and slogan by heart. They were also asked to memorize the song “The Ants Go Marching” that they would sing during the investiture.

 photo DSCN8702_zpskjfix4ca.jpg photo DSCN8707_zpsklowstut.jpg

They’re a happy bunch as you can see.

The investiture took place at St. Benilde Gym inside LSGH last October 10, 2015. Call time was 8:00 a.m. inside their classroom. We were there early, so we were able to take pictures of my son and his classmates before the investiture.

 photo DSCN8717_zpsd4rooojy.jpg

Waiting time was longer than the investiture itself, which only took a little more than an hour.

 photo DSCN8725_zpstyyq47td.jpg photo DSCN8735_zpsu0dgvgki.jpg

Everything was organized, and the boys were all standing/sitting upright and were behaved the whole time. Kudos to their teachers for making this possible.

 photo DSCN8730_zps33hjmg1w.jpg  photo DSCN8731_zpsd7w5rcpv.jpg
 photo DSCN8738_zpshkq5r3pm.jpg  photo DSCN8746_zpspixl8w6w.jpg

Near the end of the ceremony, the boys went down from where they were standing and gave their neckerchiefs to their parents. The parents (fathers mostly) then put the neckerchiefs on their sons before the boys went back up. When the investiture was over, the boys gamely posed to their parents (their photographers) with their sweet smiles and for some wacky shots.

 photo DSCN8757_zps0kh9stdj.jpg photo DSCN8760_zpsa8i3okvh.jpg

And that’s how Justin’s KAB Scout Investiture 2015 went. Now, every Friday, which is their Scouting day, the boys are required to wear complete KAB scout uniform in school.

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