Fish Oil for Fertility

It took me nine long years to conceive, and the culprit was my pituitary tumor which was diagnosed in 2003, partially removed in 2004, and gradually disappeared after four years. Had I been healthy in the true sense of the word, that is, without pre-existing medical conditions, then getting pregnant wouldn’t have been a problem. Other couples who want to have kids but aren’t successful should also have themselves checked by their respective doctors. If they are found to be physically sound, then a change in lifestyle or eating habits might help achieve the goal of getting pregnant.

When you are trying to conceive, staying fit and healthy is the key to boost your chances of getting pregnant. There are fertility supplements over the counter that can help boost your body’s natural fertility. Aside from fertility pills, there are also foods that are known to help improve your fertility, say the experts at Fruits and vegetables are always on top of the list. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals to improve fertility.

You may also want to try foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil, salmon, flaxseed oil, sardines, mackerel, radish seeds, and many more! Foods that are rich in zinc can also improve fertility especially in men. These could be oysters and crab, meats such as lean beef and poultry and dairy products including yogurt and cheese. There are many foods available to help improve fertility, but you should also make sure to get rid of the bad like junk foods and alcohol as they can greatly damage your chances of getting pregnant.

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Christmas Fair at LSGH

Last Saturday, December 13, 2014, the Grade 3 pupils of LSGH went to school wearing their Family Day shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. They celebrated mass at the St. Benilde Gym and later watched the Lantern Parade of Grades 1 and 2 pupils. Grade 3 pupils didn’t have their own Lantern Parade this year because they had to prepare for their First Holy Communion which was held two days earlier.

 photo DSCN5638_zpsbf13f1ca.jpg

Inside their classroom

 photo DSCN5650_zps650a0687.jpg photo 10847894_10152552178311527_1332801967334506512_n_zps6bc803c7.jpg

At St. Benilde Gym; second photo is courtesy of Mommy Carol Lim Un

We didn’t manage to try the rides at the fairground because it was raining.

 photo DSCN5654_zps71bdfbbc.jpg

But we made sure to visit the food stalls before we headed home.

 photo DSCN5655_zps5637d32a.jpg

On our way out, Justin spotted the face-painting booth and immediately lined up to choose a design for himself.

 photo DSCN5659_zps660371eb.jpg

Then off we went. I regretted not having seen the goods being sold at the Christmas bazaar, though.

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Taiwan Excellence Helps Filipino Mothers Care for Their Families

A mother’s job never ends. That’s what I always remind myself. I wake up early every day to prepare my son’s breakfast and school snacks and lunch. After sending my son to school, I then attend to the pile of dishes in the sink. Then I tidy up the bed and sweep the floor before settling down in front of my computer to work. Before long, my son would arrive home from school, and I would have to whip up dinner and later help my son with schoolwork. Then my son would be off to bed, but I would still be awake fixing my son’s things for the next day’s class. On weekends, I would attend my son’s school activities or accompany hubby and son for checkups, do the laundry, iron clothes and go to the supermarket.

I’m sure most, if not all, moms out there can relate because all of us perform various roles inside and outside our homes. And just like most moms, we choose only the best products for our families because we want them to have a wonderful and excellent life. Taiwan Excellence, the symbol of quality that guarantees the superior value of Taiwanese lifestyle brands across Asia, is our ally in this endeavor.

 photo ASUSFonepad71_zpsad95fb4a.jpg
The Taiwan Excellence campaign, organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade of Taiwan (BOFT) and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), will make it easier for mothers like us to choose high quality Taiwanese products for the people we truly care about.

 photo Miacareacnepatch_zps7f30357e.jpg
These top-of-the-line products not only help us address our family’s needs, but they also help us juggle our many different roles in life. For instance, the different cookware can help us create healthy food for our families, the household materials can help us keep the house clean, and the laptops can help us finish our online work. Because we don’t have to worry about the quality of these products anymore, we now have more time to attend to other important things inside and outside our homes.

 photo Kingcom_zpsb9817e78.jpg
The Taiwan Excellence campaign, currently endorsed by Iya Villania-Arellano, carries 56 different brands for home and living, sports, transportation, and personal care. There are household items like water ionizers, home appliances, cookware, bathroom and sanitary ware products from HCG, Tatung, TECO and Cashido.

 photo Transcend_zps85af9f43.jpg
For electronic needs, there are laptops, USBs, routers from Acer, ASUS, Transcend and MSI. To keep the family healthy, you can try the foldable bikes, fitness gear and health care products from Strida, Microlife, and Thermedic. Visit their FB page – — to know more about this campaign.

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Riding Taiwan Bicycles: An Alternative Solution to Metro Manila’s Traffic Problems

I don’t like going out these days because of Metro Manila’s terrible traffic. For one, it has gotten extremely difficult to get a cab ride because some drivers refuse passengers going through traffic-prone areas. The MRT and the LRT aren’t helping much either; the long line of commuters will definitely make you think twice about riding them. What could probably end this traffic woe?

Well, if you’d ask me, riding a bicycle could be a practical and affordable solution to this problem. Others might say that it’s quite impractical to use a bike in Metro Manila, but the benefits of riding a bike far outweigh its drawbacks.

Good Form of Exercise
Riding a bicycle makes you physically healthy. It is a good form of cardiovascular exercise which burns calories and strengthens one’s body. Bicycling can also improve muscle tone and help you focus, making you more energetic throughout the day and helping you concentrate better on the various tasks that you need to do.

Greener Society
When you ride a bike, you don’t emit any pollutants in the air, reducing your carbon footprint and helping preserve the environment in the process. Also, a bicycle doesn’t need gasoline, so you reduce the consumption of this resource if you use a bike to travel.

You save money on fuel and maintenance when you ride a bike, instead of using public transportation or riding your own car.

Taiwan Bicycles
To promote bicycle riding and exercising while continuing its commitment in providing high quality products for Filipinos, the Taiwan Excellence campaign introduces different brands of innovative foldable bicycles in the country. The brands include Strida, Tern and Pacific, among others.

 photo Strida_zpse58da848.jpg

These foldable bikes are lightweight and sturdy. Users can also bring and carry these bikes wherever they go.

 photo Tern_zps5c2c11f9.jpg

Using these Taiwan bicycles, Filipinos can avoid traffic and experience hassle-free travel. Easy and convenient to use, these foldable bikes will help Filipinos achieve a healthy mind and body, preserve Mother Earth and save money.

 photo Pacific_zps8cbf59d0.jpg

Taiwan Excellence Campaign
Now in the Philippines and currently being endorsed by Iya Villania-Arellano, the Taiwan Excellence campaign is the symbol of quality that guarantees the superior value of Taiwanese lifestyle brands across Asia. This campaign is organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade of Taiwan (BOFT) and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). Learn more about Taiwan Excellence by visiting their FB page:

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First Holy Communion

The First Holy Communion (FHC) of Grade 3 students of LSGH were held in two batches last week. My son’s class had their FHC last Thursday, December 11, 2014, 8:00am, at the National Shrine of the Divine Child (NSDC) inside LSGH campus. On that day, the boys were asked to go to school wearing beige Barong Tagalog, black pants, black socks and black shoes. Parents had to drop off the boys first at their respective classrooms and meet them later at NSDC for the actual ceremony.

 photo DSCN5587_zps27709056.jpg

I stayed inside their classroom for a while to take some pictures of the boys before their FHC. Then, hubby and I, together with the other parents, proceeded to NSDC to wait for the First Holy communicants.

 photo DSCN5597_zps6ecc9060.jpg

The boys looked saintly inside the chapel.

 photo DSCN5609_zpse3c4cfd6.jpg photo DSCN5611_zps40417e7a.jpg

Their candles were lit during the Renewal of Baptismal Vows. During communion, the boys lined up patiently to receive the Host. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a picture of this.

 photo DSCN5615_zps05bb28e6.jpg

After the priest blessed the boys, they went to their parents for the Donning of the Cross.

 photo DSCN5617_zpsa5cd6035.jpg

Then, they sang “We Are All God’s Children.”

 photo DSCN5637_zpsb42befac.jpg

Congratulations to the First Holy communicants!

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