Why You Should Use Cleene Foaming Hand Soap

Cleaning products are essential items for every household. With a wide variety of cleaning products available in the market that perform the same action, we often fail to notice their differences. Hence, we end up using cleaning products that pose risks to our health.

 photo image001 3_zps7sqleldz.jpg

To avoid getting sick, we should choose the soap products we use at home wisely. For washing of hands, we need to use products with anti-bacterial properties like the Cleene Foaming Hand Soap that we can place in our kitchen and bathrooms. It has a special pump that converts the small amount of liquid into foam needed for regular handwashing.

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Cleene Foaming Hand Soap has antibacterial and moisturizing properties. It comes in five scents namely: Luscious Strawberry, Heavenly Peach, Golden Citrus, Calming Lavender and Enchanting Sweet Pea, and it’s available in all Mercury Drug and leading supermarkets nationwide.

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Send Money Abroad through Western Union

If there’s one thing tourists look forward to doing when they’re in Hong Kong, that’s to shop till they drop. Leisure travelers, shoe and bag lovers, beauty and make-up junkies, gadget aficionados and bargain hunters are all drawn to the city’s plush malls, bustling street markets and shopping streets, and busy souvenir shops. Being a shopper’s paradise, Hong Kong has about any product you can think of.


Photo credit: discoverhongkong.com

To be honest, I’m one of those excited to visit Hong Kong, especially now that all three of us (hubby, me and son) already have our passports. It might take a while, though, before we could schedule a trip there since we have our son’s classes and my husband’s office work to consider. For now, I console myself with the fact that I can still have a taste of Hong Kong through the kindness of a high school classmate and friend who now lives in Hong Kong with her family.

Every time I get an itch to buy something special for a loved one or for myself, I send my friend a picture of the item which she gladly finds for me. Nope, she doesn’t shoulder the expenses for the stuff I ask her to buy. Instead, I remit money from the Philippines to Hong Kong through Western Union, and I do that through Western Union’s Direct to Bank Service. The steps are easy:
(1) First, I visit a Western Union location and fill out a Direct to Bank Form.
(2) I then present the completed form together with the funds I’m sending including transaction fee.
(3) Once I receive the Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), I notify my friend that she will receive the money in her bank account in a few days. Service-level agreement (SLA) differs per country/bank.
(4) For transfer fees and countries covered by Direct to Bank service, you can visit their website.

 photo Western-Union-logo-and-slogan-700x252_zps7glr6owj.png

Photo credit: logos-download.com

As you can see, I can shop in Hong Kong without leaving the country through the help of my friend and Western Union. You, too, can have that luxury. Wherever you are in the world, there’s a Western Union branch near you, so sending money abroad for whatever reason (paying bills, supporting your family, or even shopping) will never be a problem.

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Product Review: Betadine® Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash

Last month, I received an All-Day Freshness Gift Pack from Unigold Events & Promotion Management Inc. Included in the gift pack were a bath towel, a loofah, a pair of slippers and the new Betadine® Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash.

 photo P_20161019_105648_zpsuxly3x2l.jpg

For a mom who loves trying out new products, the delivered package came as a much welcome surprise. I immediately put this product to the test.

Product Description
Unlike the Betadine® iodine-based medicated wash that can be used once or twice a week, the new Betadine® Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash can be used daily and as often as needed. It is made of two natural ingredients: (1) Anti-Itch Avena Oats that help soothe and prevent itching and (2) Gentle Defense Lactic Acid that protects women’s intimate area from unpleasant odor and infection caused by bacteria and fungi. Together, these ingredients create Advanced ProClean Science for gentle cleansing and mild protection against discomfort. It is clinically tested, pH-balanced and paraben-free. It also comes in two variants: Pink Paradise and Lavender Dreams.

 photo DSCN6227_zpsvjronvxz.jpg

Betadine® Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash, Pink Paradise and Lavender Dreams

 photo DSCN6237_zpskywj1qs1.jpg

My Two Cents
I’ve been using this product for almost a month now, and here’s a rundown of the things I like about it:
• It leaves a light sweet scent that deodorizes the intimate area.
• It is free from harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation.
• It is gentle on the skin.
• It is easy to rinse.
• It leaves you feeling clean and fresh.
• It protects women’s intimate area from bacterial/fungal infection.

While I’m not big on pink and lavender, I know that most girls like these colors. So do I like these products? The answer is Yes! Will I buy it again? Absolutely!

 photo DSCN6234_zps5ekuef6t.jpg

Betadine® Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash is available in three sizes: 60, 150, and 250ml.

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Be Rain-ready with NIDO® 3+ Backpack Hoodie

Rainy days are a cause of alarm for us parents because diseases like common cold, influenza and pneumonia are prevalent during this season. We try our best to prevent our kids from getting sick when rainy season comes, but we end up robbing them of the fun of playing under the rain, making mud pies, or going on a worm hunt.

So how do we strike the balance between protecting our kids and letting them have fun in the rain? The answer is: Get your kids rain-ready with the latest promo pack from NIDO® 3+, which comes with a FREE backpack hoodie.

 photo NIDO 3_zpsrrub2msl.png  photo NIDO 5_zps4updufjl.png

This latest bundle is exclusive to 1.6kg packs of NIDO® 3+ and 1.2kg packs of NIDO® 5+.
Available in leading supermarkets nationwide until supplies last. Each NIDO® 3+ 1.6kg or NIDO® 5+ 1.2kg pack comes with one (1) backpack hoodie only.

Now you need not worry that your child will get soaked in the rain because of this lightweight, functional and easy to use NIDO® 3+ backpack hoodie. Simply unzip the shield-shaped backpack when your child needs to use it, pull out the hoodie, and put it in place. It comes in three awesome designs: vibrant blue tang fishes, lovable sea turtles, and majestic humpback whales.

Aside from being protected from the rain, your child will also be protected from within with NIDO® 3+. Developed by the best of Nestlé Research, NIDO® 3+ is the only milk brand with Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, millions and millions of live good bacteria that maintain stomach balance, which in turn help strengthen the immune system.

Aside from Lactobacillus PROTECTUS®, each glass of NIDO® 3+ also contains other essential nutrients like Prebio® 3, indigestible fibers that serve as food for good bacteria to grow and survive; DHA, ALA, LA and Taurine to support proper brain structure; and high levels of vitamins A, D, Calcium and Zinc to support overall growth and development.

There’s also NIDO® 5+ for kids ages 5 and up, which is enriched with CALCI-N® to help build healthy bones by providing better calcium absorption.

Help protect your child with good nutrition during good and bad weather. How? By doing these things: #CheckMoMuna, #CheckTheLabel!

For more information, like NIDO® 3+ on Facebook.

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Review of Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder

I admit, I’m no make-up expert. I always leave the house with just face powder and lipstick on. But I envy girls with well-made brows and often wish I have those, too. Well, I tried fixing my brows once with an eyebrow pencil, but I wasn’t pleased with the result. Lol! After that unfortunate incident, I’ve never tried experimenting with my brows again until I was asked to review Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder a few days ago.

 photo DSCN6271_zpsg9rhp52b.jpg

Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder, Php150.00

The Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder comes in two variants, #1 (lighter shades, brown and gray) and #2 (darker shades, medium brown and black). Inside the case is a small slanted eyebrow brush that you can use to apply the product on your brows.

 photo DSCN6272_zpsq4kvq0i8.jpg

According to Fashion 21 website, this product is best applied wet for a longer lasting effect. Because I wanted better-looking brows this time, I enlisted the help of my professional make-up artist friend Apple of MGE Applestyle Salon to help me do my brows right.

 photo DSCN6296_zpskjepdmfr.jpg

Before application of Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder (color: medium brown)

 photo DSCN6300_zpsvucspzln.jpg

After application of Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder (color: medium brown)

This is me before and after application of Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder. My friend used medium brown color for my brows to match my hair color. And here are my friend and I’s observations about the product.

• It’s small, light and compact.
• It’s convenient to bring everywhere.
• It’s quite affordable.
• It’s easy to apply.
• It’s highly pigmented.
• It has more colors now than before, so more choices for us girls.
• It lasts for hours.

• It needs a better eyebrow brush. According to Apple, the brush provided in this brow set is buhaghag such that the bristles spread apart when you apply the brow powder. This makes it hard to spread the brow powder evenly and makes the entire process of fixing the brows longer. He used a dense and bigger angled brow brush, instead of the one provided in the case.
• The case might break easily because it’s made entirely of plastic, so be careful not to drop it.
• Make sure you also have a compact mirror because this product doesn’t have one.

Overall Assessment
Apple did a very good job of giving me fuller brows with Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder, making me look a few years younger. He also said that this product is comparable to high-end brands that he uses on his clients. The only significant downside to this product is the eyebrow brush. He suggested buying a better brow brush if you’re the type who constantly needs to fix your brows. Overall, the Fashion 21 Duo Eyebrow Powder is a very good product that’s easy on the budget.

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