Cleene Shares Keys to Good Personal Hygiene

A sick and unhealthy body cannot function well. To deliver optimum performance, we need to take good care of our body and treat it with utmost respect. How do we do that? Aside from eating healthy food and maintaining a good physique, keeping a good personal hygiene routine is also another factor to help us feel and look better.

Following a hygiene routine serves two purposes: (1) protection from illnesses and (2) beautification. Take face cleansing, for instance. It is recommended that we not only wash our face twice a day, but also follow the basic skincare regimen of cleansing, toning and moisturizing to ensure that all dirt accumulated on our face throughout the day are removed. It’s also equally important to observe good oral hygiene; dentists recommend that we brush and floss our teeth every after meal to prevent disease-causing plaque from forming.

Aside from following these personal hygiene routines, we also need high-quality “support” products that will not harm our bodies. Because our bodies are our temples, it pays to be meticulous when choosing the products we use.

For 30 years, Cleene, the leading personal care brand, has been providing Filipinos with high-quality cotton, tissues, toothbrushes and rubbing alcohol. The range of Cleene personal care products under Philusa Corporation plays a huge role in cleansing and grooming our bodies that help us prevent infections.

“Philusa has maintained a strong commitment of providing Filipinos with a wide range of high quality yet affordable products. In the personal care category, we have the Cleene brand which is trusted for years,” Philusa President Neogin A. Evangelista said.

 photo image001_zpscbpsmfqv.jpg

The brand’s most popular product is its Absorbent Cotton in rolls and balls made from 100% pure and natural cotton that is gentle on the skin. Cleene also has a new product for beauty and skincare fans, Cleene Cotton Rounds; it makes applying and cleansing makeup easier. It also has a wide variety of paper products like bathroom and facial tissues, table napkins and kitchen towels.

 photo Cleene Cotton Rounds_zpsr0kshfbq.jpg

Cleene has its own toothbrush brand, too, Cleene CLIO Toothbrush, that features a patented and state-of-the-art technology combining rounded and tapered bristles to thoroughly clean teeth.

 photo image003_zpszf2exmg0.jpg

There are many factors that contribute to an effective hygiene routine. People do things differently, but they share one thing in common: they all want a good product. With Philusa’s Cleene brand, we are assured of high-quality products that will not harm our bodies.

For over 50 years now, Philusa Corporation has been bringing high-quality but affordable pharmaceutical and consumer products to every Filipino home. To know more about Cleene and Philusa Corporation, visit

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Review of Good Maid Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid in Lemon

I’ve been using Good Maid Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid in Lemon (Bio) for two weeks already. It’s one of my most recent grocery finds. I saw it displayed in the grocery shelf where I was getting a new dishwashing sponge. I bought it because the words “natural” and “moisturizing” on the product label piqued my interest. I’ve been loyal to Joy with a Touch of Olay since 2014, but in the last few weeks, there’s a shortage of this brand in the supermarket that I frequent, which prompted me to try out Bio.

 photo DSCN5427_zpsbeocqpvx.jpg

Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid (Lemon), Php115.00

There’s only one size available for Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid, which is 1 liter (1000 ml.). I saw from their FB page that it has a Peach variant, but the Lemon variant was the only one I found at Robinsons Supermarket, so that’s what I got.

Product Description:
Bio Natural Skin Moisturizing Dishwashing Liquid is 100% natural because it’s made from natural ingredients (corn, palm oil and other plants.) It’s a tough grease remover. It also has Vitamin E for that extra moisturizing effect on the hands.

 photo DSCN5429_zps8hfe0nmq.jpg

How to Use:
You can dilute a small amount of Bio with water in a container before using it with sponge or dish cloth to wash the dishes, or like what I do, just squeeze a small amount of Bio on your sponge then clean the dirty dishes. And oh, don’t forget to rinse everything with water!

What I Like about This Product:
• It’s biodegradable and environment-friendly. Using this product will help us care for the earth in our own little way.
• Just like Joy with a Touch of Olay, this product doesn’t make my hands dry. I have no helper, so I wash the dishes several times a day. Despite multiple washes, my hands remain soft and moisturized.
• It’s tough on grease. When I’m using other dishwashing liquid brands, I wash greasy pans at least twice to remove oil and oil stains. With Bio, one wash will do.
• Php115 is so affordable for an all-natural product that delivers what it promises.
• The Lemon scent is fresh and clean.

What Can Be Improved about This Product:
• I hope smaller sizes of this dishwashing liquid becomes available, too, for others who find the 1-liter bottle too big or too heavy.

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7 Ways to Save on Gas by Michelin

While everything is costly these days, there’s something we can do to make both ends meet, like saving on gas. Consider the benefits. When you save gas, you don’t just improve your gas mileage and save more money, you also reduce your environmental impact. Thankfully, some clever fuel-saving moves – like reducing vehicle load and properly inflating tires – can really make a difference. Michelin shares some tips to help make your trips safer and wallet-friendlier.

 photo A_zpsrxq8qxxj.jpg

1. Plan your trips well and cut down on them, if you can.
Try to schedule all your errands and tasks in just one big car trip. Starting a car that’s been parked a long time uses a whole lot of fuel for the first eight kilometers or so. Running different unplanned trips a day can cost you bigtime. Think of carpooling too, if you seriously want to save on fuel.

2. Let the traffic ease up before you go.
Getting caught in a traffic jam is a waste of fuel. First gear and second gear driving use up fuel the most. If you have to go out during rush hour, travel steadily at a slow speed and avoid accelerating and braking. Always anticipate what the driver ahead of you is doing.

3. Reduce vehicle weight.
A loaded car burns more fuel. Do not store heavy equipment, tools, and other unnecessary items in your trunk. Extra luggage on top of the roof increases the wind resistance of your car and makes it use up more gas. Remove the roof rack, bull bar and other accessories when not in use.

4. Accelerate smoothly.
The ideal way to travel is at constant speed. Be a patient, defensive driver who doesn’t overtake, shift gears constantly and beats the red light. Patience and discipline help lower fuel bills.

5. Brake efficiently.
Sudden acceleration burns a lot of fuel, and so does sudden and frequent braking. When approaching a stop, keep your foot away from the accelerator pad. Do not slam on the brakes, last-minute.

6. Use air conditioning wisely.
Know how to use the car air conditioner wisely. Drive at low speed with the A/C turned off and windows rolled down to get a few extra kilometres per liter of gas in the tank. Keeping the air conditioner on while driving at high speed with the windows rolled up actually improves fuel economy because of reduced air drag.

7. Keep tires properly inflated.
Did you know that tires account for up to 20% of your vehicle’s fuel consumption? Under-inflated tires lead to a higher rolling resistance and waste more fuel. Make it a practice to check your tire pressure at least once every month to improve gas mileage by more than 3 percent.

Check the right type of tires for your vehicle with the MICHELIN Tire Selector Tool and get more fuel-saving and road safety info when you log on to

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Our Baguio Trip 2016

Last April 29, we (hubby, Justin and I) went to Baguio with my niece and nephew, Justin’s older cousins. This was actually hubby and me’s third time to visit the City of Pines, our son’s second time, and my niece and nephew’s first time. To make the most of our Baguio trip, I searched for a Baguio itinerary online that we meant to follow to the letter but failed to do so because of the uncooperative weather. It rained mostly in the afternoons on the days that we were there. Sigh! We stayed in a Quadruple Room at Manhattan Suites for 4 days and 3 nights. Here are the highlights of our trip.

Day 1
We arrived early (around 5:00 a.m.) in Baguio on April 29, so we had to pay Manhattan Suites an extra Php1,000 for our early check-in. We slept for a few hours, transferred to our reserved room near noon time and went out of the hotel to wander about.

 photo DSCN4650_zpswimdf7yr.jpg

Our first stop after having lunch at a fastfood nearby was Burnham Park where the cousins spent an hour biking…

 photo DSCN4651_zpsamhvwwtf.jpg

…eating strawberry ice cream…

 photo DSCN4654_zpsqyckcwhc.jpg

…boat riding…

 photo DSCN4659_zpsb5mmihmh.jpg

…and having our pictures taken wearing the traditional Igorot costume.

 photo DSCN4670_zpsuk9epx4a.jpg

Then, we went to Baguio Cathedral before calling it a day.

Day 2
After having breakfast at the hotel, we were ready to explore Baguio once again.

 photo DSCN4677_zpsbz4oslxl.jpg

We first went to Mines View Park.

 photo DSCN4682_zps317kgmgv.jpg

Then, we headed to Good Shepherd Baguio to buy a few bottles of their well-loved ube jam.

 photo DSCN4683_zps7h2yipqv.jpg

Justin and Kuya Ron then went horseback riding at Wright Park.

 photo DSCN4687_zpsvpqnw4k3.jpg

Then, we dropped by The Mansion, had lunch at Camp John Hay

 photo DSCN4695_zpsvkyh4wk4.jpg

…and braved the road less travelled, the Eco Trail.

 photo DSCN4700_zpsjt9gxrdd.jpg

It was tough, but we all made it out alive before heavy rains fell.

Day 3
On our 3rd day, we already commissioned a taxi driver we met the day before to tour us around Baguio. It’s hard to get a cab in Baguio these days, and this was our best option to see more of the beauty of this place.

 photo DSCN4705_zps7ow5u9aa.jpg

First, we climbed the 252 steps leading to the Lourdes Grotto.

 photo DSCN4709_zpsmojzglfn.jpg

Then we went to Asin Tunnels in Abra, Benguet. These tunnels were constructed by the prisoners of war during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. They were supposed to form part of the railroad system that was to connect the existing railroad in Damortis, La Union and Baguio City.

 photo DSCN4715_zps4gmlndq0.jpg

We also got to cross the hanging bridge of Asin River.

 photo DSCN4729_zpsdndpl1vy.jpg

Then we headed to BenCab Museum. The BenCab Museum displays the art collection of our national artist Ben Cabrera.

 photo DSCN4754_zpsrp8dmqxs.jpg

There is a lovely garden in front of the museum that was perfect for souvenir shots.

 photo DSCN4763_zpsjmwsvj5i.jpg
 photo DSCN4767_zpsrbk0q6f4.jpg

We also passed by Tam-Awan Village and Arko ni Apo Art Gallery.

 photo DSCN4773_zpswy6qtxnr.jpg

And of course, our Baguio trip wouldn’t be complete without strawberry picking at La Trinidad, Benguet. Our shoes were all muddy because it rained the night before we went to Strawberry Farm, but nobody seemed to mind.

Day 4
Our last day in Baguio was spent packing our stuff and getting ready for our 1:00 p.m. trip back to Manila.

 photo DSCN4632_zpsgsya4tj0.jpg

Overall, our 2016 trip to Baguio was tiring but fun, especially for the cousins who got to spend quality time together before school starts again this month.
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Review of Manhattan Suites Baguio

Less than a week after our summer outing at Edsa Shangri-La Manila, we went to Baguio with my niece and nephew, Justin’s cousins. We stayed at the Manhattan Suites for 4 days and 3 nights.

 photo DSCN4636_zpskaq9khxn.jpg

Manhattan Suites is a 3-star hotel located on Septic Street, Baguio City. It’s a few-minute drive from SM Baguio.

 photo DSCN4635_zpskzktmhj1.jpg

They have a total of 21 rooms for couples and families of up to 6 people.

 photo DSCN4637_zpsugw3vtjb.jpg

Our soon-to-be-10-year-old son asked his Dad for bonding time with his cousins in Baguio as part of his birthday gift.

 photo DSCN4620_zpspyhdnnl1.jpg

Quadruple Room, Php3,000+ per night

Because there were 5 of us (2 adults, 2 teenagers and 1kid), hubby booked for a Quadruple Room with 1 queen bed and 2 single beds. It has an LCD cable TV, electric fan (you don’t really need an aircon when you’re in Baguio), coffee-making facility, complimentary bottled water, toiletries (shampoo, bar soap, toothbrush and toothpaste) and hot-and-cold shower.

 photo DSCN4608_zpsjjvll2zv.jpg

Because we arrived early in Baguio (around 5am) and had nowhere to go, hubby contacted Manhattan Suites’ front desk to find a temporary room for us before we moved to our reserved room at the expected check-in time. Before noon, they transferred us to our booked room on the second floor of the hotel (see picture above).

 photo DSCN4626_zpsvdbct8qu.jpg

Our Quadruple Room has a small balcony which was perfect for a photo shoot.

 photo DSCN4633_zpswo4r9ckx.jpg

Manhattan Suites also has a landscaped garden with a small pond.

 photo DSCN4639_zpskn4cxz8j.jpg

On the same garden sits a small bahay kubo (nipa hut) where guests can lounge around while waiting for a cab to arrive.

 photo DSCN4640_zps7suutyuq.jpg

Our hotel accommodation comes with a complimentary breakfast for 2 people. Except for breakfast and one dinner at the hotel restaurant, we ate mostly outside Manhattan Suites.

 photo P_20160430_191121_zpsaetz0fsc.jpg
 photo P_20160430_190904_zpsvtcgltod.jpg  photo P_20160430_190929_zpsag2b5hqb.jpg

Clockwise: Sizzling Sisig, Fish with Tausi, Beef with Oyster Sauce

These were what we ordered for dinner on our last night at Manhattan Suites. Generally, the food was okay, and the prices (ranging from Php150 and above) were quite reasonable.

Pros of Staying at Manhattan Suites:
• The rooms are clean and spacious.
• The staff are courteous and accommodating.
• The owner is very friendly and personally attends to the guests’ needs.
• They have a coffee bar.
• They have a 24-hour front desk and room service.
• They offer laundry service.
• They have free wi-fi.
• They have an internet café that the guests can use for free. I forgot to take a picture of it, though.
• They have ample parking space.
• They have a beautifully landscaped garden with a small pond and a bahay kubo.
• They have a hotel van that you can rent for a minimal fee if you don’t have a car or find it hard to get a cab.

• The location is not easy to find and it’s hard to get a cab going out, so it’s best to walk to the nearest gasoline station to get a ride.
• Wi-fi signal is strong in the lobby and hallways but not in the room.

Overall, we had a pleasant stay at Manhattan Suites in Baguio. We highly recommend this hotel to people who also plan to visit the City of Pines.

Manhattan Suites
37 Sepic Street
Baguio City, Benguet
For reservations, call: (02) 404-4784
FB Page: Manhattan Suites Baguio

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