Business and the Community

According to the Sukanto Tanoto blog, a successful businessman and entrepreneur, one of the most important things a new business should do is identify opportunities. By identifying more opportunities, the business will be able to consistently grow. One way to do this is to get involved with the local community through volunteerism. This will help find customers and root the business in the community, which may be the basis for its long-term success.

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Community Involvement

If your product or service is mainly aimed at the youth, such as clothing or accessories, you can find ways to in the local community to support or work with local young people. It would be a great help to those involved every day with community service. This may include participating in a student advisory center, or other community-based youth program. You’ll learn about their problems and concerns first hand, which could be essential for keeping up with the fast changing trends of the young.

If your product or service is mainly aimed at the elderly, there are many community services that you could support and participate in to learn about the needs of elderly people living alone or services that would make life better for the elderly living in assisted living environments.

What Are Your Skills?

If you are an entrepreneur with a big idea, you must have skills and knowledge to take your idea forward. You may also have colleagues or employees who have talents and skills. It has been shown in many instances that using your skills and knowledge to help groups in your local community will boost your business initiative. For example, you can loan equipment, mentor students, teach skills or find other ways to become involved. This will make a big difference in the lives of the organizations or individuals you help while also helping your company’s development.

There are many example of startups that made it a point to include community service in their startup business plan. A famous ice cream company only hired locally for everything from dairy farmers to designers for their brand and labels. When they went public, they offered the people of their locality priority for buying stock as a reward for their early support. Today, they still give a percentage of their pre-tax profits to community-oriented projects. Because of this connection with its local community, this company still stands out from the rest as a local community gem.

Find Your Niche

Whatever your brand, there is some way you can leverage it to help people. If you are opening a fitness center, consider supporting healthy living including food and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. You can support fitness programs in schools or make one day a week or month when the local youth can use your equipment for free. This will not only improve the health of people, it will help improve the lives of people who may otherwise not have access to serious physical fitness.

If you can’t find a way to take your business skills and knowledge to the public, you can always consider education. There are hundreds of possibilities from supporting libraries through book donations to providing art supplies for a school that wants to offer an art program but can’t afford it. This kind of community involvement will provide your startup with rewards beyond your expectations.

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Pope Francis Gives Hope to Filipinos

Amidst throngs of well-wishers at Villamor Airbase, Pope Francis, the People’s Pope, left the Philippines earlier today. I know a lot of hearts were saddened by his departure. I am one of them. While I wasn’t fortunate enough to see him in the flesh during his 3-day visit in the Philippines, I am quite aware and overwhelmed by the millions of lives he has touched and by the sincerity of his smile, words and actions.

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Here is a man who was deeply moved by the sad plight of our kababayans who were hardly hit by typhoon Yolanda last 2013 that he had to come to our country to comfort the weary and to instill hope in the hearts of those who feel neglected, those who are hurting, those who are burdened, and those who feel weak and helpless. Here are excerpts from Pope Francis’s homily at the mass he celebrated in Tacloban City airport for the survivors of Yolanda, lifted from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

I’d like to tell you something close to my heart. When I saw from Rome that catastrophe I had to be here. And on those very days I decided to come here. I am here to be with you – a little bit late, but I’m here. I have come to tell you that Jesus is Lord. And he never lets us down. Father, you might say to me, I was let down because I have lost so many things, my house, my livelihood. It’s true if you say that and I respect those sentiments. But Jesus is there, nailed to the cross, and from there he does not let us down. He was consecrated as Lord on that throne and there he experienced all the calamities that we experience. Jesus is Lord. And the Lord from the cross is there for you. In everything the same as us. That is why we have a Lord who cries with us and walks with us in the most difficult moments of life.

So many of you have lost everything. I don’t know what to say to you. But the Lord does know what to say to you. Some of you have lost part of your families. All I can do is keep silence and walk with you all with my silent heart. Many of you have asked the Lord – why lord? And to each of you, to your heart, Christ responds with his heart from the cross. I have no more words for you. Let us look to Christ. He is the lord. He understands us because he underwent all the trials that we, that you, have experienced. And beside the cross was his Mother. We are like a little child in the moments when we have so much pain and no longer understand anything. All we can do is grab hold of her hand firmly and say “Mommy” – like a child does when it is afraid. It is perhaps the only words we can say in difficult times – “Mommy”.

How can we Filipinos forget Pope Francis? We cannot. The Holy Father’s visit to the Philippines and his messages of love will forever remain in our hearts. We love you Pope Francis!

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“10 Kumainments” for a Healthy Lifestyle Pushed in 17 Regions

After its successful launch in Metro Manila last October 23, 2014, the National Nutrition Council (NNC) pushes its “10 Kumainments” campaign to all 17 regions of the country with the help of local government units or LGUs.

The campaign, which provides simple guidelines to help Filipinos combat unhealthy diet, has been translated into local dialects, like Cebuano and Ivatan. The NNC-ARMM (Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao) also made a transliteration of these guidelines in Arabic, called the Nutritional Guidelines for Muslim Filipinos, which cites teachings in the Qur’an that show support for each of the guidelines.

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The program aims to improve the nutritional status of Filipinos, which has been compromised by lack of food or excessive food, unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, which in in turn leads to the rise of non-communicable diseases, like cardiovascular and respiratory disorders, cancer and diabetes.

“Filipinos love to eat, especially during the holiday season. That is why it is very important to remind Filipinos that they should not compromise their health while celebrating in countless office parties, family reunions and dining out opportunities this season,” said Assistant Secretary of Health Maria-Bernardita T. Flores, Executive Director of the NNC.

“The NNC’s 10 Kumainments were derived from the 10 Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF) developed by aninter-agency Technical Working Group through the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology and have been popularized this year with an easy-to-remember format and a more relatable approach. These are the primary recommendations for nutrition and healthy lifestyle in order to attain good health,” she added.

The 10 Kumainments are like the biblical Ten Commandments, and because they are, a character named Moises Dalisay or “Mang Moi” was developed, molded after the Biblical Moses, who now promotes the 10 Kumainments in media and in communities.

To push this nutritional awareness campaign, the NNC will work together with various government agencies this year for the issuance of department circulars and memos to encourage the use of the 10 Kumainments. Restaurants, groceries, supermarkets, dining places and other public places will be included in the campaign to constantly remind Filipinos to pursue healthy eating and an active lifestyle. For Filipinos living abroad, a more aggressive and extensive dissemination of the 10 Kumainments will be done through Philippine embassies and consulates and the Internet.

“We encourage all Filipinos to follow the 10 Kumainments so that they can influence proper nutrition behaviours and to also be able to help reduce the risk of malnutrition and non-communicable diseases,” Flores said.

For more information, write or call the NATIONAL NUTRITION COUNCIL, 2332 Chino Roces Ave. Extension, Taguig City. Tel. Nos. 843.0142; 843.1337; 843.5824; Fax No. 843.5818; Email: or visit and Twitter @NNC_official.

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Review of Ivy Naturale Brightening Super Moisturising Shower Cream

I bought this product at Watson’s last October 2014. What enticed me to buy Ivy Naturale Brightening Super Moisturising Shower Cream was its goat milk ingredient which offers wonderful benefits for the skin.

 photo DSCN5567_zpsdedadb4c.jpg

Ivy Naturale Brightening Super Moisturising Shower Cream, Php199.00

Product Description
This Ivy Naturale Brightening Super Moisturising Shower Cream is a gentle body wash that has Purified Goat’s Milk which keeps the skin soft, smooth and hydrated; Nanowhite which is a combination of brightening and anti-oxidant ingredients (Arbutin from bearberry leaves, glutathione and Vitamin C); and Moist 24, a plant extract which moisturizes the skin.

 photo DSCN5575_zps3fce0206.jpg

What I Like about It
• It smells really nice. Even my 8-year-old son likes it.
• It softens and moisturizes the skin.
• It’s good for all skin types.
• It’s affordable. A 1000-ml. bottle costs only Php199.00.
• It’s economical. A small amount is enough to clean the entire body.
• It’s easy to rinse.

What Might Discourage You from Trying This Product
• It has Sodium Laureth Sulfate, a compound commonly used in shampoos and personal care products.
• The scent stays on the skin for a short while only.

Will I Buy This Product Again?
• • Because there are many things to like about this product, I’ll certainly buy it again.

What personal care item have you tried recently? How was your experience like?

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New Year 2015

We had a very simple New Year’s Eve celebration at my sister’s place in Tagaytay. Hubby, Justin and I went there on December 31 and returned home late in the afternoon the following day. Our stay was short but sweet. Our younger brother wasn’t there to celebrate with us because he, together with his wife and daughter, spent New Year’s Eve at his in-laws’ place.

 photo DSCN5949_zps7b772016.jpg

That’s my sister and her family!

Justin was really eager to go because he’d have more time to spend with his cousins, in particular, his gaming buddy Kuya Ron.

 photo DSCN5953_zps90eabd5d.jpg

The two of them played until the wee hours of the morning. My son slept at 2am, while Kuya Ron followed suit at around 3am. That’s how much they enjoyed each other’s company. So, how was your New Year’s Eve celebration?

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